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I couldn’t stand the fact that there isn’t a way to create and store characters online for Fate. I’m a web developer, so, I rolled my own fate specific character sheet website. It currently supports Fate Core, Accelerated and Fate Freeport.
For those of you who have an interest in the tech, here’s how it works: Since this is all pro bono I chose to house eve...

If you are running any sort of gaming convention we highly recommend checking out This is a great site by the gang over at It's really well done. We've used it to host conventions last year and are using it once again this year.
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Excited about working on a new entry for the Game Pieces Only Challenge at The Game Crafter!

The game should consist only of bits available through The Game Crafter parts store. This means the only printables would be a rulebook and a box; no cards, mats, tiles, stickers, or boards are to be used. Use of paper and pencil is strongly discouraged.
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January 23

Board game cover art

We've officially closed down You can read more about the decision to do this at…/the-procurator-is-…/. The domain will direct you to this Facebook page. We're also transitioning our website to use this Facebook page, so hitting our domain will drive you to this page. We'll be doing some cleaning up and publishing our tabletop and roleplaying products here. Thanks for your patience and support!

The One Page Dungeon Contest 2017 deadline is May 1st. The more entries there are, the bigger the prize. What are you waiting for, it's only 1 page?

The new home for the One Page Dungeon Contest. The latest information on current and past contests or projects can be found here!

Want to know when your #gamecrafter game is out of parts, or when someone can't buy your game because there is an issue? Register at Darktier Studios to start getting alerts about your games!

Roleplaying and table-top game maker located in Grand Rapids, MI.

FoW is up on BoardGameGeek. Let your logged plays commence!

Description from the publisher: Inspired by the award-winning Fate roleplaying game, Fate of Wæteria is a cooperative game of adventure for 2 to 4 players. You and your friends play characters that live in the world of Wæteria seeking adventure and fame. The five major empires of the wor...
Sterling Heibeck

Fate of Waeteria is officially for sale at The Game Crafter.

Roleplaying and table-top game maker located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Here's the official announcement about finalists for the Adventure Challenge at The Game Crafter.

Alisha has chosen the finalists for the Adventure Challenge. They are (in no particular order): • 2-Bit Bandits • Fate of Waeteria • Glory, God & Gold • History Repeating • The Murder at Waverly...
Sterling Heibeck

Fate of Waeteria made it to the Finals in the Game Crafter Adventure Challenge!!
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Sterling Heibeck

I'm excited to announce that I just completed my new board game Fate of Waeteria and entered it into the Adventure Challenge at…/december-…/fate-of-waeteria

Games in our library that are available at now pull relevant information from the thegamecrafter API.

In particular, this affects:

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Roleplaying and table-top game maker located in Grand Rapids, MI.