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CSGO Traders celebrating this special day.
April 9

Do you want to win REAL CS:GO Knives? We got you covered! We are doing a 500.000 Registered Users #Giveaway! Join us!

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We've just passed 500,000 Registered Users on the website - join the celebration and take a part in the giveaway!

Giveway ends in 2 hours !

Join now at CSGOTraders.net/giveaway

2 more hours until we select the WINNER of our CSGO Giveaway!

Enter now at CSGOTraders.net/giveaway

We published a new article about scam prevention, have a read!


+Rep doesn’t mean anything Before we dig into recognizing fake rep boosting, you have to understand that “+rep” means close to nothing and that a lot of scammers use it to make th…

Second knife of our 3-way giveway has started !

Go to http://csgotraders.net/giveaway and try your luck on winning these Shadow Daggers Slaughter !

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We've just passed 300.000 Registered users on our site and we are celebrating it with a big 3-Knife Giveaway!
Go to http://csgotraders.net/giveaway and try your luck!

“The 300.000 Registered Users #Giveaway has just started! Go to https://t.co/syI0vuw1Aa and try your luck and win!”

Go to http://csgotraders.net/refer-a-friend for more details!

“Today we are introducing a Referral System changes - go to https://t.co/mBU5X594av for more details!”


We received reports that there are scammers impersonating our bot. Our only official bot can be found on our website.

We will never ask to give out your items.

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Trading outside Steam is never safe. There is always somebody that has to go first and who is at risk of losing his items. There are legit PayPal/Bitcoins/.. traders out there but there are also wa…

CSGO new update. New skins and knife finishes.

We have already updated our database to include these new items, enjoy!

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We are back from technical difficulties with our Facebook!

And a small update:
We have just added a warning for trades offers that would happen outside of Steam.
This is to make our users aware of the dangers of trading this way. An article about this will be posted the end of the week.


Stay safe!

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Premium pricing now shows on the main page, while searching and in mytrades!

Upgrade at csgotraders.net/premium

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Our Price Checker has been getting prices updates twice a day, for 4 months, no breaks.

Consider upgrading to premium to make your trading more easier! csgotraders.net/premium

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