The first time I found dancing to be comfortable and ultimately joyful was dancing "like no one is watching." I was so scared of moving intuitively to music that it also required a friend who was insistent that I learn to love dancing, closed eyes, lots of trust, a deserted parking lot, and really good music blasting from my friend's van stereo parked nearby.

The idea of dancing like no one is watching helped me let go of that fear to find the way my body liked to move to music without worrying about what it looked like. I think the idea of dancing "like everyone is watching" might have made me curl up in a ball and hide at the time. But I also really appreciate this perspective because people should really just DANCE MORE and judge less. It makes life so much more fun!

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To dance is to pray, to pray is to heal! #illuminatives

If you're lusting after the warmth and transformative energy of the spring, this weekend's class will give you hope! We'll stretch out, warm up, shake out the dust, and make space for fresh energy and new beginnings!

This is the last class of the season so don't miss your chance to try something new: an exhilirating short-cut to improved energy, flexibility, openness, strength and courage!

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Jennifer Talbot
· March 9, 2018
Addie is a wonderful teacher and leader, her enthusiasm is infectious and she makes everyone feel at home and at ease. Her classes are so much fun and such a perfect blend of mindfulness and exercise ...that the time flies and we all leave feeling great. I would take her class every day if I could! See More
Annie Clarke-Lauer
· January 12, 2018
I love this class! Addie expertly guides you through the class, and you end up having so much fun! I have little yoga experience, and that definitely is not a problem. I guarantee you will leave smiling 😀