Please use the form to send to our legislatures a request to support this important bill.

Knife Rights Founder and Chairman Doug Ritter notes, "While Knife Rights will continue to aggressively work to repeal bad knife laws, knowledge of the law is the first step in avoiding an unfortunate arrest, loss of your knife or other legal complications."
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Should you buy a new knife? It's a tough call, but all signs point to yes.

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This form is to help me gather info on what and how fans of Active Self Protection carry. I am just conducting this survey to share insights on what my fans use, and will not use the information in any other way. I am not doing market research or trying to sell you something; I am just trying to get...
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"Jelly" Bryce was a serious lawman who could also please a crowd with his expert marksmanship. How good was he? From the pages of American Rifleman, Sheriff Jim Wilson offers an interesting profile about this Oklahoma gunfighter:

Delf A. “Jelly” Bryce was a lawman who could match it with just about any of the 1930s gangsters and could also please a crowd with his expert marksmanship. How good was the FBI agent with a gun? Good enough to land in the pages of LIFE Magazine.

Joe Ferrera and I are happy to announce we'll be teaching Pocket Knife Techniques once again. Learn the key aspects of various types of knives, the laws regarding owning and carrying them (including the new changes re: automatic knives), offensive and defensive techniques, and more. No need to bring a knife, as well be using training knives. Then feel free to shop in CQT's pro shop for that quality blade.

Sun 1:00 PM EDTClose Quarters Tactical LLCShelby Township, MI
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In New York, they ARREST you for abiding by the gun laws…FYI if anyone had to head that way for something. I personally avoid that city like the plague, but to each their own… Posted by Support The Confederate Battle Flag on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 Watch what this New York attorney says about guns …

August 20th from 5 to 9 pm there will be a threat focused shooting class at Close Quarters Tactical LLC in Shelby township. Please join Pat and I and learn the system taught to me by the late Col. Rex Applegate . Stay safe everyone!

Some reading material about Cooper's Color Code.

The Cooper Color Code, as originally developed by Col. Jeff Cooper, is largely being cited and taught inaccurately. We're rethinking Cooper's Colors.
Want more? "LIKE" us on Facebook! GCT TV--Colonel Rex Applegate's KILL OR GET KILLED point shooting form is taught in this Wa...

Keeping in mind that Jerry is a competitive shooter, most of what he talks about plays well in the combat arena as well. Lots of good knowledge here. I don't agree with the finger in front of the trigger guard, though.

Jerry goes over basic and advanced techniques that are sure to make you a better pistol shooter. Complete with high speed demonstrations of grip techniques. ...

"State Rep. Gary Howell (R-North Branch) is the bill’s sponsor. He says there are at least 30 local governments in Michigan that have gun ordinances that are barred by the state’s firearm preemption law."

State Rep. Gary Howell (R-North Branch) is the bill’s sponsor. He says there are at least 30 local governments in Michigan that have gun ordinances that are barred by the state’s firearm preemption law.

*** Breaking - Michigan House Committee Passes Constitutional Carry Package. ***

Moments ago, the Michigan House Judiciary Committee approved HB 4416-4419 by a of 6-4 along party lines and sent the bills to the floor with the recommendation they pass.

A few small changes were made in committee. The only one worth noting was a significant change to disclosure. Under the adopted change, disclosure would change to upon request rather than immediate as it is now. Disclosure would also apply to anyone carrying a concealed firearm, not just those "licensed under the act" (MI CPL holders) as it is currently. Lastly, the fine for failing to disclose would be reduced from a $500 fine and 6 month license suspension, to just a $100 fine.

Amendments attempting to require training for anyone constitutionally carrying (a defacto license), attempting to apply the CPL disqualifiers to those constitutionally carrying (incredibly onerous for officers to enforce), and attempting to maintain the current severe disclosure penalties were all NOT adopted.

The bills will now head to the "floor" where they will await a vote from the full Michigan House of Representatives.

This is the time to contact your rep and urge them to support these bill in caucus and on the floor. If you have already contacted your rep, CONTACT THEM AGAIN!

If you need to find your rep, you may do so here:

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There are 110 Michigan Representatives who are elected by the qualified electors of districts having approximately 77,000 to 91,000 residents. Legislative districts are drawn on the basis of population figures through the federal decennial census. Representatives are elected in even- numbered years…

This would be awesome.

Lee Chatfield

I have a draft to a bill that repeals the mandate to register your pistol with your state government. Only six states require that you do this. (Michigan is one... of them!)

To me, it seems that if it's a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, then the government doesn't need to know how many pistols you own.

What are your thoughts? Should citizens be required to register their pistols with the government?

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