A California man who spent thousands on popular “penny auction” site says that not only is the company misleading bidders into believing they are can score huge savings, bu…

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This is a place for all those who have been burned by Penny Auction sites to share their story to save others from the same mistakes.
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Per Elana! I will be going to the FBI office tomorrow. I recommend everyone go to their local FBI office with any evidence. This is a Finnish company ripping off USA consumers on a massive scale. I have documented everything with screen shots. They get all new people by winning a 1 cent $10 gift card. Then they use fake id's/bots/employees to drive up prices, introducing a new bidder every hour just so you don't give up and the new guy gets it. The fake id's driving the miraculously win auctions continually for the most expensive items for $1.09 etc (clearly because the person they were bidding against knew they were a fake id or were not willing to overbid). I saw the SAME id's win the most expensive items, 4 or 5 in just a few hours while at the same time I was bidding on the same items for hours and hours. I also found one id's that drove the price of what I was bidding on to almost paying full price and immediately after the same fake id did the same thing to another bidder for the same item, until the other bidder won. When all this was said and done the fake id used more than DOUBLE in bids of what the item was worth never having won it, then I saw they start the bidding on the same item with a third bidder. I have screen shots of all of it. Another way it's a total scam is the "items" you are bidding for are outrageously OVERPRICED UNKNOWN brands that are only available on deal dash, or on amazon (for show, no reviews no purchases) and on Mickey Mouse company websites of these unknown luxury brands that have zero information and zero contact information, obviously dummy websites for dummy companies when in reality these are likely made in china, private label no name unknown brands specifically designed to defraud the dealdash customer. I think the FBI will be very interested that a company in FInland in ripping off consumers in the USA in this manner. It's so rigged, they get you coming and going!

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Via Gary McDonald DealDash?....What a scam. I won 9 bikes at deal dash plus a lot more. Tried to sell them on amazon and got a buyer from thier legal deparment. The buyers name is John Buddy. Called dealDash and asked for John Buddy. No John Buddy exists there. I thought I could sell the items on amazon without being harased. I kept cancelling the orders from John Buddy and as a result my account standing with amazon became so low I had to cancell my account. I honestly was not aware that I could not sell MY items on amazon. I spent thousands of dollars at DealDash and some of the items won were not even close to thier real value. The people at DealDash have created some bad karma for themselves. T bad. #dealdash #support #legal #dealdashscam

Via Kevin Subbert - I won a power supply on Deal Dash. Figured out that they put a high retail price on the item to be able to charge a high rate of sales tax. The power supply was not what i really wanted. Sold it as new on Amazon. Buyer gave me this address to ship it to??

DealDash Inc c/o Legal Dept.
150 S 5TH ST STE 1340...
MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55402-4233

Should I be concerned or did I miss something in the fine print... #dealdash #support #scamalert

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Clarolyn Maier to DealDash Scam

Dealdash is a complete scam..they misrepresent their product, manipulate auctions and do not deliver product within their representation of their advertising an...d dates submitted. many scam reports and complaints have been submitted to media and online reports as well as video...they sell the bid package and then manipulate the auction from the other side...with technical errors that steal the customers bids and the product dissapears and is not allocated as represented. It is a scam and a rip off...they will not return phone calls...or emails or messages....items have failed to be shipped as well..Mar/April 2016

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You too could be a winner just like Grandpa Stone, Eppy Epperman and Wilby Stuckinsin (*not actual winners) on the world's number one bidding site (*for idio...
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Once a loyal customer, Dealdash is not the site it used to be. Within weeks , what I once thought was a fair and honest site, now seems to have become unstable and unethical. This article gives only some of the examples I have experience lately with...

Via Tim W. - Hello from DealDash Support.

James M. (DealDash)
Dec 17, 04:39


Happy Holidays to you and your family.

I am contacting you about a recent DealDash order.
Unfortunately the Char-Broil 4-Burner Gas Grill, Stainless Steel/Black you ordered is no longer available, our supplier is out of stock.

I apologize we can no longer get this item for you, however, you can choose to have a $210 Gift Card of choice OR I can offer a solution in the form of 1400 bids.

The Gift Card options are for:


Please let me know and I will process your request as soon as possible.

If you have already been in touch with Customer Support about this order, please disregard this message.

Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards,

DealDash Support

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Beware of DealDash this is the email I got after i won this charbroil gas grill for $8.67. Now they can not come thru with there end of bargain. I already threw my present gas grill out to garbage man

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Bid on auctions and save. All auctions start at $0 with no minimum reserve. Everything must go! DealDash is the fair and honest bidding site.
Riccarda Jarvis to DealDash Scam

sdallstar8 just won an 800 bid pack. Now he/she is going back to all the 800 bid packs he/she posted a bid on and boxing everyone out. I was bidding on one at 28 dollars and another at 23 dollars and the I saw he/she just won a bid pack. Get out folks unless you want to donate!