Happiest day!
Some of our favorite nurses singing "Happy Off Treatment" to Dakoda. We have the best nurses!
M is for..

Annnnd he’s CLEAR!!! 3 years and 9 months in the clear!!! Breathing has again commenced and we are ecstatic. We are so incredibly blessed. Thank you so much for all your prayers, love, and good energy. We really appreciate it. I leave you with my miracle. My hero. My rockstar.

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Oh this amazing boy of mine. It’s “that” day again. Trying for his first non-sedated MRI. I know he’ll do great. That will make so many things a little easier regarding this day. No NPO, no recovery, no grogginess. Please send us some love, prayers & good vibes for clear scans. I will keep you posted with results. 💛💛

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Happy Birthday you sweet, silly girl. I have no doubt you’re laughing & smiling wherever you are. You are loved & missed so much! 💗💗
Please send some love to Rebekah’s family, she would’ve turned 9 today 💗

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Dakoda's was well on it's way to spreading. He had local lymph node involvement which isn't quite the same but had we not found out when we did, it would've spread. His tumor was 11cm x 7cm x 7cm at diagnosis. So big for a 10 month body. The abdomen is an easy place for tumors to hide 🙁

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American Childhood Cancer Organization

Recognizing early warning signs and symptoms of childhood cancer is critical to saving children's lives. Please share to help raise awareness of childhood cance...r, the number one cause of death by disease for children in the United States. Whose life will you save today by sharing? #ACCO #CCAM #GoGold #PJammin

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ACCO encourages you to share this with those you know, any local schools, doctors offices, etc.

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Grateful for the awareness 💛

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To the littlest warriors fighting pediatric cancer, we salute you… and all the families, nurses and doctors who are fighting for you. September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.

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Fly high sweet angel 💛🎗

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Friends, Rebekah is in need of your love and prayers.
From her Mama and my dear friend:
"Rebekah is continuing to struggle, her breathing is more irregular and her heart rate has been going between high 180's or low 40's. Her doctor has enrolled her in hospice at our request. We are keeping our house calm and ask for no one besides family to visit at this time. We also would ask that prayers just be for comfort at this time. Thank you"

This breaks me. I am heartbroken. And mad as hell.

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Another reason to love Amazon. Plus they are donating $1,000,000 to ACCO. How amazing is that?!!!

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American Childhood Cancer Organization
Charity Organization
American Childhood Cancer Organization

In September, is helping ACCO raise awareness by delivering 10 million uniquely designed boxes featuring the gold ribbon – the international symbol o...f childhood cancer – empowering customers to join in the fight one box at a time.

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Dakoda's Fight updated their profile picture.
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He did it again. My miracle boy is still beating the odds daily! "No evidence or suspicion of any disease in his body. Everything looks great!" This from the short, wonderful woman with the twinkling eyes & huge smile that we have been blessed with as our Oncologist. Breathing has once again commenced & the adrenaline has subsided. Feeling incredibly blessed & grateful to be where we are today. We have graduated to scans every 6 months & talked about his future & stopping at 5 years out. That would mean only 3 more scans. Not sure how I feel about that but I'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
Thank you so, so, SO, much for your thoughts, prayers, and love. It means the world to us. 💛💛

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Annnd it's that day again. Dakoda is getting his MRI as I type. 39 months since his first post relapse treatment scan. My how time has flown as well as stood still at times. He has been doing great & has healed nicely since surgery in June. He has even started emptying his bladder by catheter. This will be permanent for him. I was surprised how fast he took to it. "See mom I am old enough to do it. I was right!" Oh this boy of mine. The things he knows at age 7. We will head to "our hospital" for a chest CT & renal ultrasound & then head to clinic. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you for keeping my Hercules in your thoughts & prayers!! 💛

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Dakoda is doing well. We were able to go home for a few days and then came back for an appointment today with our urologist. The doc is pleased with Dakodas healing and he was able to get the last tube out of his body! His new system is working well so far and hopefully that will continue! Thank you so much for your love, prayers and thoughts!!
Dakoda turned 7 this week and I am forever grateful for everyday I get with him. While he is incredibly strong willed, stubborn and fiercely independent, I love him more than words and am grateful for his strength, perspective and the unconditional love he gives me.
We, hopefully, won't have to go back to the hospital until scans on Aug 7.
I leave you with his selfie 💛

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Obviously he wasn't thrilled with the pic, but I believe we're on the mend! He's had quite a few rough days since we left the hospital a week ago, ER visits; fevers; vomiting; abdominal pain; resistance to walking, moving, eating, taking medicines; multiple antibiotic changes; sleepless nights but we made it! My brave, amazing boy is on the up and up! I hope!! Still taking it day by day but today is really the first day he seems himself. I'm so grateful. The fact that we walked to the couch is huge!!
Thank you so much for your continued thoughts, love and prayers for my Hercules! I appreciate it so much!!

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