Bike Shop CX : BSCX0024 - Bike Clean

This week Mr. David Palan and I run through how to d a bike clean.  It may sound like a simple thing, but doing it a certain way can save you time and headache! Also! we announce the winner of our Feedback Sports give away!!!!! Scott Dedenbach is on Twitter at @bikeshopcx @cyclocrossnet. Mr. David...

New ep is posted! Cyclocross Network and In The Crosshairs - catch up for a bit and then dive into the U.S. UCI CX schedule. Tune in, cyclocross friends:…/

Episode 110: Scotty D and the U.S. UCI Cyclocross Calendar April 12, 2018 By WAP Bot Scott Dedenbach and Bill caught up for a bit before having a chat about the U.S. UCI calendar and how next cyclocross season will shake out. Scott Dedenbach is on Twitter at @cyclocrossnet. Check out his show with M...
Full on warm up time for Women's CX project at Rochester C1. So glad to have Amanda_panda and Courtenay McFadden in the tent today!!
For all the non michigan folk. Here is a cruise of main street Macinac island.
USAC racing is underway at crossvegas!!!

Bike Shop CX : BSCX0022 - Cassettes

This week Mr. David Palan and I throw a bunch of numbers and letters at you as we talk about cassettes, SRAM and Shimano both.  Hopefully it will help you understand but probably it will just confuse you more! Then of course questions!!!!! Thanks everyone for the amazing questions. Scott Dedenbach ...

Bike Shop CX : BSCX0022 - Nothing

We are back to talk about nothing.  Mr. David Palan and I chat about what we are working on, the bike co-op that I volunteer at and some gravel grinding stuff before we get on to viewer questions. Scott Dedenbach is on Twitter at @cyclocrossnet. Mr. David Palan is on Twitter at @mrdavidpalan. Thi...

Bike Shop CX : BSCX0021 - Hydro Bleed

We are back to talk about hydro brakes.  Though some WAP show hosts feel the only place for liquid is in their water bottle; we cover brake bleeding just in case. Scott Dedenbach is on Twitter at @cyclocrossnet. Mr. David Palan is on Twitter at @mrdavidpalan. This podcast is also supported by Hea...

Bike Shop CX : BSCX0020 - Build YOUR Tubs

Scott and David are back with another Bike Shop CX episode!  On this episode we try to convince you to build your first set of tubular wheels for your cx bike, then get on to getting caught up with listener questions. Scott Dedenbach is on Twitter at @cyclocrossnet. Mr. David Palan is on Twitter a...

We just started a new Bike Shop CX installment called Bike Shop Shorts. It is available to Wide Angle Podium subscribers on the subscribers page. Episode 1 is... now posted, more will follow every 2 weeks in between the regular BSCX episodes. Become a WAP subscriber for as little as $5.00 a month at

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Bike Shop CX : BSCX0019 - Worlds - Questions

Scott and David get back to a "normal" Bike Shop CX episode!  We chat a bit about some of the tech issues from CX worlds and then get on to getting caught up with listener questions. Scott Dedenbach is on Twitter at @cyclocrossnet. Mr. David Palan is on Twitter at @mrdavidpalan. This episode is s...

Bike Shop CX : BSCX0018 - Nationals Review

Scott and David run down everything that happened in Reno for the U.S. Cyclocross National Championships. Scott actually got to pit for Katie Compton as she went on to win her 14th consecutive cyclocross nationals and David got to pit for Rebecca Gross who finished 9th.  Also a quick interview with...

Bike Shop CX : BSCX0017 - Tubeless with Drew Esherick

Our third show in as many weeks!  We are finishing off the year with our promised tubeless tire discussion with Drew Esherick from the Stan's No Tubes CX team!  We talk about tubeless and answer viewer questions about all sorts of stuff.  Check it out before you head out to Reno CX Nats! Health I...

Bike Shop CX : BSCX0016 - Tubulars with Mark Legg

This week! (Yes it's only been 1 week!) I have a long awaited chat with Mark Legg about Tubular tires.  Mark goes through some of his tubular gluing techniques, talks about things he has run into while wrenching on Katie's bikes and we answer some listener questions!  This is part one of out Pre-N...

Bike Shop CX : BSCX0015 - Atom Composites

This week we have a great interview with Tadd Armbruster from Atom Composites.  He tells us about their company, they have been a great supporter of CX this season, and the products that they provide.  Then Emily, David and I do the usual discussion.  What are you workin on and questions!  You w...

Michigan gravel crushes!!

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Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder

Thankful for Michigan gravel! We may have the best gravel roads in the U.S… so many that they create one big blur on the map ( And we haven’t... finished mapping the state yet – I just mapped 100 miles yesterday. Thanks Matt Acker, Rick Plite and others for putting Michigan gravel - and Michigan gravel racing - on the map, literally and figuratively. Thankful for all of you who love biking on gravel!

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Bike Shop CX : BSCX0014 - Thru Axles with Emily!

This week Emily Kleinglass from Sweet Bikes sits in for Mr. David Palan and joins me in a discussion of Thru Axles as well as What are you working on and of course listener questions.  This show was recorded in an actual bike shop this week!!  So legit!! Sweet Bikes Twitter: Bike Shop CX

Bike Shop CX : BSCX0013 - Tubeless - Questions

This week Mr. David Palan and I talk a bit about tubeless tire standards as well as what are you workin on and some Louisville discussion.  Then of course we answer viewer questions! Health IQ Email: