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The ocean always holds many surprises. In spring, one of them is simply HUGE.
Spots still available for booking. Join us in Pico Island

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Blue Whale Migration 2018 is a special Whale Watching and Research program for March 2018. Meet the biggest animal ever to live on our planet along with many other cetacean species.
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Paolo Elena
· October 1, 2017
We had a wonderful swim with dolphins at CW Azores, the briefing was fun and informative and prepared us on how to act when we got to the dolphins, from how to enter the water to how to best move arou...nd them to stay with them as long as possible.
Our original booking was on a bad weather day, so they managed to arrange an extra trip the next morning, when the weather was beautiful; we dove four times each and were very close to the dolphins each and every time (I have some GoPro footage with as many as 12 dolphins in the same frame).
The atmosphere between the staff and the customers was very friendly throughout, would definitely recommend to go and meet them, I will definitely be back!
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Luke Estragon
· August 26, 2017
We had a very great time with CW Azores. We came there for whale watching and dolphin swimming.

The staff in the base is very kind and helpful also with things that doesnt depend on their activities....
The briefing was very informative so you get all the knowledge you need for your trip.

When we were swimming with dolhpins (we did twice, because only once was not enough ;) ) the skipper always helped us with our stuff and had an eye on us.
When we were out by the dolhpins, in the end, the animals had enough of us and the skipper respected it and turned back. Even though teh second trip was shorter, we had a very great time with CW Azores - When you're on Pico, book a trip with them. It's absolutely worth the money!
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Tim Buktu
· October 8, 2017
We spent 10 great days with CW Azores and booked almost everything (transfer, accommodation, whale watching, snorkel with dolphins, diving) with them.
The team was welcoming and friendly and tried best to fulfill every wish and answer every questions.
Having joined quite a few whale and dolphin watching trips around the world, I'm happy to say that CW's briefings were among the best. They also showed great respect for the animals.
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Joan Musgaard
· July 26, 2017
We went whale watching once and swimming with dolphins twice with CW Azores - and all three tours were excellent! Everything was handled professionally, with great respect of nature, expert knowledge... and lots of fun. We had thorough briefings before each trip and we always felt assured that everybody knew excactly what they were doing. I was very nervous about going into the water and our guide Stefano did everything he could to make me feel comfortable. And skipper Michael got me so close to the dolphins that all I had to do was to get in, look at the beautiful creatures and feel happy. So six stars to Stefano and Michael. See More
Luis Sarmento
· June 30, 2017
My Choice in Pico Island. Great staff, spotter, skippers, guides all of them excellent professionals but never forgetting the fun side.
They will always go for the extra mile to show us the best of t...he Azores waters. See More
Cecilia Christian
· July 7, 2017
I've been to Pico twice in the last two years, and I've been out with CW Azores 4 times! I've done whale watching and dolphin swimming. Amazing experience each time. You just never know what beautifu...l surprises the ocean has in store! See More
Lucia Montanaro
· February 2, 2017
Went on holiday with CW Azores in August 2016 with my two adolescent sons.
They were friendly, welcoming, helpful, expertise that they were willing to share and convey their passion to my budding marine biologist sons, they were professional, responsable, had good equipment, great guides, did whale watching, diving, plus absolutely magical swimming with dolphins (unforgettable experience). Thank you for everything. There were zero hiccups. Definitively recommend CW Azores and hope someday to come back. See More
William Drumm
· May 7, 2017
The best. From their service to the diving and whale watching, this is easily the best place in the Azores. We saw blue whales and sperm whales and so much more. Epic.
Walter Peetz
· April 9, 2017
Thank you all for this wonderful week you gave us! CW can be proud of this great team! (Unfortunately, Arne and Casper are missing on this photo).
And, just to put a top on it, last Friday with Fin w...hale, Blue whales, Sei whales and dolphins on every edge of the ocean. Unforgettable!
Walter and Heike
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Ráthonyi Vera
· June 11, 2016
Thank you for the amazing trip, it was one of the best experiences of our lives!Today we even saw the big blue whale (in June!) and several fin whales. The staff is helpful and very professional,recom...mended to everyone! See More
Carsten Plänker
· July 24, 2017
We had a great time with the giants of the sea. Thank you all at CW Azores for this great experience
Sonja Benz
· March 24, 2015
One of the best experiences of my life, hands down! The trip surpassed all my expectations - the staff at CW azores is extremely enthusiastic & competent. Learned so much and had lots of fun out at th...e sea! Will be back as well:) See More
Lara Bagnoli
· September 18, 2017
A wonderful experience! ��
Special thanks to Chiara
Jovana Jankovic
· July 9, 2017
Sunset whale watching was amazing! Cool crew, everything was explained nicely and of course the animals were amazing.
Stephanie Kilborn
· July 21, 2015
Amazing company, people, location. We had the best experience and it was all down to these guys and girls. Thank you so much xxx they are organized, knowledgeable, accommodating, friendly and helpful.
Neil Hopkins
· August 26, 2016
Info session was awesome for my whale obsessed 8 year old. Great info from our Dutch student. Stefan was fun and informative on tour. Saw fin whales ! Would do it again. These guys at not afraid to ...go extra mile. See More
Fredrik Plahn
· March 22, 2017
It's been great here. Many different spottings, great staff and great people on land too!
Jim Metcalf
· May 5, 2015
Can;t tell you what an amazing time we had with C W Azores Whales Watching, but I will Fin, Sperm and Blue Whales we also saw a Loggerhead Turtle plus common and striped Dophins. The staff are friendly and helpful, the people we met were also friendly and helpful we had a great time. Thank you all. See More
Moses Hacmon
· July 6, 2017
Had the best experience with CW crew. Thank you!
Sandra Jorge
· May 2, 2016
Sperm whales, fin whales, Blue Whales, dolphins, mola mola fish... You name it - we saw it this morning!! AMAZING trip, the best crew in the Island! Thanks for this great experience :)
3. September 2013 18:53
Watch the whale and hear the whale's blow!

