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In #business, "define your Safe Space" Not a call to alms, but an invitation to BE, no resentment, no explanation needed. #Successiory

Pricing & Self Worth. Successiory Vlog

"#Business for Your #Lifestyle" From your energy to living well financially, a 'whole' you is better for everyone

"Welcome to your safe space."  What does that mean?  We all know what it means to be, live or work in an environment in an environment that we have to 'behave' in. I don't mean 'behave' in the healthier sense, like covering your mouth when you cough or maintaining some di

What about #businessDev time? Last week of each month? Mon & Fri? This can keep your #business alive. #Successiory

When is dedicated #client time? Mornings? Afternoons? Tue-Thu? It helps clients plan if they know! #Successiory

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Happy International Women's Day!!!
(Belated, but always)

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Know your ideal #business hours. You'll serve #clients better. 5-6 hour days? Afternoon-evenings? Morning-lunch? #Successiory

Lists vs Calendars. #Schedule vs Busy-ness. Not seeking #clients now, but hope you can use the insights here

Welcome, from Crystal-Marie .  Congratulations on your success to-date! Working on Pareto's 80/20 principle, we clear the clutter to streamline your business without sacrificing quality. In fact, we only keep what's of most value to you and to your clients. Let's find the schedule that

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Quick #business #schedule tip. Honour non-client-facing business tasks. Add them to your #calendar. #Successiory

A less hectic #schedule means #clients get you at your best "things tend to go smoothly" and "really feel taken care of". #Successiory

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"Knowing your #schedule, #rhythm, works for your #clients & partners too. Why? It helps them better plan!" #Successiory

I don't endorse "following gurus". I'm only sharing this to show the value of #downtime, #freetime.

Spending time reflecting and thinking has helped me balance priorities, solve problems, and generate new ideas.

Rethink #ProjectMgmt. Maybe don't fill every #time gap with "#productivity". Build in #freeTime. #Successiory

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Remember: Every second is an opportunity to start anew. If you need to "reset" your New year, do it. #Successiory