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…I am an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. I met Dr. Doyle after several years of cognitive decline in short-term memory, attention and overall cognitive clarity. This seemed unusual for an individual in his mid-40’s.

Dr. Doyle began with a very comprehensive chemical diagnosis and found deficits in a few key chemicals, but nothing extreme. Despite these results he saw distinct symptoms of hypothyroidism and started me on medication.

Within one week, I began to see anci...llary benefits from improved circulation-warm hands and feet, soft hair and skin, and no longer needing to take long weekend naps. But the most important improvement was in my cognitive capabilities. Once again, I can function at a level required for my role. This treatment truly changed my life.

Other physicians treat based on blood test results. Dr. Doyle treated my symptoms and it worked.

Best regards,
B.W.H., Ph.D
Brookfield, CT

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Dear Dr. Doyle,

Let me start out by saying that I am very happy to write a testimonial on your behalf. I was very unhappy with the doctors I was seeing prior to coming to you. All the doctors up to that point only cared about getting you in and out of the exam room as quickly as possible so they could move on to the next patient. They were upset when you asked them questions or questioned anything they told you. In addition, they were not happy if you did research on your own... and would refuse to even consider looking at additional information about alternative treatments with an open mind. It was either what they said or nothing. Most treatments consisted of prescribing medication and getting rid of you as fast as possible. It got to the point that I refused to go to conventional doctors any more. That is what led me to find you.

What impressed me most about you was that you really took the time to listen to me. I didn’t feel rushed and was able to ask questions until I was satisfied. You also cared about my point of view and did not feel threatened if I brought other information I found through research to your attention. I have found you to be very knowledgeable and much of the information I referred to, you already knew, and in turn, referred me to additional information of which I was unaware. Most importantly, your treatment centers on the whole person, not just a set of numbers on a blood test or symptoms. Your examinations are very thorough and you use the information from various tests to help diagnose your patients. However, you are more interested in making me feel well instead of getting my numbers in the so-called “normal range”. I am very grateful for your caring attitude. When I came to you I was feeling tired all the time and had no energy. I was cold much of the time and had a hard time keeping weight off. I was also having trouble controlling my blood sugar. After being treated by you I have 100 times more energy and am not cold all the time any longer. I am able to exercise regularly and be active without feeling exhausted. Your treatment with thyroid hormone, cortisol, and various supplements has really helped me feel better and I know I am healthier as a result

…I will close by saying I have the greatest respect for you as a doctor and I would like to thank you very much. I hope you achieve all you are trying to accomplish. If you continue to really care about people and treat them as you would like to be treated, you will have more patients than you can possibly handle… More than that you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are really helping people. I hope you never get so successful that it becomes difficult to be the kind of doctor you are. “Have you beheld a man skillful in his work? Before kings is where he will station himself.” – Proverbs 22:29

Best regards,
Shelton, CT

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I have been a patient of Dr Doyle’s for about a year. I am 60 yrs of age. I have lost about 20 lbs., starting at 240 lbs. and have a tremendous amount of energy that I haven’t had in at least 15 years. I am not eating less or differently. I also had a problem whereas circulation to the tips of my fingers would shut off in cold weather-sometimes as high as 40 degrees. This has been nonexistent this winter. Overall, I feel great, and I believe it is due to Dr. Doyle’s preventative approach to medicine. V.C.
South Salem, NY

I came to Dr. Doyle seeking treatment for Hashimoto’s Disease and hormonal problems. Over the past 21 months, my tolerances have continued to improve and I can now take needed nutrients. Dr. Doyle has been very supportive, helpful and accessible for which I am very grateful. As a result of your treatment, I am getting help for a long-seated metal toxicity problem. You can let it be known that I am from Cincinnati, Ohio—and not nearby. All the best, S.F. Cincinnati, Ohio

I saw Dr. Doyle as what I viewed as a last resort. My entire life I suffered from strange symptoms and periods of not feeling well. Doctors told me that all my tests were normal and that it was most likely “in my head.” After 50 years of that, you believe it, but are still looking for other answers.

My first visit encouraged me. Dr. Doyle spent a long time talking to me, taking a complete history, and asking a lot of questions. It was gratifying to have a doctor actually sit ...and listen to me, assess my symptoms and not say “hypochondriac.” Dr. Doyle followed up the complete history with a battery of blood tests. The tests covered more than the conventional tests usually given to me in the past.

Dr. Doyle discovered I had an underlying thyroid condition as well as an iron and vitamin D deficiency. Since I have been treated for these and other minor adjustments to medicine and supplements, I have been feeling a great deal better. I have more energy, have lost a little weight and am generally feeling much healthier. My resistance to every respiratory ailment floating around has also improved.

