A great showing last night at the Granada! The winners from the raffle are below! Don't forget to stop by PapaKeno's or Jefferson's today - 10% of sales go to the cause!

Dempsey's Gift Certificate: Alison Lungstrum
Quinton's Gift Certificate: Steven Schmille
Lawrence Country Club Brunch for 2: Dan Watkins...
Morningstar Pizza Dinner for 2: Kirsten Watkins
Gillius Limited Addition Shirt: Brandi Bell
Hobbs Gift Bag: JD Finch
Mass Relaxation Gift Certificate: Matt Klein
Studio 511 Cut and Color: Jack Bell
Headmasters Cut and Color: Penny Baxter
2 KU Basketball Tickets vs. TCU: Scott Hudnall
Lawrence Country Club - Golf for 4: Justin Langford
Sporting KC Tickets: George Haff
Merchants Pub and Plate Dinner: Kayvon Seraf
The Summit Membership: Kathleen McKlusky
Taos New Mexico Stay: Anna Kimbrell

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Merry Christmas! Hope to see you on Saturday night at The Granada Theater. If you can't make it to the concert but would like to contribute, visit our website for pre-sale raffle tickets.

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Less than a week before the concert at the Granada in Lawrence. Check out our Raffle Website for your chance to donate to the cause and win one of many great prizes!

We have received some amazing donations that will be raffled at the December 28 concert at the Granada! For each $5 you donate through this website or at the event, you will be entered to win!

Team Dain is officially 2,000 strong today. Thanks to everyone for all the support!

Now...if you want to keep the love going, make sure you save the date for the December 28th Team Dain concert at The Granada Theater in Lawrence. There will be two sets by Coversmith, and DJ sets from Johnny Quest and Approach.

But there's more: local Lawrence businesses have stepped up and donated items for a Team Dain raffle. While the raffle will be held at the concert, there's no need to a...ttend - you can see what items have been donated and get tickets online here ($5 suggested donation per ticket):…/team-dain-lawrence-concer…/117381

Thanks again to everyone and we'll see you after Christmas at The Granada.

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We have received some amazing donations that will be raffled at the December 28 concert at the Granada! For each $5 you donate through this website or at the event, you will be entered to win!

The Granada Theater is hosting a Team Dain Fundraiser Concert with Coversmith, Approach, and Johnny Quest. Let them know you're coming and support Dain!

Sat 7:00 PM CSTThe Granada TheaterLawrence, KS
128 people went

This December 28th, come out to the Granada Theater for some great music and to help raise money to aid in Dain's rehab and recovery.

We're hosting a Team Dain concert with Coversmith, Approach, and Johnny Quest providing the music. You just need to show up and have a good time.

Every day Dain is making gains. That's thanks to his attitude, his family's love, and supporters like you who have let him focus exclusively on his recovery. Now's your chance to keep moving forward w...ith Team Dain supporters while also enjoying some great local music.

Thanks and love.

Show Details
all ages / Doors at 7pm / $10
*Tickets available at the Granada box office, or at!

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From Big Brother Dreux -

Another one of the many, many creative ways people have been inspired to help Team Dain:

A friend and fellow son of Kansas, Matt Collins, helped design and fabricate this awesome "Rasta Ramp"*. It has been an easily convertible solution to helping Dain get in and out of the shower and required no renovation of existing infrastructure to use.


Plus, it's a fantastic casual conversation piece.

Thanks Matt!

*naming and flag rights were also available as the "Bahamian Bump", the "South African Slope", and "Black".

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Over the past seven weeks, Dain has made remarkable progress physically and emotionally. Each day he continues to blow us away with his unbreakable spirit and incredible wisdom. Still the road ahead is a long one.

Dain will begin the next phase of his journey of recovery and healing in his new apartment in Ballard. For the next several months Dain, with the help of his brother/roommate Dreux, will be doing outpatient rehab therapy at Harborview while settling in to his new r...outine in his new city. Services and equipment he'll need are both substantial and expensive. So we're doing a small part to help Dain cover costs so that he has the best possible care and equipment available to him.

Join us at the one and only Belle Clementine in Ballard on Sunday, November 10th for an evening to benefit our Dain. We'll have delicious wines from friends in Walla Walla, a raffle, and a silent auction with massages, coaching sessions, facials and many more great items to bid on!

