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Student success is the focus and measure of everything we do at CWU. Founded in 1891, the Ellensburg campus is located in the heart of Washington State.
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Melissa Rappaport Pope
· September 17, 2016
As a mom who's sending her one & only son to college (empty nest �) I am happy to report how pleased I am with the school so far! My son's dorm room is very co...mfortable, air conditioned & I would stay there myself if I could! I have found the website functions very well and was able to pay his fees with ease using the site. The campus is beautiful and he loves the fact there is lots of nature (we live in the Tri-Cities) and I love the fact it's just an hour and a half from home! The staff and students that volunteered yesterday were extremely helpful polite and full of information. My son has the classes he wants to take and is excited to start school! Everything he needs is close by in Ellensburg and I'm already looking forward to my first visit to see him again. So far I am giving it five stars well-deserved ! See More
Marcie Martinez Rivera
· September 20, 2016
As a mother of a second year student, I must say we have been very happy with the experience our son has had there. He moved back for a year and went to our co...mmunity college, but found it to be less then his expectations. When he decided to go back to Central we were very happy. He is happy to be back as a Wildcat! Thank you CWU for making students feel important and willing to work with them when necessary. We are very proud parents and look forward to our son's future! See More
Mike Gibbons
· September 18, 2016
My first is off to college and I am very impressed with the organization during CWU's move in day. We had a three-hour window for drop off. As soon as we were o...ut of the cars, students were there to help us load up carts that they even rolled up to the room. Students and parents were fed lunch and dinner and students had activities to go to throughout the weekend (and beyond). I'm giving Central a big thumbs up! See More
Rachael West
· September 16, 2016
This is my sophomore year, and I love it so much! I haven't met a professor that didn't have my best intentions in mind. And everyone is aways so helpful and ki...nd. It's also a beautiful campus and a great surrounding community. I would highly recommend this college to any person interested in bettering themselves. This college has many opportunities to grow in various areas of life. See More
Tove Armstrong
· September 17, 2016
Dropped my son off yesterday. Loved the ROTC helping unload, and how friendly everyone was. My own negative comment is the construction all through town (when... thousands of people are moving kids into college seems like bad planning). CWU was a gorgeous campus, and full of friendly, helpful people. See More
Wendy Pitzel King
· January 20, 2017
1989 Graduate and now my son is at CWU! He loves it as much as I did. What I wouldn't do for ONE weekend back in Barto C-36 with the gang!
Tyler J. Carlson
· February 8, 2017
I've been wanting to attend Central Washington University since I was fifteen years old. Well, I started my college career a little bit late in life, but I'm proud to call myself a Wildcat now. The campus is absolutely beautiful and Ellensburg is just wonderful.
William S. Benn
· January 4, 2017
I received a private education at a public institution!! Attending Central Washington University is the best decision I've made in my life!! Go Wildcats!�
Courtney Klingbeil
· February 29, 2016
Example of life being unfair: I failed a midterm which dropped my grade from an A to a F because my teacher accused me of plagiarizing. While doing the study gu...ide for the midterm I emailed my Philosophy 101 teacher for help and in short she told me to re-read the materials for class... We have 5 books in her class. Feeling stuck I used the Internet to paraphrase definitions because I did not know what to do. I have a 4.0 and there is no logical reason for a student to start cheating 8 weeks into an 11 week long quarter. I asked for help from the dean of student success office and was told that there was nothing that they could do for me. I confronted my teacher and she told me she only read the first sentence of my midterm (a definition) and then proceeded to give me a 0 before looking at the rest of my 4 page midterm. It really hurts when you try your hardest and don't succeed. I'm not sure why I'm posting this other than I recommend for everyone at Central Washington University to not take Philosophy 101. See More
De'Aaron Williams
· September 16, 2016
GreAt quiet area away from the city just enough people . Great school environment campus is beautiful and the surrounding area is refreshing . If you want to take a break from city life come hear yo gain perspective .
Stacy Stanhope Zimmerman
· September 17, 2016
Loved the unloading process for new students! Genius planning. We also appreciate the structure and planning around orientation and focus on a successful college experience.
Chris Pribbernow
· January 25, 2016
I had a great time here. Tons of dorms and apartments including some nice new ones. The food is great at the SURC and North Village Cafe. The rec center is very... good, great weight room and indoor track and lots of gym space. Amazing climbing wall, too. Class sizes are perfect and not too big, professors are very friendly and helpful. Lots of majors to pick from. I majored in law & justice and really enjoyed it. Very pretty campus that is easy to walk around (though watch for ice in winter). CWU has great athletics and facilities. I enjoyed watching football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and rugby.

As far as the town goes, it is in a good location. Close enough to home yet far enough too. The weather is great in fall and spring, warm and sunny. Winters can be cold, but normally drier than the rainy Westside. The town is a bit old and not modernized. It is an agricultural and ranching hub. But there is a ton of great food in town and the bars are very fun. Lots of great hiking, fishing, floating/rafting, mountain biking, etc to do around the valley and in the Yakima Canyon.
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Leslie Wulfekuhle
· September 18, 2016
Awesome move in experience with lots of friendly upperclassmen to help unload the truck making it fun instead of tedious.
Patricia P Nguyen
· September 17, 2016
I was very surprised and amazed by the friendliness and helpful staff and students at CWU.
Aileen Devlin Lundeen
· November 1, 2016
Gorgeous campus with stately buildings. My daughter loves it, and it's a safer campus with a small town feel.
Heather Decker
· September 25, 2016
Beautiful campus, great faculty and lifelong friends! It was an amazing college experience!
Jason Short
· September 19, 2016
Very impressed with moving in my freshman daughter this year. Super helpful kids for unloading, her move in was perfect. Thank you CWU!
Joseph R Stead
· December 11, 2014
Wonderful campus in a wonderful town. Made a couple good friends there (and I'm the type that's slow to make friends, so that's saying something.) Great student... body. A great environment to learn at, I can't imagine another college doing better.