Because I have a system that is sensitive to new drugs and treatments, Dr. Doyle has gone more slowly than I’m sure either he or I would like, but that is the only way, in my case, to prevent a bad reaction. I’m very happy with my progress and give Dr. Doyle complete credit for all the improvements. --- M.K. Greenwich, CT

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I’d been struggling with increasing fatigue for about 10 years before I went to see Dr. Doyle. I’d told three primary care physicians about this and a thyroid specialist, each of whom reported bloodwork to be within normal range, and seemed completely disinterested in exploring my symptoms further and working with me to figure out what was wrong and what to do about it. When the fatigue reached the point where I was falling asleep at my desk and falling behind at work, I saw advertisement in a small circulation local newspaper for Dr. Doyle, which listed chronic fatigue as one of his areas of focus, so I made an appointment. For the first time in my adult life, a doctor talked to me for a full hour, taking a detailed history, and then talked with me as a partner in my own health to determine a step-by-step plan of testing and assessment. He ordered tests that other doctors usually don’t, explaining to me why he preferred them, and they showed a thyroid and adrenal deficiency, for which Dr. Doyle suggested a progressive plan of treatment and continuing assessment, which involved both medications and lifestyle changes. He also hooked me up with articles and books to learn more about my condition. The result of this was a steady diminishment of my fatigue and increase in energy and productivity.

One thing that is unique about Dr. Doyle is that he assumes that his patients must be equal partners with him in their own health care, and that his patients have the interest and intelligence to understand his part of the doctor-patient collaboration. As a result, he listens and will share as much of the technical medical information as you want to know. The other thing that is unique about Dr. Doyle is that he focuses on wellness rather than illness. As a result of that approach, what a patient has to say about how well he feels is as important to Dr. Doyle as the medical data. He also knows that how his patient feels will usually be the first indication either patient or doctor will have of a change in medical status requiring further assessment and possible treatment. --- E.A. Stamford, CT

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…There are so many good qualities about you and you are so knowledgeable that I found it hard to keep this short… My definition of a good doctor is, kind, caring, compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable. Dr. Doyle goes beyond those definitions. He does not treat you as just another lab report. He treats your symptoms and you as an individual. He is very thorough.

I have been to many doctors and can truly say they do not come as genuine and compassionate and knowledgeab...le as he is. His concern does not end after your visit. He continues to think about you and will contact you with more information about your symptoms. He encourages you to read information in great books written by other doctors to put to rest any fear you have. I feared hormones. I heard too much on the media that they cause cancer. I read a great book he suggested, showing the difference between synthetic and bio-identical hormones and testimonials. My fears where put to rest. I decided to take the hormones which were deficient in me, and I cannot believe how they have restored areas of my personal life which I thought were not possible. My muscle strength has also been restored. I also have to add that I personally have not had any side affects, just positive effects. His knowledge in hormone balance was far superior to my GYN who is a woman!

[Dr. Doyle] has helped me with my autoimmune thyroid problem, vitamin deficiencies, and adrenal insufficiency. I have also suffered from restless leg syndrome for many years and now I no longer have restless leg syndrome, he cured that without drugs!
I’ve always had a hard time getting my husband to see a doctor. But things changed when he came with me on my first appointment with Dr. Doyle. I told him I really liked his thoroughness and his kind, courteous manner. He takes your feelings into consideration. My husband noticed it too. Now our search has ended for the kind of doctor you only read about. We found one.

Your grateful patient, --- L.H. Shelton, CT

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Testimonial: I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Doyle. After seeing a number of endocrinologists over many years for my thyroid condition (Hashimoto’s), it was such a new and positive experience to find a doctor who takes a comprehensive approach to thyroid disorders by considering the whole person and not just one gland.

In addition to his high level of medical competence, Dr. Doyle also brings compassion and common sense (pretty uncommon these days) to his work with his patients. I wholeheartedly recommend him to all those looking for a doctor who does not take a cookie-cutter approach to medicine, but rather considers the individual in a sensitive and nuanced way. -- E.C. South Salem, NY

Testimonial: Even without lab tests, Dr. Doyle, you suspected my problem was thyroid deficiency—and you were right. With complaints of light-headedness [due to a significantly decreased heart rate,] which surely would have required a pacemaker, you questioned me like a “medical Sherlock Holmes,”. You did a very careful physical exam and ran some lab tests to confirm your intuitive clinical diagnosis. Shortly after starting thyroid hormone, my heart rate increased, avoiding the need for a pacemaker. Personable and proficient, you recognized the important role nutrition and natural therapies would play in effectively treating me. --- R.P., MD Greenwich, CT

Testimonial: I went to Dr. Doyle with serious fatigue, stamina, and energy problems that were influencing my work as a university professor. I have improved so radically that friends and colleagues frequently point out my new sense of well being. Living in another area of the country, I make phone appointments as well as travel a great distance since I find his work invaluable. Dr. Doyle not only knows how to target specifically the necessary blood-work but takes the time to truly listen which is unfortunately rare among doctors. In a quiet and respectful manner, he has inspired confidence in me that together we can solve any problem that might come up. --- Dr. S.V. Memphis, TN

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