Tickets are just $35.00. You can click here to get your tickets and learn more -->

If you are unable to attend and would still like to contribute, that's awesome too. Just go to and donate what you can.

Thank you, love you.
- Team Dain

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The three most frequent questions we get at Team Dain are:
1) How can I help?
2) How do I get a Team Dain t-shirt? and
3) How does Dain eat so many cookies?


The answer to question 1 is: any way and every way. Send Dain a message, tell Sarah Jane you love her, make a contribution, or share Dain's story.

The answer to question 3 is we have no clue.

But we do now have an answer for question 2: you can get Team Dain t-shirts at Public House 124 or Otis Kenyon Winery in Walla Walla or online by clicking this link --->

T-shirts are $25, all proceeds go to supporting Dain in his recovery, and they come in all sizes other than husky youth.

We've even shared a photo of some of the staff at Public House 124 sporting the new shirts and looking damn fine doing so. Thanks to everyone for your support and love. Now go pick up a t-shirt so you can look nearly as good as Daino.

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Dain is still the strongest person we know. Love you Daino.

Dain Dillingham

Learning to See Yourself:

I've lost 40 pounds in the 5 weeks since my accident. You imagine you'll always be this big strong guy. The friend with the firm hands...hake. The boyfriend that wraps you up. The father that can be superman. The grandpa pushes swings better than any other grandpa.

I look at my calf muscles are almost gone and my thighs have lost most of their tone. I'd swear they belong to someone else. My arms...let's just say all ticket sales to the gun show are on hold for a while. On the plus side though my face is definitely less fat. I don't know why god does that to people.

"Thou shalt not have defined cheekbones past the age of 26!"

I showed Him though. I've got that gaunt-athletic look goin. H-O-T-T.

I'm still getting used to it all. Hoping the next friend that sees you doesn't cry or just sit there in glassy eyed silence.

"It's still me."

But I'm not always sure which one of us I'm trying to convince.

Spinal cord injury is about as far from pop culture as one can get. Hell, it's a long way from being "alternative" or any other trendy label. I spent the last week terrified that because of my long hair people on the street would think I was "the homeless wheelchair guy". I make sure to annunciate and speak politely when I talk to people. My insecure attempt to assure them I'm "normal". In writing this out I realize it's not that different from my experience as a black American. Some will agree with that, others won't, I don't really care. The point is that my fears are undoubtedly baseless and well founded at the same time.

You wonder how women will find you attractive...if men will respect your strength.

But this is just all a part of learning to see yourself. A struggle we all deal with daily. Maybe it's those extra 10 pounds, or that blemish, or your hair, or that limp, your crooked smile, your lazy eye. That one thing you're sure everyone is looking at.

And guess what? They are.

But you're still fuckin beautiful. And I'll tell myself that everyday for the rest of my life. Because we hold value outside of our looks or physical capabilities no matter what the world tells us. Choose to listen to all the other good things your heart and this life have to say. Be happy, be healthy, be strong and be you. Peace peace.

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Dain's Team added 6 new photos to the album: Team Dain Swag — in Lawrence, Kansas.

You sporting your Team Dain gear? Tag the photo so we can share it!

Dain is still thinking about that night and we're all still thinking of him.

Dain Dillingham

I still think about that night. Walking the streets and laughing with everyone we came across. How...aware we all were of the goodness of life. The way we ackno...wledged it with our entire bodies.

My heartbeat.

How I almost lost it's rhythm. The familiar pulse of everything you've ever known. The one you forget about until you feel it slipping.

We'd been at the ocean the week before. We climbed some cliffs situated beneath a lighthouse and looked out on infinity. The sunset seemed to last for hours and for long stretches we said nothing at all. It was enough to just take everything in and even then it felt like too much. We found the beach again at pitch black. Vodka on our breath and cigars in hand we dug our toes into the sand and talked about what it meant to be We left everything behind and ran to the water, jumping and splashing like kids. We yelled at the top of our lungs until we were exhausted and cold and collapsed there beneath the stars and God and everything.

I'd never felt more alive.

As I write I see the city lights though my window from my hospital bed. All I can think about is how we used to walk on the railroad tracks when were young, arms out trying to balance, doing everything our mothers told us not to. I'm not sure why that memory chooses to sleep with me tonight but it's peaceful. And I'm thankful for it.

We're born to find ourselves and amidst the highs and lows of the last month I feel closer than ever...I feel further than ever...

