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Glenn Harm
· September 10, 2017
Great bookstore with plenty of diverse items! I did have to take one star off as it seems that they have done away with the free popcorn. :(
Robert Cody Grenzke
· September 3, 2015
Cutting off the internet for people to use when they really need to use your computers is really dumb; just saying. I get that Norlin Library has printing, too, but they charge you to use their and I don't have my BuffOne card with me today.

I needed to print out a report due today, but now I can't turn it in on time because the internet is being restricted for the people who decided to wait to get their books after a week or two has passed.

Thanks a lot, CU Bookstore -.-
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Shashi Kant Mishra
· November 13, 2014
BOMBAY 400078.INDIA...
TEL +912225665215 MOBILE +919867660843

Dear Sirs,
The novel AMAZONS LOVE is written by author S K MISHRA. The novel is written in plain & formal English.
It is a story of unbound love, bravery and the sacrifice.

It deals with the military atrocities done by the Pakistani Army in the year of 1971. Many sisters of Bangladesh were tortured & murdered by the Pakistani Troops. Many gents and civilians sacrificed their lives in the civil war against Pakistani troops.
There are many unsung heroes & heroines (VIRONGNA) of freedom fight of the Bangladesh.
Therefore, we request you to help me with the marketing sector in the countries under & within your circumference, if you can.

The theme of the Book: Since the arrival of human beings on this planet girls & women are being raped, murdered and tortured. The victorious military personnel commit all loathsome inhuman sin to the slave girls & women. It is still in the practice and no one opposes it. My novel is a small incarnation of this barbaric crime. It contains the different form of love. Readers will enjoy all other five chapters that are drenched with the nectar of love.
The salient features of the Novel:
• It is a story of a girl & boy who born in different ethnic race. The girl loved the boy since she was not acquainted with the alphabet L O V E. It explores the different & new love sentiments.
• Two small inevitable essentials stories adorn the novel as a tributary to the main story.
• Some people will find it the manifestation of military atrocities upon girls. Please note it has been happening since the first day of human arrival on this planet.
• Its projection is not possible because it does not follow the common course of the contemporary novel. • Its correct evaluation is possible only by reading & thinking the entire novel. • The critic comments will be the best complements of this novel.
• The language of the novel is very simple to widen the numbers of readers throughout the world. The beauty of the words is not considered more, but the beauty & importance of the contents are highly considered, explored & reinvented. No Idioms & Proverbs are used.
• Author breaks & crosses the barriers of indecency & decency to express the emotions in true sense. No hypocrisy is maintained.
• Except aboriginal & scheduled tribes of the world, it is true that our ancestors were a war child of the barbaric conquerors. But the story of the novel strongly condemn to this barbaric act. Nevertheless, it is still in practice and can be seen in war time in any part of the world. Many civilizations were eradicated and many were flourished this way. It is a bitter truth. • Amazons Love is multidimensional story and there are twenty five real photographs to support the story. It comprises of about 87497words.
Its first chapter: INTENSE LOVE - 14109 words in this the author meets with the heroine Rukhshana & her second husband Sunil and there is a struggle of Rukhshana who fought with the evil & devil. Though she was a postgraduate gynaecologist, but she was sold to the human trafficker and finally to a brothel after the end of the Bangladesh war by her own cousin brother. From the brothel middle pass labour got released her.

Its 2nd chapter: FLASH BACK--10836 words. In this chapter the love story of Rukhshana and Tapan is inscribed. Rukhshana was very aggressive possessive and obsessive about Tapan while Tapan was very introvert. Though Rukhshana loved Tapan from her childhood, but Tapan could not dare to expose his emotion of love to Rukhshana up to 18 years. He was compelled by Rukhshana to accept her love.
Its 3rd chapter: DMCH: 13721 words: In this chapter the student life at Dhaka Medical College & Hospitals are elaborated. A tributary story of repressed and one side love also adorns the novel.
Its 4th Chapter THE ESCAPE 7144 words: In this chapter the plight of woman and compromised love are explained.
Its 5th Chapter: THE HELL 37560 Words: It is the heart of the novel. Military atrocities and people sacrifice are the main theme.
Its 6th Chapter THE NEW ERA: 4127 Words:It is a success story of the Rukhshana who turned the negative circumstances into very positive events. She became the Goddess of LOVE for the whole world.
There are many interwoven stories & thoughts that transfer the character of the person with the good & pious.
If interested, please show your interest and the region of your distributions and command. We will give you a good discount on the printed price. Please indicate, how many books do you require?
Thanking you
Dhananjay Mishra
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