EDUCATION IS OUR RIGHT!!! THAT IS WHY WE HAVE TO FIGHT!!! CSOSOS represented Chicago at the OTL Education Summit. These massive attacks to or schools aren't only happening in Chicago! They are happening everywhere! All over the country! Speakers were given standing ovations when telling their stories! We cheered! We chanted! We stand in solidarity with every city, every state that was represented at tonight's summit! And this is only day one! Keeping you updated from Los Angeles California. #OTLcampaign #reclaimit #whatittakes #edreform #edu #weready #p2 #civilrights

Help these young people change the way we have an #Education in our state! Fill out the witness slip and spread the word!

Join VOYCE in helping to end the school to prison pipeline by setting standards on school-based arrests & creating an incentives program to bring wrap around se...rvices to our schools! Submit a witness slip in support of SB 704 TODAY (5/24)!

3 EASY steps in filing the witness slip:
(1) Go to the link by clicking on the link below

(2) Fill out the short slip Under these different parts of the witness slip, please choose the following:
"Representation"- enter the name of your organization OR the role you have (parent, faith leader, Teacher, Principal, etc.).
"Position"- click (Proponent).
"testimony"- click (Record Of Appearance Only).

(3) Submit it by clicking "create slip"


#EndSchoolToPrisonPipeline #Share #YouthPower #PeoplePower #InvestInUs #FightFearBuildPower #NotWithoutUs #Love #Support #WisdomWednesday #Education #EducateDontIncarcerate #WeCanDoIt #BlackLivesMatter #BrownLivesMatter #news #MakeHistory #TakeAction

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Dashboard for the Illinois General Assembly

On 4/27, VOYCE & SAHJ is asking for you to join us in this crucial fight for justice! Support us by endorsing our sign on letter!

Help us spread the word! Share... & tag at least 10 people to the "Our Road to Springfield, can't have justice without us" event!

To get involved, email Maria at
#FightFearBuildPower #InvestInUs #NotWithoutUs

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Dear​ ​Members​ ​of​ ​the​ ​100th​ ​Illinois​ ​General​ ​Assembly, We​, survivors of crime, youth, parents, community members, formerly incarcerated individuals, and families who are impacted by failed policies every day, ​call​ ​for​ a shift in priorities -- away from criminalizing our communitie...
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) on Monday signed into law a sweeping reform of the state's school discipline policies, putting Illinois at the forefront of the nationwide push to make school discipline less exclusionary and more effective.
In May, we reported on the passage of legislation that would limit school suspensions and expulsions, and introduced listeners to some of the young
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed legislation Monday that will prohibit Illinois public schools, including charters, from using "zero tolerance" discipline policies, unless otherwise required by law.

Huge shout out to Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE) on a big victory! #SB100 was signed by Gov. Rauner! With hard work this represents the most aggressive and comprehensive effort ever made by a state to interrupt the 'school-to-prison pipeline! #RethinkDiscipline #KeepItSB100

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Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE)

BREAKING: SB 100 has been signed into law by Gov. Rauner!

SB 100 is the strongest and most comprehensive effort ever made by a state to address the causes and c...onsequences of the school-to-prison pipeline.

Congratulations to VOYCE's youth leaders and out allies on this groundbreaking victory! Don't forget to like & share the good news!

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VOYCE school discipline bill #SB100 is being heard in the Senate Education Committee in Springfield and will come up for a vote today! Illinois' youth and parents need your support!
Click on the link below by 12:30pm TODAY to add your name to the list of supporters that will be mentioned at the committee hearing this afternoon!
It takes less than three minutes to fill out the form! Here's how:
1)Under the "Identification" section, include... your name, address, email and phone number. Under "Firm/Business/Agency", enter "Communities United". Under "Title", enter "Individual"
2) Under the "Representation" section, enter "Communities United"
3) Under the "Position" section, select "Proponent"
4) Under the "Testimony" section, select "Record of Appearance Only"
5) Enter the verification code
6) Check "I agree with the ILGA terms of agreement"
7) Click "Create (slip)"
That's it! Stand up for common sense disciple and help pass SB100 out of committee today!

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Dashboard for the Illinois General Assembly

Just a few days after the release of the #ChicagoSunTimes article on #charterschools worsening segregation, #cps is adding more to their funding. What a joke! #shameoncps

CPS is increasing the per pupil rate for charter schools for this year in order to “equalize” funding between them and traditional schools.

Studies after studies about how #CharterSchools are not good for our students come out, but #cps still insists on investing most of our resources on them! #shameoncps

Charter schools have worsened school segregation in Chicago, and overall have not made the city's school system stronger, according to a study.

Solidarity with orgs who fight for real democracy! #ourvoteourfuture @csosos

Communities United

To be a citizen means to have the right to vote & be heard, the right to live & be seen, & the right to be free. We need #CIR now! #NADP #OurVoteOurFuture #apnc

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor!" -Desmond Tutu #NOjusticeNOpeace #CSOSOSstudents @csosos #studentpower

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Last night, #CSOSOSStudents joined the Michelle Fine & #FieldingUniversity #TeachIn to speak about the importance of #TeachingNOTTesting across the country! @csosos

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Yesterday, #CSOSOSStudents stood up against #budgetcuts that targeted neighborhood schools. NO justice! NO peace! #studentpower #shameoncps

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"Whose schools? OUR SCHOOLS!"
@csosos #studentpower #DefensPubEd

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"If #Rahm (while he's in office) actually talked/listen to the people, then maybe things would change." -Jamie, @csosos #studentpower

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