But I feel, and it's such a powerful gift to have. Along with choosing to live. It can be the hardest, most frightening and most rewarding choice to make. That I have friends who remind me of this, daily, means the world. I hope you all wake up and make your choice tomorrow. It's okay to fall. Feel everything around you. And find yourself.

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Latest update from Dain - you know you want to share it with everyone you know!

Dain Dillingham

Most jokes aside, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on my progress. To backtrack, I completely shattered my C5 so it was entirely removed which is kind o...f a big deal. Post surgery they thought I'd need help breathing and I only had movement in my right bicep. Turns out I only needed the ventilator for a few hours and I quickly regained the use of both arms, though not completely and with greatly reduced strength. I also wasn't expected to have any sensation below my waist but I defied those odds too. I can tell you which toe your touching on me or what part of my leg and I can even feel temperature to a certain extent.

So the last few weeks have been about getting stronger and I've made quite a few gains. I'm feeding myself and able To pick up cups, put my tshirt on, brush my own teeth and eat all the cookies you can give me. With a little hellp into the right position i can sit up by myself. In the last week I've started to regain the use of my triceps muscles which is big. To have them back this quickly means they'll only get stronger and it gives me the ability to not only use a manual chair but also to do my own transfers, from bed to chair or chair to bed etc. currently I have to be moved using a giant sling attached to a mechanical arm so I look like the goat from Jurassic park being lowered into the raptor pen. It'd be nice to be done with that.

It also means I may continue to get more use of my hands.

My doctors tell me I've already defied alot of odds and that I've recovered remarkably quick. The truth is I balance on a delicate tight rope between hope and reality. Reality being that I will most likely never walk again. Hope being that nothing is for certain and only time will tell. Taking it one day at a time until then and giving a big thank you for all the continued love in support. 4 weeks ago I didn't have the strength to touch my own face. Now when you guys make tear up I can at least wipe them away myself haha. If I ever shine bright, I'm just reflecting your light. Peace peace everybody.

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Big thanks to all the folks who came out to support Dain this weekend at the Free State High School Football game. The night resulted in over $3,400 in donations to Dain Iand a Free State win). It also helped spread the word even more in the Lawrence community about Dain's new situation and the ways people can help. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Dain and his family.…/fundraiser-set-tonights-fshs-fo…/…

Free State High grad Dain Dillingham suffered a fractured vertebra after falling from a rooftop in Washington. A fundraiser for Dillingham is scheduled at tonight’s FSHS football game.


Dear Family,

Thank you for your continued support, and for consistently coming up with and following through on fantastic fundraising ideas for Team Dain.


I don't have a witty update for you this morning. Just a humble request for your patience. I'm not able to return all of your messages or phone calls (even the ones seeking to help). We're not able to schedule every visit to the hospital.

Right now, Dain and I (with much support) are in the thick of figuring out the logistics and realities of this new world, and working hard every day at recovery and learning as much as we can about this level of injury and how it affects our lives. It's not a full time job. It's not a speedy process. This injury isn't going away, and can't be "conquered"...even by someone as strong as DC.

It's forever for us.

At this time we are looking to stay in the city for the foreseeable future to continue to seek the best rehab services possible, and as we get settled you will hear from us (and see us) more regularly. Know that everyday we draw on your overwhelming love and support however, and although there are difficult moments, our spirits remain high.

Thank you for your understanding.

D and D

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The love keeps on coming, this time from Shakespeare Walla Walla who are hosting a benefit concert for Dain this Thursday to usher in their new "Locals Series." You can find all the details below.

And Team Dain is $74 away from breaking the $50,000 threshold. Who wants to get us over the line?

Team Dain Benefit Concert: Shakespeare Walla Walla kicks off its new "Locals Series" with a benefit concert for Team Dain at ...the Gesa Power House Theatre on Thursday, September 12 at 7:30 pm. Tickets for the performance by local band Out of Order will be “Pay-What-You-Will”, with all donations going to the fund to offset medical and rehabilitation expenses for Dain Dillingham. Tickets will be available at the door starting at 5:30 pm. The concert is festival seating, with doors open at 6:30 pm. Attendees are encouraged to come early for a glass of wine and enjoy pizza from the Walla Walla Bread Company’s mobile pizza oven.

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On his 28th birthday, Dain fractured his C5 vertebra. While much is still unknown, what is known is that Dain faces a long and difficult road to recovery that will require his friends love and support