Dear Daily Budget users!

Our next bug fix version (Daily Budget v.3.4.3) has been released and is available for download in the App Store. This update includes several bug fixes / improvements and will increase reliability for the sync feature.

If you want to use the sync option on your device(s), please, firstly reset your sync (iCloud and/or Dropbox) as follows:...
1. Make sure sync is off on all devices and you have the latest version (v.3.4.3) installed.
2. Make a backup of your device with up to date data by sending a backup file to your email address (via "Settings" > "Backup" > "Email Backup Now"). Then you will be able to save it and restore this file via your PC if necessary.
2. Go to the device with the up to date data and press "Delete iCloud data" and/or "Delete Dropbox data" under "Settings" > "iCloud/Dropbox" (with good Internet connection)
4. Wait 5 minutes.
5. Switch on iCloud/Dropbox on the device with up to date data and choose the "Upload settings" option.
6. Switch on iCloud/Dropbox on the other devices and choose the "Download settings" option.

Please, kindly share your feedback on this version with us at!

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Dear Android users,

We are terribly sorry to inform you that our Android version is currently on hold – unfortunately, we are a very small team and don't have enough resources and time to devote them to its development. Our iOS version is still missing important features and needs some improvements, therefore it takes up all our resources now.

If you have our Android beta installed, it will remain functional, however, no updates will be released, no issues will be fixed and n...o new testers can be added there.

Unfortunately, there is no timeline when we resume our work on the Android version, however, if you wish to be notified when it happens, please, kindly email us your gmail address at Besides, we will keep you updated here, on our Facebook page.

Once again, please, take our sincerest apologies, nonetheless thank you so much for your support!

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Dear Daily Budget supporters!

We are happy to inform you that our new version 3.4.2 has been approved by Apple and is available for download at the app store! It improves stability during syncing and allows you to choose different colors of the app icon. So kindly update your app and give it a try!

Any feedback is highly welcome and you can always reach us at with your questions, comments or concerns!

Dear Daily Budget fans!

Many thanks to all of you for encouraging support and nice messages with feedback and great suggestions we receive daily, both via email and here, on our Facebook page!

We are glad to announce that one of these nice features, which you have proposed on Facebook, will be added in our next version – it will include a new setting where users can choose color of the icon!


Besides, we are aware that some users still experience the bug connected to syncing – we will release a bug fix for this as soon as we are done with beta test of the new bug fix version.

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Dear Android beta-testers,

We are extremely thankful to all of you for testing Daily Budget for Android and providing us with your valuable feedback on it!

If you have been enrolled into testing before April 20 but no invitation has arrived to you yet - could you kindly try to access our beta version in the Play Store from your Android device directly by the following link?


Please, make sure that you have logged into the Google account with the email you have provided to us. If you get an error message, then kindly log out from your Google account in Play Store, then log in again and check this link once more.

If you still can't access the beta - please, kindly drop us a line at or in Facebook private messages and tell us your email so that we could investigate this case.

Once again many thanks to everyone for your great assistance and support!

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Dear Daily Budget supporters!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has assisted us in testing our v3.4 beta! Finally, we can launch its official release – Daily Budget v.3.4 (both Pro and Original) has been approved by Apple so please keep an eye on your app store for the update! (If you have installed the beta version, this update might not be displayed automatically - please, open App Store and search for Daily Budget to install the update manually)

This versio...n deploys the bug fixes and besides it includes the long awaited backup feature! It is now possible to email a backup file every day, or every week, or whatever the frequency you choose. You can then restore the data whenever necessary. (Settings > Backup)

If you have any feedback or comments on this new version - please, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at!

Please, stay tuned for more updates and announcements - and thank you very much for your support!

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Dear all! We know that some of you have faced issues with this new update and we are terribly sorry for this frustrating situation, we did testing like usual, but couldn't discover these, unfortunately.

So we are working on fixing the following issues as soon as possible:

(1) iPhone & iPad crash ...
The app closes immediately. We received crash logs and analyzing them right now.

(2) Budget calculation error
Some users reported that the budget increased unreasonably high right after the update. We are collecting information about the bug.

(3) Ads are shown to users who purchased remove-ads

(4) Itemized fixed costs are not visible

If you have faced any of these issues - please, kindly contact us at We will ask some questions that will greatly assist us in solving these issues!

Once again, please, take our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience - please, be assured that we will do our best to fix these issues in the nearest time possible!

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Finally! Our Family version has been approved by Apple and is available for download in the app store – please kindly update the app and enjoy the new features:

1). Dropbox sync
You can now use the app together with your family members who have different iTunes accounts - via Dropbox!


