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Marco V Sesh
About the only footage that turned out not too badly from last night's Trance Classics Live gig at The Basement/ Skipinnish Ceilidh House Fort William with myself and DJ Rob C. Official
Vinyl Clip

It's been a while since I last posted, but here's my latest set for those who enjoy a little Techno

Banging Techno and the slightest hint of Prog Trance in this latest one :) 01. Union Jack - Cactus (Jonno Brien Remix) 02. Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me? (The Yell

You can catch me playing today at 14.00 U.K. (15.00 CET) as part of this huge online Trance event, bringing you 60 mins of the finest Trance Classics

Listen here:

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My set from this years #EOYC is now available to stream/download

01. Subtle By Design - Sirius (DJ Tiesto Remix)
02. Hemstock & Jennings - Mirage (Of Hope) (Lange Remix)
03. Push - Journey Of Life (Rank 1 Remix)...
04. Tillmann Uhrmacher - On The Run (Minimalistix Remix)
05. Goldenscan - Sunrise (Tiesto Remix)
06. Goldenscan - Halcyon
07. Darren Tate Vs Jono Grant - Let The Light Shine In
08. 4 Strings - Hurricane (DJ 4 Strings Remix)
09. Mauro Picotto - Iguana (Megavoices Mix)

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My set for this years massive 'End Of Year Countdown' event on Afterhours.FM. I wasn't guaranteed a place this year (no longer being a resident DJ on the station), so I was happy to see my earlier c

Hope some of you can tune in tomorrow for this one. I'm on at 09.00 (08.00 UK Time) with an hour of banging Trance Classics

Tune in here:

Been messing around with some classic vocals today. Maybe some of you will enjoy this bootleg

As promised

01. Terminal 4 - Departure 1 (Original Mix)
02. Fragma - Embrace Me (Wippenberg Remix)
03. Liquid Child - Return Of Atlantis (Ferry Corsten Remix)...
04. Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (ATB Remix)
05. Allegro - Moments In Love (Svenson Remix)
06. SuReal - Always On My Mind (Lange Instrumental)
07. Pedro & Benno - Speechless (Original Mix)
08. System F - Spread Your Wings (Original Extended Mix)
09. Green Court - Moonflight (Original Mix)
10. DJ Tatana - Moments (The Matrix Dub)

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This is a follow up to a mix I recorded a long time ago, back when Trance Classics had just hit 7K fans. I took an age to find the right tracks, but finally found what I felt were the perfect sounds

I've finally got a tracklist I'm happy with for a follow up to this one after ages searching for the right tracks.

If you enjoyed those lighter uplifting sounds of Trance back in the day then it may well be for you.

Here's part 01 again for now, will try and get part 02 recorded and uploaded tomorrow

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To celebrate our Facebook Page 'Trance Classics' reaching 7000 fans, I decided to record this mix full of light uplifting 'feel good' classics in an hour long set. Tracks that leave you with that warm

Hi folks,

I've recently submitted a 60 minute DJ set into this years EOYC contest on Afterhours FM where there's currently a poll ongoing for the listeners favourites.

I'm hoping some of you guys here might vote for my mix here if it's not too much hassle?


If you can spare a few seconds it'd be appreciated. I'm sure a lot of you will be signed up already, and if not it only takes a minute.

I'd really like to see Trance Classics represented on this years EOYC event, and hopefully you can help make this happen…

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Online radio that plays Trance & Progressive mixes produced exclusively for AH.FM by the hottest DJs from around the World.

Good times with Mark Winstanley when TCL had just kicked off with Ep.001 back in 2013

Darren Simpson - Hour 1

01. Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Original Mix)...
02. Signum Feat. Scott Mac - Coming On Strong (Hyperlogic Remix)
03. Pulser - My Religion (Original Mix)
04. Insigma - Open Our Eyes
05. Tranquility Base - Razorfish (Above & Beyond Full On Mix)
06. Signum - Push Through (Original Mix)
07. Kuffdam & Plant - Summer Dream (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
08. Vincent De Moor - Green Heaven
09. Transa - Astro Dawn
10. Jose Amnesia - The Eternal

Mark Winstanley - Hour 2 (Signum Classics)

01. Ron Hagen & Pascal M - Forever (Original Mix)
02. Ron Hagen & Pascal M - Take You There (Original Mix)
03. Stray Dog - Mirror (Signum Remix)
04. Signum - Thrillseeker (Original Mix)
05. Yves Deruyter - To The Rhythm (Signum Remix)
06. Signum - Coming On Strong (Original Mix)
07. Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me (Original Mix)
08. Travel - Bulgarian (Signum Remix)
09. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Signum Remix)
10. Blank & Jones - After Love (Signum Remix)

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The first ever episode of TCL which aired on Tranceradio.FM back in August 2013. We had our first 4 months at TR.FM before moving over to our new home at Aft...

A brand new guest mix from me today...

