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  • FundraisersTacoma, Washington
    Raise funds for the Troopers' Association to the tune of $250,000 a year personally.
    • Mortgage Originator
      Refinancing- Yes, I was in the mortgage industry before the shit hit the fan.
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About Samuel
  • I'm 54 yrs. old. 6ft., 210-220lbs. I got laid off from the Washington State Patrol Troopers' Association some 2 1/2 years ago with the promise of rehire. It didn't happen. This is not a forum for bashing those that have in some way screwed me over; so I won't. In fact, I'll not only not bash but I will even praise. If it wasn't for the lay off, I may never have decided to make a move towards figuring out how to work for myself. It hasn't come to fruition yet but I'm confident it will. I chose Internet Marketing(IM) and here I am on Facebook. It's now 2011 and I now have my own website and am beginning to make money online. My online business is Kool Breeze Enterprises.
Favorite Quotes
  • A smart man solves problem, a wise man avoids them.