Interview album "City in the Clouds"

New single "Once" by Static Dark out soon!

Thanks for the great collaboration on this one

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Static Dark

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a release date - Friday, December 1st 🎉☯️🎶🎤🎧🤗


And here's another remix I didn't share with you yet. Again, I made this for a video game remix competition, and it features remixed themes from the game Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X6. Enjoy!…/laser-power-shield-sheldon-in-x-hu…

This track I did in collaboration with S|r_NutS. It was written for the 2015 issue of the game remix competition "Mega Man X: The Sigma Fortress Remix Gauntlet", and is a remix of both Mega Man X6's S

This video sums up a lot of things about music very nicely, and shows how things have changed over the years. Very interesting and also a little sad. I think we should support artists who try to break the mold and still create dynamic and soulful music.

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Why Is Modern Pop Music So Terrible?

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Since I didn't post for quite some time let me show you a remix I did in 2015, which I didn't share with a lot of people yet. It was made for a video game remix competition, and features remixed themes from the game Mega Man X6. I hope you enjoy it!…/gates-secret-dream-lab-shield-shel…

Daniel Lippert - Artist is feeling blissful.

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. Enjoy the holidays with those who are close to you!

Today, I'm also sharing something I did with all of you, it's an animated short film created by my artist friend, Timojím Ilufí Jara, as an opener for a local film festival. He did it all by himself within two weeks (!) without any external help. I created all the sounds and music for it, and I hope you enjoy this little, but still meaningful and deep story!

An old man, opressed by an entire life of working finds there's a hidden door in his house. ....................................................................

Lots of electronic stuff... moving things around to optimize the studio.

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This is so funny I had to share this. Just see what a different sound set can do to completely alter the atmosphere of a movie

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Retro SFX is with Predator and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

WATCH NOW: #Predator (1987) w/ 80s #Contra Nintendo sounds! #TBT

This new making-of video shows a little bit behind the scenes of the "Agencystem" project, how it came into life, and how I was involved in the production of this album. Enjoy!

Agencystem is feeling festive.

Right on time for the one year anniversary of the "Agencystem" album, we just uploaded a brand new "Making of" video. Enjoy and celebrate with us!

Making of the album "Agencystem" by Agencystem. Static Dark, Jack Burn, Nick Button and Daniel Lippert comment on the production process of the album "Agency...

This homemade synthesizer is a really cool idea!

The Chipophone is a homemade 8-bit synthesizer, especially suited for live chiptune playing. It has been built inside an old electronic organ. http://www.lin...

This is a really nice sounding instrument made in Switzerland.
Great playing, too!

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Posted by ViralMega
ViralMega is with Sueltalo.

This Sound is Unique and Amazing!

By Sam Maher - Like ViralMega - YT
With attribution to and for licensing info please contact

…and this vintage car radio receiver was directly taken from the dashboard of a soviet military vehicle of the last century

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…and here's synth arrival number 2!

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New synth arrival number 1!

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Yay, new converter arrived broken today

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Watch this beautiful trailer for the textless comic "Rain" by the talented Timojím Ilufi Jara, who did the booklet and character artwork for my album "City in the Clouds". I created the music and sound effects for this trailer. If you like Timojím's artwork, check out his other works on deviantArt (link in the video description).

This is the same trailer but with it's soundtrack and sound FX refined by Daniel Lippert, the atmosphere sounds really cool now! Follow this story on my Patr...