Today the conditions were not good for whales. Oh, I know! Let's go for sharks! Moments of concentration before the encounter with 4 Blue's 🦈 yeah!

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CW Azores added 2 new photosfeeling energized at Atlantic/Azores.

Happy autumn mornings are in the sea, enjoying the beauty of Nature with this fun clients! 🐢🐬

Happy São Martinho day 😉🍁

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CW Azores added 6 new photosfeeling curious.

Sometimes we observe whales and dolphins suddenly changing their behaviour and increasing their speed. There can be many reasons for this and one of them is a group of False killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens) approaching. While they eat primarily fish and squid, including big fish such as tuna, False killer whales are known to sometimes harrass and attack other cetaceans. Here are some pictures of them. In addition, we had Bryde’s whales, a huge group of Striped dolphins, Spotted dolphins and a variety of seabirds, including Cory’s shearwaters, Great shearwater and Common terns.
Happy days!

All photos by Fatima Sahra

Hi humans, I am a Bryde's whale! Today I want to play ONE, TWO, THREE with you. I am sure you know the game.
ONE? Easy! It is the number of blowholes toothed cetaceans have. If you look at a Sperm whale or any dolphin, beaked whale or porpoise, you will see they only have one nostril.
TWO? Mmm... I guess I know this one too! It is the number of blowholes baleen whales have, including me of course (see picture).
THREE? This is a tough one. Let me think... mmm... Got it! It i...s the number of ridges on top of the head of a magnificent baleen whale species that belongs to the Balaenopteridae family. All the other Balaenopterids have got only one ridge, right in the middle, running from the blowholes to the tip of the snout. Unfortunately, you definitely need an extra couple of ridges to be a real beauty! What is the name of that awesome species again? Oops! It's me!
(sorry you cannot see the three ridges in the picture. Blame the photographer! )

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CW Azores added 7 new photosfeeling lucky.

In mid-August we were blessed with a beautiful Azorean summer and a high diversity of cetacean species. Some of the baleen whales are still around Pico and we were lucky to see Bryde’s, Fin and Sei whales in the last couple of days. In addition, big groups of Atlantic spotted and Common dolphins filled us with joy, especially when they were jumping around our boats. A pretty rare species was also sighted, the Sowerby's beaked whale. Of course, our resident Sperm whales have been also a common sighting. Actually, one of them delighted us with a big breach the other day!

All photos by Fatima Sahra

July passed in a breath with so much happening in such a short time its hard to keep up. With almost daily sightings of our "locals" the sperm whales, and the summer weather upon us we had some amazing days out there. Here is a selection of captures from the past weeks. With many more trips on the horizon only time will tell what we find out there!

07-08-2017 Sunset whale watching.
The wind was picking up a bit and it took some time to reach the location where the whales were sighted but what awaited us when we arrived was unforgettable. Common and Striped Dolphin swimming and jumping together. Three Fin whales mere meters next to our boat calmly following us just below the surface and to top it all of on the way back towards Pico we ran into breaching False killer whales!
The waters around Pico island never cease to amaze!

Incredible season!! it's July and they are still here..

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Posted by CW Azores

June ended with a bang. 29 and 30 June we still had a Blue whale around!!. The Baleen season has been spectacular to say the least. The waters around Pico teeming with life, the extended stay of the big Blue's combined with the abundant Fin whale's have given us some unforgettable moments on the Atlantic ocean. With summer in full swing and many more trips to come we're excited to see what July will bring us!

June continues to be spectacular. With more frequent sightings of our locals the Sperm whales, still having baleen whales around and days with spectacular ocean conditions we're slowly but surely moving into summer. As it looks now it will be a fantastic one!

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Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature
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It was the 15th of June, halfway through the month and the Baleen season was still in full swing. The sunset trip gave some very very unique sights. From a very early Great shearwater, Northern krill on the surface, a Blue shark swimming right up to us, a Fin whale turning towards our boat and passing just a few scant meters under the bow showing his/her whole body, and then to top it all off we still have Blue Whale's around!!!. All in all a stunning evening on the Atlantic ocean. With so much life out there we can only dream of what awaits us for the rest of the season.

Another spectacular 'sunset excursion'. In mid-June there are still fantastic numbers of Fin whales; and on this trip the whales passed extremely close to the boat as the sun set into the Atlantic Ocean.

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The baleen whale season is still in full swing. Yesterday (29-05) we still had a Blue whale sighting! With the waters around Pico teeming with life it's been a spectacular May and we're hoping the big blues and their finny friends stay with us throughout June!
These are just some images of our recent trips including a few from our sunset whale watching.