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Elysia Teh
· February 23, 2017
Cycling is not as easy as l thought: Don't simply pick a bike looks gorgeous and get on it, in a long run, it will hurt your body, esp spines, hipbone, ligaments, joints and muscles.
Cycling is not a...s difficult as l thought: Come to Cyclery, they will make an integral plan for you to enjoy cycling and to be better or professional,if you wish. First, they make the bike fits your body, put you in correct posture to avoid getting hurt and to enjoy riding the longer the better.; then, train your body muscles specifically, the ones needed to sustain power and strength for challenging riding. Analyze your performance based on charts,.diagrams and statistics, to guide you and help you build on the strengths and improve on the weaknesses.
l am the classic example, l started with FTP 97 but improved to FTP 125 in a short time, l can tell how effective this training program is,.without it l cannot truly enjoy cycling. Telling the truth is a way to express my gratitute to Cyclery!
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Peter Yong Sim Onn
· March 10, 2016
Nice cozy shop where where service is awesome! Almost like a cyclist cafe and service Centre. Good place to hang out! And by far one of the most professionally equipped expert bike fitters around.
Quo Zing Hor
· November 22, 2016
Excellent bike fitting and coffee. Also appreciate the advise provided by Well and Go. Thanks guys, I have found new love for my bike and riding all over again :)
Peter Eu
· June 21, 2015
Go & Well together with their team know what they are doing . Highly competent with a high service orientated culture. Great place to gather over a fantastic latte as well !
Rich Clarky
· January 13, 2017
Great service, i popped in to get my bike checked prior to a race. Provided service straight away and even discovered a frayed cable and replaced it all whilst I waited! Really impressed. Will be back... for sure. Thanks See More
Shum Chiew Weng
· August 21, 2015
I only bought a roller tape but their shop assistant especially Mr Go gave me excellence service and information . will surely revisit
Lim Ke Wei
· April 3, 2017
its not about the ride , its about the rider
Danix Phuah
· April 23, 2015
Spend a lot of money there, but happy with the service!
Wayne Ang
· December 17, 2016
6 core elements connected by 5 stars standard, nuff said!
Eddie Tai
· December 7, 2015
Retul bike fitting service available! Best bike shop +cafe!
MingYeo HO
· July 20, 2015
Bicycle is Cyclery, Cyclery is Bicycle!
Come & experience it your self!
Jason Walker
· March 29, 2017
Amazing service and always a pleasureable place to be.
Kang Kean Jin John
· July 29, 2015
Bicycles, Bike Fitting ,bike accessories , lepak place, coffee = CYCLERY
Jason Lee
· April 21, 2015
Had my first ride today after a fitting session. Great feeling and truly enjoyed it.
Masanori Nishihama
· April 10, 2017
Waikeet Lee
· July 25, 2015
The Sufferfest introduces Four-Dimensional Power.™
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Cyclery Training Studio

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What makes training with Four-Dimensional Power™ so powerful is the unprecedented level of workout precision and personalization. The Sufferfest app will tailor the power targets in all of your workouts to match your unique 4DP™ profile. Different kinds of efforts will reference the appropriate metric, whether that’s Neuromuscular, Anaerobic, Maximal Aerobic, or Threshold Power. You’ll work at the exact intensity necessary to get stronger, faster, and more powerful, without wasting a single pedal stroke. Say goodbye to cookie cutter, FTP-based workouts that don’t know you. Say hello to effective, personalized 4DP™ workouts.

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Training apps that base power targets only on your FTP are just guessing at what you’re capable of above threshold. Not The Sufferfest. We use four key metrics—Neuromuscular Power, Anaerobic Capacity, Maximal Aerobic Power and Functional Threshold Power—to create your complete power profile. We then generate personalized power targets for all of your workouts, giving you exactly the training stimulus you need to get faster. Those other apps don’t know you like 4DP™ does.

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