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About Deanna
  • Im Deanna, duhh:)

    I'm Deanna, just mee no one else. I am in lovee with my horses and its pretty much my life and passion so thatss it. (:

    My name is Dee and I am cool. I am a junior at DHS! I love everything and my hero is Olivia! I don't like mean people or the city! I like to go camping and i loveeeeeeee boys! I like to eat ice and act obnoxiously! If you wanna be my friend...too bad! HAHA Just Kidding!
    (Made by my hero Olivia!)
Favorite Quotes
  • "That's Jank!"
    "That's what he/she said!"
    ''make a lie big, keep it simple, say it alot and eventually they will believe it''- Adolf Hitler