Ring, Ring, Ring On December 6, several CWA 4319 Chapter members spent Senior Day ringing bells for the Salvation Army at The Anderson’s General Store in Toledo, Oh. We not only enhanced Anderson’s entrance, we also raised 2 buckets FULL of money, and everybodys spirits. (See pictures) Member if not designated. From left to right….1. Rita Poole & Marcy Gregory, D4 CWA Retiree Council VP & Chapter 4319 President, 2, Sandy Lentz, Chapter 4319 Secy/Treas. & Linda Apling , Chapter Legislative Chair, 3. Shirley Baginski & Alice Pacer, 4. Sharons Johnson & Tynan, 5. Fil Padilla & Perry Dela Hamaide. Missing from the photos are Ginny Mohler & Lenny Augustiniak (They’re still at the store trying to figure out how to work the phone camera. Fortunately the rest of us were able to have the customer’s little kids take our pictures. Ha) Despite the lack of techie skills, we loved help making the holidays special for those less fortunate, and would like to extend our wishes to you and yours for a heart full of happiness, and a season full of peace and love. Have a safe, healthy and happy holiday and New Year. Fraternally, CWA RMC 4319 Officers & Members Respectfully submitted, Marcy Gregory
NEW Social Security Scam The Social Security Administration (SSA) has issued a warning to those receiving benefits. Scammers are calling from a 232 area code, claiming to be employees of the SSA. The con artists are telling the intended victims that they qualify for an increase in their Social Secu...

we will never forget these brave men and women,

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum will mark National Aviation Week (Aug. 14–20, 2017) by providing free Museum access to crewmembers both active and retired. Throughout the week, the Museum will feature flight crew-themed auditorium programming to highlight this chapter in aviation history and share these…