Presenting the first-ever at bat of Oliver Rosenfelt, the next in the long tradition of legendary Rosenfelt athletes.
A small glimpse of Poisoned Pen Bookstore signing in Scottsdale Az....puppies on my!
This is what it looks like when Debbie's car pulls up. When I get home they yawn and roll over.

The latest outrage: C-SPAN's 'American History' explores our history through the lives and works of American writers. Yet I am nowhere to be found. Can you even imagine our history without "Dogtripping"? Would we even have a heritage without "Twelve Dogs of Christmas"? But not to worry...I use insults such as this to drive me to even greater literary heights.

David Rosenfelt updated their cover photo.
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After four whole days in our house, Truman doesn't just spend the nights on our bed, he's decided that he prefers my pillow. Fortunately, he's willing to share.

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This is a mystery. I found this chair (with Murphy the Mastiff in it). The chair had been moved about fifteen feet. In the foreground is the seat cushion, with the chair slipcover still on it. In the background is the back cushion. The goal might have been to sunbathe by the deck windows. As soon as I snapped the picture, Murphy saw me, jumped off the chair and ran upstairs. So what we're trying to figure out is...whodunit?

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Joseph Pulitzer was born on April 10th, 1847...exactly 170 years and 48 weeks, TO THE DAY, before the March 13th release of "Fade to Black". Coincidence? I don't think so. #itisallstartingtofallintoplace

Sorry for the grainy photo, but when I went to get into bed last night, there was Truman, the Boxer who arrived only 36 hours ago, sleeping next to one of our Mastiffs, Murphy. Also on the bed were a Newfie and a lab mix (and Debbie). It is amazing how fast Truman has comfortably fit in...I've been in this nuthouse for more than twenty years and I can't get used to it.

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“Fade to Black’, the second thriller in the ‘Doug Brock’ series, comes out on March 13th. It’s a book I’m actually proud of, and yes, there’s a cool dog in it. Here’s an excerpt from early in the book from Criminal Element:

Read an exclusive new excerpt from FADE TO BLACK by David Rosenfelt.

Proudly introducing Truman, a 9 year old boxer who joined our family today. Unless he's been faking it for the last couple of hours, he's the perfect dog.

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This is the face of Murphy that Debbie and I wake up to every morning, sleeping on the bed with us. Since he's a Mastiff, there is a large body attached to this face. Since a Golden, a Newfie and a Lab Mix sleep alongside him and us, the bed can feel rather crowded.

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February 20th would have been the 57h birthday of a great lady named Lauren Heller, a terrific friend of Debbie and I. One of her last wishes was that people eat french fries on that day, and thus "French Fries for Lauren Day" was created. People every year eat french fries in her honor in every state of the union, and an amazing number of countries. Please have a french fry on that day, post a picture of yourself enjoying it, and join her family and friends in honoring this woman, who was so amazing that I would be participating even if it was 'Broccoli for Lauren Day'.

Feb 20 - Feb 21Wherever you are around the world
570 people went

I just finished 'Rescued', the Andy Carpenter book coming out this July, and the first review is already in! I called it, "BRILLIANT! Rosenfelt has done it again! He is a national treasure!"

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I have decided that, strictly for creative reasons, the next three Andy Carpenter books are going to be called "Fire and Fury".…/some-people-are-buying-t…/…

Sales of Randall Hansen's 2009 book, “Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany, 1942-1945,” have soared since the release of Michael Wolff's explosive book about Trump.

A great dog-person whose recommendations you can take to the doggy-bank sent this to me, so I'm posting it and hoping to get lucky:

"Okay, let's cut to the name is Domino, I'm a 10-month-old border collie mix, and I'm ADORABLE! Although I had a family who didn't want me, I hold no grudges - life's too short and I've got a lot of love to give! A few more things you may want to know about me...I'm:

* Active, playful, silly - everything you want in a puppy...
* Smart, affectionate, and eager to please
* Great with people and other dogs
* Fully vetted, of course
* And - wait for it - HOUSETRAINED!

I made it out of a small rural shelter by the skin of my teeth, and now I need a foster, or better still a forever family (for real this time). Do you know anyone who might want a brand new pal? Hey, how about you?!

I'm currently in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For more information, please call Mary with SOS Fosters for Pets in Need at 972.850.8242.

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Happy to report that Audiofile Magazine has chosen "Collared" as one of its best books of 2017. Great credit goes to narrator Grover Gardner...Grover could read the Milwaukee Telephone Directory and make it sound compelling.

My publisher just announced a sweepstakes to win three Christmas-themed books. One of them is mine, and the other two are really good. It's easy to enter.

St. Martin's Press

Announcing with pleasure the arrival into the Myers/Rosenfelt household of two perfect golden retrievers, Zoc and Zoey.

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