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  • We offer decorative stone pebbles, gabions, fountains and lots of stone ornaments based on Macedonian marble , granit combinet with gabions.
    With the help of modular systems, decorative stone pebbles, gabions is architects and landscape architects given design options and creativity. These systems offer customers the quality and appearance, which can give only faster and cheaper installation. Our products are new, decorative stone gabions combined by Macedonian marble, granite with the help of the modular system designed with the beauty of the modular architecture, where the proportions are based on measurements with a standard that gives us combined decorative stone gabions or elegance within our home, garden and wherever we live and that are working. This system offers the quality to the customer, creativity and beauty that can give quick and inexpensive installation.

    We design and fabricate unique and high quality water features, bubble walls , decorative stone pebbles, gabions, pool waterfalls and other custom themed products. and other custom themed products for homes, saunas, spa& wellness, hotel resorts... The principles of Decor Art Stone formally owned and managed a art and decoration business for 5 years that pioneered new technology, developed patented processes and supplied materials that allowed fabricators around the world to replicate the most architectural features. These materials and processes can be used at nearly everywere worldwide, at Casinos, Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, Resort hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, and Homes.

    Every product we make, take pride in the art which we create. Precision, perseverance and attention to detail are unequalled. It is this unsurpassed level of craftsmanship that imbues our products with a quality best described as 'The Power of Art'

    The most important for us is: The person who really influences the appearance of our products is you. And, in so doing, you transform our products into your personal wishes. How can we claim to be a product service company without opening our eyes and ears to your ideas and wishes? Working with you on products and projects, tuning in to your suggestions on sizes, shapes and materials; supervising the whole operation, including production and supply -- it's this joint venture that really gets our juices flowing. Challenge us. We're ready to call us!
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  • Nasite proizvodi se novi, dekorativen ukrasen kamen kombiniran od makedonski mermer ,granit I gabioni soedineti so pomos na modularen sistem dizajniran so ubavina od modularna arhitektura kade proporciite se bazirani so standardni merenja na soedinuvanje sto ni dava dekorativen ukrasen kamen vo mreza gabioni ili elegancija vo nasiot dom, gradina I kade I da ziveeme I rabotime. Ovoj sistem mu nudi na potrosuvacot kvalitet kreativnost I ubavina sto moze da dade brza I evtina instalacija


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