Welcome to Östhammar and a weekend filled with lots of Kettlebells. Saturday is the day for Cup of Scandinavia and Swedish championships in Longcycle. Sunday is for Kettlebell halfmarathon and strongsport.
Cup of Scandinavia: Longcycle and Snatch only both for men and women.

Men 18 years and up: -68kg, -73kg, -78kg, -85kg and -95kg...
Women 18 years and up: -53kg, -58kg, -63kg, -68kg, -73kg and +73kg
Veterans Men: age classes will come later. No weight classes
Veterans Ladies: age classes will come later. No weightclasses
Youth Men -17 years: No weightclasses
Youth Women -17 years: No weightclasses
Regarding weightclasses: If not 3 or more contenders in weightclass, athletes will be moved up one weightclass.

Kettlebell weights:
Men: 20, 24 and 32kg, Winners awarded in each category
Women: 16, 20 and 24kg Winners awarded in each category
Veterans Men: 16, 20 and 24kg, Winner decided by pointsystem
Veterans Ladies: 12, 16 and 20kg Winner decided by pointsystem
Youth Men: 12, 16 and 20kg winner decided by lifted weight/bodyweight
Youth Women: 8, 12 and 16kg winner decided by lifted weight/bodyweight

Swedish Championships Longcycle
Same weightclasses and kettlebell weights as in Cup of Scandinavia
+ Kids class -14 years: free KB weight, Koefficient

UGC, IKMF half marathon stage 3
Semi-marathon (30 min) in Long Cycle, Jerk, Snatch, Half Snatch
Free choice of KB weights with 2kg intervals, Men 16-40kg, women 8-32kg
Weightclasses: Men: -75, 75-85, +85kg Women: -60, 60-70, +70kg
Ageclasses: Junior <15 years, Open 15-49 years, Veteran 50+ years

One arm Longcycle 4minutes with one change of arms.
Weightclasses: Koefficient total lifted kg/bodyweight
KB weights: Men 32, 36, 40, 44 and 48kg. Women 24, 28 and 32kg

Weigh in friday 17-19.00, or 09.00 saturday and sunday. We are planning to have a simple dinner to all lifters after weigh in, included in the registration fee.
Competition starts 10.00 saturday and sunday.
Banquet will be held saturday evening.

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Aug 17 - Aug 19FrösåkershallenÖsthammar, Sweden
54 people interested

Somebody asked for old results a while back. I'm sorry this took so long, but I will post the results under this now. I'm afraid they are not in any coherent format, but this is what I have right now.


Big News!
We incorporate Marathon to the Cup of Scandinavia 😊
So now the cup is two days!

2018 the Cup of Scandinavia returns to Östhammar, Sweden!
Preliminary August 18 Will be the date for the venue. Good in time before the World championships.

Duderö IF will be the hosts and we intend to make this a BIG event, with great prices, a Nice banquet and with all the best Scandinavian lifters and hopefully contenders from other countries to.


We are aiming for a two day event, where the first day is the Cup, with disciplines as Longcycle, Biathlon and also snatch only both for women and men.

Second day we would like to arrange a marathon, but also 5 minutes competitions of Longcycle, Biathlon and snatch only. If there is big interests Strong sport could also be arranged.

Second day is not counted in the Cup. It is a separate competition that we hope will be anually.

I Wish for people to response to what they think about this! Also any suggestions that could make this the best Cup so far is welcome 😊

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Cup of Scandinavia updated their cover photo.
Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling, people standing
Cup of Scandinavia updated their cover photo.
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Nice video from Gimo, hosts of 2015 Cup of Scandinavia.

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Posted by Rickard Garbell
Rickard Garbell

Idag kan vi äntligen släppa Bruksgymnasiets film om Cup of Scandinavia i Gimo 2015. Den har fördröjts på grund av vissa omständigheter. Huvudpersoner är personer knutna till Bruksgymnasiet på något vis.
Maja Edlund Nathalie Olsson

4th Annual Cup of Scandinavia Kettlebell Sport Competition

Registration now open at:

Last day for registrations is May 24th.


Professional events
men lc 32 kg, snatch 32 kg
women lc 20 kg, snatch 24 kg

Amateur events
men lc 24 kg, biathlon 24 kg, snatch 24 kg
women lc 16 kg, biathlon 16 kg (double jerk), snatch 16 kg

Women's 24 kg long cycle will be an exhibition evenf. It won't be counted to Cup of Scandinavia team (country) results, but the participants will get medals and diplomas.

Junior events (U22)
boys lc 24 kg, lc 16 kg
girls lc 16 kg, lc 12 kg

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Jun 16, 2017 - Jun 17, 2017Næstved, Denmark
55 people went

Cup of Scandinavia 2017 will be held on June 17th in Næstved, Denmark, hosted by Scala Kettlebell Club/Brian Kjær. Save the date! More info about events etc. will be added later and the registration period will start on January.
Cup of Scandinavia updated their cover photo.
July 7, 2016
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Cup of Scandinavia updated their profile picture.
July 7, 2016
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