My owner does part time teaching for Standard Motor Products. Do you think he could learn something from this guy?? Pretty funny!!

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Posted by Kent Bryant
Kent Bryant

Is this what females hear when guys talk cars?

This is my owner's grand daughter Addie Mae as the new spokes-person for my owner's business Dan's Auto Center. Check out this latest commercial and see me in the back ground.

Grand daughter, Addie Mae doing her first commercial for Dan's Auto Center
Dan's '57 Chevy updated their cover photo.
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My owner, Dan Walker says that if I ever get in an accident he plans to donate my body parts to a project such as what you see here!! LOL

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C10 Trucks

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One of my cousins came back from the dead!!

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Powerblock TV

A gearhead's Chevy Bel Air was returned to him after it was stolen 30 years ago!

Find out how it was recovered in this incredible story:

Heidi Feek has written and sings a song about me!! That's pretty cool. Check out her song and let me know what you think!!

Stream 57 Bel Air by Heidi Feek on The Only for free on Grooveshark.

On the 14th of January, 2014, I had a very special person stop by to sign her name under my hood. She is Lynne Mitchell Werner. Her father, Bill Mitchell was one of the designers of my body. There is an interesting story as to how we met!! That was a day I will not forget. You can see that my owner, Dan was excited that day

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40 years ago today I had a really close call. It was a Sunday, the 25th of November 1973. My owner Dan Walker was moving me from Palo Alto, CA to Fresno, CA.

Dan borrowed a tow bar from his father. The tow bar was attached to my bumper and the other end was attached to Dan's 1963 Dodge Polara. It was raining that day and in the late afternoon, heading down High 101, Dan exited off of the freeway in Sunnyvale, CA to get gas. Dan had his friend Randy Hunter with him in t...he Dodge. As they were rounding a corner, the two cars jack knifed and the tow bar broke away from my bumper. I ended up crashing into the right rear quarter panel of the Dodge and pushed it out of the way. At that point, Dan quickly jumped out of the Dodge and started running after me as fast as he could. The problem was, in his haste, he left the Dodge in gear. In the mean time, Dan's friend Randy Hunter was still in the Dodge, in the passenger's seat. It was one of those times when Randy decided to wear a seat belt. Randy franticly tried to unhook himself from the seat belt to put the Dodge into park. If you aren't familiar with the set up on the Dodges back then, they had a push button for the transmission controls, located on the left side of the steering column. Randy couldn't reach the controls when he was buckled in. By the time he got himself free, the Dodge was up over the curb, the sidewalk and into the bushes on the side of the road. In the meantime, I was running free as can be, without anyone controlling me, down the road headed for a parked Corvair. Dan was finally able to catch up with me on my right side and fortunately he hadn't locked the passenger's side door. He flung the door open, reached across the passenger's compartment with his left arm and pressed on the brakes as hard as he could. This caused me to come to a skidding stop and forced Dan's head to crash into the rearview mirror. The Corvair didn't get hit and the only real damage to me that day was a scratch that ran the length of my right side door.

After cooling off from all the excitement, Dan decided to just drive me to Fresno that evening and have his friend Randy Hunter drive the Dodge Polara. The reason Dan wanted to tow me was the fact that I had a 4:11 rear end and didn't get very good gas mileage. Another reason was the fact that the energy crunch was going on at that time and very few gas stations were opened on the weekends due to rationing.

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Tomorrow will be the 45th anniversary of the day that my owner, Dan Walker purchased me for $175.00. It was a Thursday that year, May 9, 1968. I never thought I would be owned by the same person for this long. Click on the "about" tab and then the "basic info" tab to learn more.

Congrats to my owners! They've been in business since 1978!

My owner and his wife Sally took my little cousin out for a spin this past weekend.

Finally Fall! What a nice mild summer we've had. We didn't get far from home this summer, but with so many wonderful things to see and do, one doesn't have to go far to have a good time in our Sierra Nevada foothills.

Guess What!! My creator, Louis Chevrolet along with GM founder William C. "Billy" Durant founded Chevrolet on November 3, 1911. That's almost 100 years. If you go to you can see what model and year was voted number one. Check it out and enjoy.

Join us in celebrating Chevy's 100th Year Anniversary of driving, building & living our passion for cars by voting for your favorite Chevy car of all-time.

Here is my owner's latest e-newsletter.

Cars to get social networking profiles TOYOTA CITY, Japan (UPI) -- Japanese car manufacturer Toyota said it is teaming with a U.S. company to create a social networking service for people to receive alerts from their cars.

Dan took me to the 4th Annual Big Creek Lumber Company car show in Atwater, CA. today: 05/21/11. I placed second in my class...there was only one other contender, another '57 Chevy I will try to talk Dan into posting some pictures of the event next week.

It was 43 years ago today, May 9, 1968, that my owner Dan Walker bought me for $175.00. I was in a vacant lot in downtown Los Alto, Ca. I wasn't running at the time. Read more about the experience by clicking on the info tab on the left hand side of this page. That was the same day that Dan participated in the Plymouth Troubleshooting Contest. Dan tells me that it was a day he will never forget!!