For the avoidance of doubt: Labour wants to leave the single market and end YOUR freedom of movement. Just like UKIP and the Tories #VoteLibDem

Good summary of the awful transitional deal The Tories have agreed with the EU…/ @another_europe

The provisional transitional deal: Tory Brexit is getting closer and more dangerous, but also more beatable.

China wants Brits to treat their military strategy as an investment opportunity!

What an interconnected world we live in. Gwadar is a port in Pakistan that China is building in order to have direct access to the Indian Ocean. This means that the energy it depends upon can travel from the Middle East to China without having to go through the Strait of Malacca, which can be easily blockaded by enemy naval action. Fair enough, that’s geopolitics for you.

But what’s new, is that they are marketing Gwadar to people in Hackney as a business opportunity, via the 38,48 and 253 bus routes.

You couldn’t make it up!

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Part of this very short video is an interesting explanation of how national identity is made-up…/28/wo…/national-identity-myth.html

Why do we identify with millions of strangers, just based on borders? In this video from The Interpreter, we explain the myth that built the modern world.

Good article on how Brexit isn't the best way to control immigration…/

Implementing existing migration rules properly and pushing for EU reform would tighten controls without trashing UK.

Accurate summary of how far Liam Fox, BoJo and mates have got in signing trade deals @fuckingbrexit

A simple site to monitor the status of all the easy trade deals the UK has so far with all the countries queuing up to do deals with us.

Lib Dems should take credit for UK getting greener, thanks to work they led at DECC 2010-15…/UK-Smashes-13-Clean-Energy-Records-I…

The United Kingdom’s use of renewable energy has increased drastically, and with 13 clean energy records broken, 2017 was the country’s “greenest year ever”

Interesting article on why Brexit was a fake revolt and why Brexiteers are a "mass" (but not a class or mob)…/why-blue-passports-are-such-a-big-deal…

Think about the Leave voters and what unites them. Are they people genuinely united by a common passion? A new-found desire for blue…

The worst humanitarian crisis in our lifetimes is unfolding in plain view, but we're looking the other way…/current-affairs-for-dummies-slash-peop…

Labour pretending to be pro-Remain and pro-Leave at the same time. Yet again. Yawn.

This is typical Labour, they talk remain in remain areas and talk leave in leave areas to win support whilst we continue to head towards a disastrous Brexit.
Vo...ters should look at how the Labour leadership has voted in Parliament, including Diane, and be in no doubt that Labour are pro-Brexit.

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Shadow Home Secretary rows back on pledge to argue for 'electorate to get a vote on final deal'

The phrase "Botched Brexit" is becoming a thing, thanks to the Tories:

Days after clinching deal, Brexit secretary’s interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr has already angered EU and set back trade talks to March.

This is a pretty good, easy to read, summary of the big changes happening in Saudi right now:…/current-affairs-for-dummies-slash-peop…

I just signed this petition that MPs should debate rejecting any Trump visit after he supported Britain First…

home office: MPs debate rejecting any Donald Trump visit after supporting racist Britain First
Dave Raval on Economy

Vince Cable's budget speech is really good - as you'd expect from the best Chancellor we've never had

As Leader of the Liberal Democrats, it is one of my responsibilities to give a serious Lib Dem analysis of the economics around the Budget, and to present an alternative.

I have recently been returned to Parliament from exile.

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A Tory ex minister tells Europe like it is!

We are unravelling the greatest peacetime project of our lives because Brexiters wrongly insist we’ve lost control, writes the former Conservative environment secretary John Gummer

Excellent summary of how Dimbleby and politicians got it wrong on #Brexit

The rush to Brexit could have been halted, argues AC GRAYLING. But instead of a sober, rational reaction to the Brexit vote politicians were caught in a flap