Outake 53 Date With A Hammer
Date With A Hammer 2016 Teaser
Don't do drugs, you make it hard to get movie props you jerks

Earth, for your viewing pleasure, in 1080p. Password hammer

Complete FINAL Scene 1 from feature film Date With A Hammer

"Valerian: The City of 1000 Planets", by Luc Benson (5th Element, Lucy, LockOut) in theaters now, took 7 YEARS to make with tens of millions of dollars, 1,000s of artists, inspired me to get back on and work hard on finishing this indie movie. Date With a Hammer is still cookin', out of the fridge, but on the back burner.

The California treasurer sold $1.2 billion in high-speed rail bonds Thursday, which would be tapped for Central Valley construction.

I'm not trying to cross-promote per se but I've worked hard this week to edit a music vid for a contest, here is what I submitted. April 17th they announce top 25 world-wide, if I made the top 24 out of 10,000s, I'll let you know. I have a great shot at taking the gold home on this. If I did, I would have post-seed money, time and fame boost to help finish Date With A Hammer. Being broke sucks!

My contest submission Adobe's Make the Cut for "Believer" by band Imagine Dragons, 4-7-2017. They gave us all the footage of a music video and an…

Track you hear in background of scene 17 at Donnie's Apartment!…/26904840-restraint-deodorant…

Restraint Deodorant Broadcast (Date With a Hammer) by Aaron Conaway, Instrumental music from Los Angeles, CA on ReverbNation

ALL CAPS = IN RENDER MODE -- Have been rendering a 20 shot for past two hours, graphics you'll get to see before somebody says a cool line and a crazy battle begins (after another just ended)

Sometimes, you can't control what's going on when you have too much to do, sometimes you can shoot a shot, and regret the outcome later. I don't want to say what,this is all about being vague, but I looked for solutions, people saying, "This is unfix-able..." Then, I've been up since 2:36 AM, and found the solution. Now that I know, I'm going to keep it to myself. I get fed-up with people telling me it can't be done, only to find they didn't think outside-the-box or approach it from a different direction. If you believe everything on the internet, you may find yourself not moving forward.

One more, same room, close up on keypad

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Test shot from movie

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I went to a digital animation academy back in 2000-2001, we toured various digital studios such as Dreamworks (and I was in first test audience group to watch Shrek), Sony Imageworks, and Digital Domain, I remember touring Digital Domain and discovering they got (contract based) close to $1,000,000 per episode to do the digital graphics (USS Enterprise, space stations, battles, graphic you saw on the bridge, space based explosions, etc.), when I went in, I remember a guy (in his mid-20s) working on some sort of space station, he was modeling it (creating a 3-D model), anyways, companies like that you may have never heard of, but they have been modeling some of the coolest $hit you've been watching for decades, here is their company demo reel in 2013, on youtube, which has NO THUMBS DOWN

7 seconds of movie, had to re-render all night, final version of a 7 seconds clip that took 47 minutes each time to re-render out. Not all of it takes this long, just certain shots. What was the big reason for this taking all night? Continuity.

Working on a big scene where there is a vent in the wall, well there is actually an air duct, here's a behind the scene sneak peak (still frame)

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Sometimes, getting back into the groove of things takes a mental recycle...

Being positive is good, doing stunts safely is better (we had quite a a few in Date With A Hammer, had two pros making sure in advance it was done safely i.e. Rick Barnes and Manuel Ramos, in case you've never seen this, funny movie stunt parody production from Mad TV back in the day