Presenting the first-ever at bat of Oliver Rosenfelt, the next in the long tradition of legendary Rosenfelt athletes.
A small glimpse of Poisoned Pen Bookstore signing in Scottsdale Az....puppies on my!
This is what it looks like when Debbie's car pulls up. When I get home they yawn and roll over.
David Rosenfelt updated their cover photo.
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David Rosenfelt updated their cover photo.

Rescued, the next Andy Carpenter mystery, is available July 17, 2018!

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A good friend and great rescue person asked me to share this and I'm happy to do so. St. Hubert's is one of the absolute best rescue organizations in the country.

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St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center

There are only 3 more days left to VOTE! Make sure you vote for St. Hubert's and encourage your friends, family, and soc...ial media contacts to do the same by SHARING!

Thank you to everyone who has already supported us by spreading the word, we're almost at the finish line! We are currently in second place but are behind by about 500 votes, so we need all hands on deck.

Check out this video featuring dogs who have ALL been saved through our Sister Shelter WayStation Program. With your help, we can continue our lifesaving work.

Vote here:

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I have often said that the only possible reason for me not winning the Nobel Prize for Literature is that the judging is corrupt and that someday the scandal would be uncovered. Here is the proof...and now brilliant literature can finally be recognized. I will see you, my loyal and adoring fans, in Stockholm.…/8a48c9be-39db-11e8-af3c-21…

Three judges for the Nobel literature prize have resigned.

Some of you have no doubt lived such empty lives that you've never gotten to experience the joy of walking into a room and seeing a chair completely decimated by a young mastiff and an even younger newfie. And you probably don't even know what the actual inside of a chair looks like. Allow me to enlighten you.

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If you ever wanted to see what it is like in a canine nuthouse, here it is. My only complaint is that they used an overweight, gray haired actor to play me. Heads will roll in the casting department, I can tell you that.…/hes-written-2…/97-527303162

David Rosenfelt & his wife Debbie Myers are busy.

Now USA Today says not to miss 'Fade to Black'. It's getting hard to handle the fame. The paparazzi are camped in front of our house...the dogs are going crazy barking at them. I can't hear myself think. Why, oh why, did I have to be blessed with this genius?…/5-new-books-not-miss-…/383378002/

The NY Post says that "Fade to Black" is a "must read". Yet I know that there are a few of you out there who will not read it. How can you live with yourself? What will you talk about at cocktail parties? And even if you don't read it, at least buy it.

I Found My Tribe Ruth Fitzmaurice (memoir, Bloomsbury USA) Ruth has two “tribes” in her life: One is her children and her husband, Simon, who had ALS and could communicate only with his eyes. The o…

URGENT WARNING: For those of you already waiting on line at bookstores for next Tuesday's release of "Fade to Black". The Northeast is about to be hit by a major storm. If you leave to find shelter during the blizzard, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PLACE IN LINE! So stay where you is time to value brilliant literature over personal safety.

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I just came up with a great name to describe how the country is going wild over the release this month of "Fade to Black", the epic thriller by David Rosenfelt. We can call it "March Madness"! There can even be office pools with brackets, matching total sales against other, lesser, books. Sometimes I amaze myself with my creativity.

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INCREDIBLE CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT! Just post an essay on why 'Fade to Black' is the best book you've ever read. The first one million people to do so win...not prizes...but the respect of the Facebook community. It doesn't matter how long the essay is, since there's no way I'm going to read them. And you know those contests where 'no purchase is necessary'? This isn't one of them.

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The ebook of Blackout is only $2.99 through March 5th and contains an early excerpt of the next Doug Brock thriller Fade to Black. Catch up with Doug before he returns this March!

Buy it on Kindle:
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Buy it on Kobo:

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The latest outrage: C-SPAN's 'American History' explores our history through the lives and works of American writers. Yet I am nowhere to be found. Can you even imagine our history without "Dogtripping"? Would we even have a heritage without "Twelve Dogs of Christmas"? But not to worry...I use insults such as this to drive me to even greater literary heights.

David Rosenfelt updated their cover photo.
February 22
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After four whole days in our house, Truman doesn't just spend the nights on our bed, he's decided that he prefers my pillow. Fortunately, he's willing to share.

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This is a mystery. I found this chair (with Murphy the Mastiff in it). The chair had been moved about fifteen feet. In the foreground is the seat cushion, with the chair slipcover still on it. In the background is the back cushion. The goal might have been to sunbathe by the deck windows. As soon as I snapped the picture, Murphy saw me, jumped off the chair and ran upstairs. So what we're trying to figure out is...whodunit?

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