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Trial Of The Plant Day 6

Heads up! It's going bananas in the Boland this last few days.
Four busts in as many days and then this from the Hermanus local paper.
Just stare at this for a moment. Look at the bigger picture. These really busy, underpaid individuals have been told by central command to round up this evil plant, put the humans in cages and then get photos of the lab bust for the media.
It's a really bizarre way to endear yourselves to the community wouldn't you say? Some tiny pot plants,... grow plugs, some dry weed and then this weak attempt at justifying spending all that tax payers money on taking down a druggie.
It's not even police work, it's for the most part #SnitchOnYourNeighbour.
Surely in their hearts, these cops know what a futile exercise it all is?
Watch out gang....we have first hand reports of two busts in the greater Hermanus area today. No warrant and cops smelling of alcohol. NO WARRANT - NO ENTRY. klar.

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Everything from current dagga legality, the Trial Of The Plant, The WCHC Judge Davis judgement, the Constitutional Court pending judgement and more....
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And remember - be cool and keep your stash stashed. The cops are on the rampage and care fokol about what the Judge says.......

Find all the latest green news on our Cannabis blog. If you want to stay up to date with the ongoing case to legalise Cannabis in South Africa, click here!

2018.... the year the cops realise all their arrests are futile and nothing will stick in court.
Every day this year we've dealt with a small time bust. It's heartbreaking and such a total waste of resources.
Anyway, we made a video of our milestones in 2017 to keep us positive. This year is going to be just as busy; it's already full steam ahead in the @fieldsofgreenforall office.
Thanks for your continued support and healthy debate 💚👊🚽🚀🚀💥

A look back at what South Africa's Cannabis community achieved in 2017 with a review of the last twelve months. Thank you all for being part if it. www.dagga...

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We had a lot of fun bringing you the first live #HotBoxPodcast of 2018. Buzz was joined in studio by Dan, Jules, and first time guest but long time supporter Gerd Bader.
This weeks topics covered were full extraction oil, a locally made rosin press and the roll out of legalisation in California.
Get some munchies and roll a bat for one hour of unscripted unpredictability.
If you have any ideas for the show, any products you would like showcasing or guests you'd like to see in...vited, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do. We're always looking for cool swag to promote.
Please remember to like and share our podcast to help us along our journey and leave a comment at the bottom of the episode.

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In the first episode of The HotBox Podcast of series 2, Buzz is joined in studio by Jules and Dan with long time supporter and oil maker, Gerd Bader. Tonight...

We're excited to get Series 02 of the HotBox Podcast up and running tonight. On this evening's live show Buzz is joined by Jules and Dan along with long time supporter and oil maker, Gerd Bader.
We'll have the usual lighthearted look and what's cooking with cannabis news locally and worldwide. The team will also be reviewing a locally made rosin press and test driving some freshly squeezed produce. Can you smell the terps already?
Live and completely unpredictable from 7pm every Thursday night on the DC YouTube channel.
Series 01:

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Residents in the small Western Cape town of Greyton were greeted with this in your face banner in their main street yesterday morning.
We have to thank RobVanV and his team of wizards for this epic bit of activism.
When we get asked 'what can I do to help?', this is one of our answers. Harmless civil disobedience or in drug policy parlance, 'principled noncompliance'.
Nobody got hurt, no property was damaged but it put a fly up the ass of the Station Commander and got shared all over social media.
Take your activism to another level in 2018.

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For most South Africans, today is the first day back at work after the extended summer break. We thought it would be an opportune moment to release a look back at our Dagga legalisation journey in 2017, and thank as many of you as we could in 5 minutes. It was quite a year, and we look forward to making 2018 another exciting year of change.
Bobby Greenhash
Canna Culture SA
The High Co...
Charly's Bakery
Friends of the Herb
Hemporium SA
Join The Queue Dagga Arrest Helpline
Iqela Lentsango: The Dagga Party of South Africa
Jeremy David Acton
Gareth Prince
Schindlers Attorneys
Don Mahon
Paul-Michael Angelo Keichel
AmaDab Online Head Shop
GreenThumb Hydroponics
Cannabis News Network
Green Smoke Room

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A look back at what South Africa's Cannabis community achieved in 2017 with a review of the last twelve months. Thank you all for being part if it. www.dagga...

We managed to take a break from the Dagga Couple for a few days over the festive season, but one thing we could never get away from were the busts. Pretty much every day, we'd hear of mostly low level possession arrests of a couple of grams of your favourite herb.
All of them had the capacity to make our hearts drop and irritate the hell out of us.
Most of them ended badly with the shit scared accused hurriedly signing an Admission Of Guilt to make everything go away.
Most o...f the recent bust alerts came in retrospect, as people woke up the next day to a 10 year suspended sentence and wondered if we can help reverse it for them.
It's unlikely, but not impossible (as we've written many times before). You'll need a lawyer and you'll need to act quickly. The onus is on you to prove the cops didn't brief you as to the repercussions of signing the AOG.
The police NEVER follow the correct protocol for an AOG. If they did, you would be offered 21 days in which to make up your mind and you are free to go. Thing is, the goddam cops work on a quota system and their insidious modus operandi is geared ONLY to getting that signature. It's their only chance of a statistic in their war on weed users because it signifies a conviction (not an arrest).

Have a read of this, and please comment on your experiences at the hands of the out of control thugs in blue this Christmas. 2018 is the year we ensure the SAPS conform to their arrest procedures, but we'll need all your help.…/files/Brochures/LSSA%20AOGF.pdf

Here is a past blog post on the subject:
and here is an article on the consequences of signing an AOG:…/admission-of-gui…/

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Hello everyone. Welcome to 2018. Lets start as we mean to go on by being vigilant about articles like this in your local newspapers. This social worker at a JHB rehab seems to be really confused as to what is, and what isn't dagga oil and seems to even more confused about the scheduling of THC and CBD.
All in all, she seems completely out of her depth and needs some clarification on most of the statements she made in this article.
Maybe the editor should have paid more attent...ion to online content.
Please would you politely leave a comment with the others at the bottom of the original article.
It's the most effective activism you could possibly do......…/marijuana-demystif…/

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So you thought dagga is legal?