Professors get to actually know students here and disability support services really helped me out of quite a few jams. Faculty are usually approachable and eager to answer questions. Supplemental instruction in non-GenEd courses is of great help.

The physics department deserves every commendation it receives. I am slow to learn math, but the department seemed to go completely out of its way to make sure I got through what courses of theirs were required by my major. If it weren't for all the help they gave me (which I never deserved, I felt like I was taking undue advantage of them), I would still be stuck in there.

However, academics were typically a mess. I had to put in more credit hours than is considered typical for my field, yet out the other end I am greatly outclassed by those who went to other colleges in the region for similar degrees. Also, If you're thinking of going here, don't make the mistake I did and get a DTA so the Gen Ed courses don't take all the fun out of the usually-great non-Gen-Ed courses. (The tutoring centers for said Gen Ed courses here were incompetent in my experience, far outclassed by the tutoring centers at the community college I previously attended. If I weren't as honest as I am, I would have stuffed the ballot box with "no" votes for the initiative to increase tuition to save CWU's tutoring centers with revenge being my motive.)

(Much of my trouble was caused by the two departments handling my major often conflicting. The department that handled most of my major was a real mess: One of the professors didn't seem to care if anyone learned in his classes, and at his most egregious he skipped half the curriculum to cover his tracks. Another professor in the department truly cared, though. The curriculum itself was considerably out of touch, as some habits I developed from how some of my classes were taught made potential employers usually think of me as a liability instead of an asset. It's also telling when the most beneficial academic experience I've had here was actually a project funded by UW but carried out at CWU.)

The worst part was the dorm food. It got slightly better when CWU switched from FSA to Sysco, but it was still all bone meal, pulp wood, and gristle. (And this is me trying to put it nicely. I only need two words to sum up the effects of consuming it, and I won't use them unless asked.) If dining plans weren't a compulsory part of on-campus housing, the dorm life would have been second-to-none in my case.
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Chelle Darin
· June 15, 2014
Both our son and daughter-in-law graduated from CWU yesterday. What a great experience the last four years have been! The staff is incredibly helpful, the profe...ssors are amazing and want to see their students succeed. The class sizes are minimal compared to the larger universities. Your son or daughter are not just a number, most of the professors call them by their first name. We are so impressed our other son will be starting CWU in the fall!

Thank you CWU for giving our kids a quality education that will give them the future a parent dreams about for their children!
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Don Frasier
· October 15, 2016
Beautiful campus! Everyone was very nice and our son loves it!
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125 ways you know you're a Wildcat (#117): You know that the size of CWU’s campus is 380 acres and felt sometimes you had walked all 380 acres of it going from the only campus parking lot with an open space to your class. #cwu125 #cwu #cwualumni #alwaysawildcat

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125 ways you know you're a Wildcat (#116): You fondly remember the bakery, particularly the French bread, in the old Albertson’s grocery store on Ruby Street, which is now the Grocery Outlet. (Photo courtesy of Bryan Myrick, Daily Record) #cwu125 #cwu #cwualumni #alwaysawildcat

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If you missed the Southern Poverty Law Center lecture, it's now available online. Watch as Lecia Brooks discusses the recent national rise in hate incidences and what we all can do to help others.

Southern Poverty Law Center outreach director, Lecia Brooks, shares the deep history of hate groups in the US and throughout the Northwest. Brooks explains t...

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Recent studies have determined that students of color and those from low-income families backgrounds may fail to stay in college for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they may not have support from friends or family members familiar with college life.

In response, CWU has joined a Ready to Rise. Made possible through a grant from College Spark Washington, Ready to Rise is a collaboration with the Tacoma-based nonprofit Degrees of Change, local leadership foundatio...ns in three Washington state communities—the Yakima Valley, Tacoma, and Clark County—and select colleges and universities, including CWU. The ambitious goal is to serve 1,000 underrepresented college students in Washington over the next five years.

The new partnership furthers CWU’s goal to become “the destination for all men of color seeking a quality best-buy education in an environment that supports academic excellence.” #cwupride @readytorise @DegreesofChange

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125 ways you know you're a Wildcat (#114): You cheered for former world-champion MMA fighter Miesha Tate when she competed, because she attended CWU (and where she first took up mixed martial arts). #cwu125 #cwu #cwualumni #alwaysawildcat

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Central Washington University Alumni Association

It's your last chance to join us for #CWU Day on the Hill Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort in Wenatchee this Friday, 2/24. Don't miss this opportunity to mingle... with fellow Wildcats. Your ticket will provide you with access to the mountain and a $2 beverage and braut voucher sponsored by Iron Horse Brewery. All are welcome to attend. Register today:
#CWUAlumni #AlwaysAWildcat #WinterWildcats #CWUMissionRidge #WildcatsOnTheRidge

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125 ways you know you're a Wildcat (#113): You picked wildflowers while hiking to Umtanum Falls, a hidden waterfall in the desert hills and basalt cliffs that rise above the Yakima River Canyon south of Ellensburg. #cwu125 #cwu #cwualumni #alwaysawildcat

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Movezilla: King of the Monsters … Master of the Move!

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125 ways you know you're a Wildcat (#111): You knew that the Leo Nicholson and his son, Dean Nicholson, who both coached at Central, hold the college basketball record for most career wins by a father-and-son coaching duo (1,114 wins). #cwu125 #cwu #cwualumni #alwaysawildcat

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CWU professor and award-winning poet Maya Jewell Zeller is the Lion Rock Series featured artist for February. Zeller will read from her work during two presentations Tuesday.…

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