2). Currency support
Now you can change currency within the app. This is for users who live overseas but don’t want to change the currency via the iPhone's/iPad's region setting.

3). Bug fixes for iCloud syncing
The newest version is a lot more stable when it comes to syncing.

4). Encryption
You can now encrypt your data before sending it to iCloud or Dropbox.

5). Touch ID
Instead of PIN, you can use Touch ID.

Besides, Version 3.3 has a better tutorial, improved CSV Export feature and fixed Big Spendings bugs and iPad Pro display issues!

Please, give it a try and send us a feedback to!

We will now turn to finishing up the next version of Android.

Thanks a lot for your patience and support!

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Dear all! Many thanks to everyone who expressed a desire to participate in our closed Android beta-test - and our special gratitude to our first set of testers who shared their valuable feedback with us!

Based on your comments we are currently working on fixing the reported bugs as well as some other improvements for our next Android version, which will be ready in September. As soon as this new test version is available, we will email the link for download to everyone, who is included in our testers’ list.

Please, stay tuned and thank you very much for your support!

Hello!! Great news, the Android version is almost there! It's more like "Daily Budget 2.0" because it has major improvements. It's so fun to use, I keep looking at it all the time! We would like to show it to few users to get initial feedback. (After that we will put it in the Play Store for beta testing.)

Who is interested, and can come meet us in Berlin? Please comment here or send us a message!

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Hi everyone! We are currently working on improving the navigation, new calender view, and overhauling the graphs. We will also get rid of "cycle" and make the app more flexible and robust.

Do you want a sneak preview as an alpha version user and share your thoughts with us? Please send us a message if you are interested!

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Miraculous festive season is right around the corner so it’s high time to start saving up for presents for your dear and near! Our “Big Spending” feature will fit this purpose perfectly - and to make this process even more enjoyable we are giving away 30 free Promocodes for our Daily Budget PRO version on Dec 1st!

Just share your “Big Spending” with us posting your response under this topic in the following format: "Present, for whom, your country" (country info is needed to send you the right promocode for your local App Store). If we get more than 30 replies, we'll pick our favorites!

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Our dearest supporters,

Few hours ago our final “improvement upgrade” has been uploaded and now we are waiting for Apple's review and release! It can be called an esthetic version but it’s really important for us because it will fix some minor bugs, improve iCloud sync and make it more stable, as well as increase the overall app performance. We have added some warning messages that will prevent you from accidental deletion of your precious data and will inform you on the sync... status and your Internet connection. And “Start fresh” button is back again! We believe that these improvements will make your work with our app even easier and more enjoyable!

After that update we are going to focus on creating a version for Android, which so many of our loyal users are looking forward to! And here are some more great features that will be added in near future:

• Overhaul analysis graphs and make them interactive
• Family version (which enables multiple devices and multiple iCloud accounts via Dropbox)
• Improved CSV file
• Multiple budget

Graph improvements will be our next focus as well so if you have an idea on what new graphs can be added or how the current graphs can be improved, just leave your comment under this post or drop us a line at! We are open to any suggestions!

Thank you very much for your patience and support!

With warmest regards from your Daily Budget Team,

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Hello Daily Budget fans! Many of you are asking: “What are the great new features you have implemented in the last update?”

Here is the list of them with short description – feel free to drop us a line or post here if you need any additional info!

1). Freelancer mode / Flexible income - Now the income option is much more flexible and it is possible to set the time frame in which you want to distribute the extra income over - similar to the “Big Spending” feature. This will be... useful for the users who are freelancers or don’t have regular income.

2). Carry over/Continuous mode - In the previous versions the app set the balance to zero at the end of the month. Now there is a new setting called "Continuous". When you turn this on, then the balance carries over when a new month starts.

3). Bug fix for Big Spending - You can plan for future Big Spendings. How about start saving up for Christmas from September?

4). Direct input for saving - The savings field is now editable so you can enter the exact number of how much money you want to save - you use your keyboard instead of a slider now.

5). iCloud Sync/Backup - Now you can store your app's data and share them with multiple devices that use the same iCloud account.

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Important notice!

We had to remove “Start fresh" button temporarily because it wasn't compatible with iCloud - it just created lots of problems and we couldn't fix them quickly.

It will return in the next update – till then, please, use the following method to start fresh: go to "Setting", "Cycle setting", then "Edit cycles", and then change the start date to today for the current cycle.


We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you and will do our best to fix it asap!

Thanks a lot for your patience and support!

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Finally, it is here. The new version came through Apple's review about an hour ago, and it is available for download. Thank you for support and patience. Wishing you all a great weekend!

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