This week I was kindly asked to take over James Swanton's 'Classic Sundays' show, bringing you over 2 hours of massive Trance Classics.

Some huge anthems, some lesser known gems and a number of my personal favourites make up Episode 15.


Hope you guys enjoy

01. Vincent De Moor - Eternity(Forever)(Freejack Remix)
02. Cascade - Altitude
03. Transa - Supernova
04. Pound & Harris - Formentera (Bervoets & De Goeij Remix)
05. Transa - Behind The Sun
06. Transa - Outlander
07. Nordlander - Into The Sky (Main Mix)
08. System F Feat. Marc Almond - Soul On Soul (Barthezz Remix)
09. Plastic Angel - Estelle
10. Apex - Virtuoso (Airheadz Remix)
11. Des Mitchell - Welcome To The Dance (Airscape Remix)
12. Lexicon 4 - Reach Me (Svenson & Gielen Remix)
13. Square - Nova (4 Strings Remix)
14. Gouryella - Ligaya (Extended Mix)
15. Blank & Jones - The Nightfly (Transa Remix)
16. Woody Van Eyden feat. Jimmy H. - Y68 (Peaktwins Remix)
17. Yoji Biomehanika - Theme From Banginglobe (System F Remix)
18. DJ Mind-X - Voyage (Dogma Mix)
19. Green Court - Follow Me (DJ Jam X & De Leon's DuMonde Remix)
20. Green Court Feat. Lina Rafn - Silent Heart (Flutlicht Remix)

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Good morning & welcome to a very special episode of Classic Sundays with James! This week is episode #15 & I present to you a very special guest! The Co-Founder of the Trance Classics Facebook Group

Full On..Mask Hysteria limited edition remastered triple vinyl..yes please! Quality delivery from the postman today

Altern 8 were the very beginning of my personal musical journey into Rave and Dance music. At 10 years old, all I knew before this was what was in the charts or what my parents listened to

These guys were making sounds like I'd never heard before, and its down to Mark Archer and co that I caught the love for Rave before moving onto Hardcore, Trance, Tec...hno, House and so on.

Who knows, maybe I'd be listening to Bruno Mars and all that sort of shite nowadays otherwise lol.

Just couldn't resist grabbing a copy of this, even if it was a wee bit pricey.

"This is the moment we've all been waiting for...this, is the sound of Alteeeeern 8!!"

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My Afterhours.FM EOYC contest entry for this year. Fingers crossed I can grab one of the places

01. K-System - Guardian Angel (Cosmicman Remix)
02. Solarstone & Scott Bond - Naked Angel (Dynamic Sense Remix)
03. DJ Tatana Vs The Mystery - Soul Cry (The Mystery Remix)...
04. Blank & Jones - A Forest (Ron Van Den Beuken Remix)
05. Vincent De Moor - No Hesitation (VDM's 2007 Rework)
06. Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Cosmic Gate Mix)
07. Out Of The Past - Mystery (Fred Baker Vs. Vincent Gorczak Remix)
08. Johan Gielen - Magnitude (Fabio Stein's Universal Journey Remix)
09. Vincent De Moor - Flowtation (Signum Signal Remix)

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My entry for Afterhours.FM's 2016 EOYC contest. Tracklist: 01. K-System - Guardian Angel (Cosmicman Remix) 02. Solarstone & Scott Bond - Naked Angel (Dynamic Sense Remix) 03. DJ Tatana Vs The Myster

Thought I'd hit the big time there with the little surge of new fans on my page, only to realise I'd been mixed up with a South African radio DJ/Prankster who shares the same name 😂

Ah well, whilst you're here, can I interest you guys in some banging Trance mixes?

Tonight I'm featuring as part of a broadcast for the N.I. Peace Day Celebrations where my Lange Anthems mix will be aired right after Signum warms up for me

I'm sure most of you will have heard this one, but if you missed it, or simply fancy another listen, then please feel free to tune in at (19.40 UK time) via any of the following links below

There's been a lot of great mixes so far too in various styles. Check it out

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Whilst on Yorks Facebook page the other day, I caught a video he'd uploaded/shared with some cool footage of Barbados.

It featured an edited version of a Bajan vibes/tribal type track taken from his Traveller album (Bayetta), and for some strange reason I felt inspired to Trance it up.

As I'm not a producer myself I went with the next best thing, mashing it up with Activa's 2014 release 'Antimatter'. I felt it worked quite well, and Torsten seemed to like it too


It's certainly different anyway, and won't be for everyone. See what you think

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Saw an old Andy Blueman tribute set of mine gaining a few shares the other day, and it reminded me of another set I recorded in this style of Trance a few years back.

Probably won't be for all of you, especially those strictly into classics, but maybe some of you guys will enjoy if you haven't already had a listen.

Some right tearjerker melodies in there from Illitheas

There was a certain time when I loved this particular style of Uplifting Trance, and although it may have somewhat passed, I still get a lot of enjoyment listening back to this set. For me (outwith A