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Honoring Martin Luther King today with art Inspired by by his "I Have a Dream" Speech - and you can watch/listen to it as well. We must still rise up and to make and meet his Dream!

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Day with our favorite art inspired by the "I Have a Dream" speech.

Reflecting on a Resurrection of delaCav and getting much inspiration from this photo of the gorgeous Thea Marx in the Palabra Boots I made her. Her “palabra” is MAVERICK. What’s yours?


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Gorgeous new "Cactus" Collection by Cartier is making me feel prickly all over with goosebumps! #modwestern

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I've had many a crush on an older man of "arts and letters" so to speak. Started with the actor Richard Burton when I was 9 or so and then I had a little for Dean Martin (in the Gold Digger dancer days)... Then there was Jesus my Lord, Jim Morrison, Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, King Arthur... another musician, another actor, another author, another hero, another poet... and then Sam Shepard - who was all of the above. That flame never lost its light as I got older. Damnit man, you were too young Sam. Too damn young. Soon as I get my bearings, I'll make a toast to the original "rock and roll Jesus with a cowboy mouth"... at some dive bar with a juke box, bourbon, a bible and my music man by my side. 🌸

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Congratulations to Jason Borbet Borbay who won the Jackson Hole Still Works Highwater Vodka label competition with his “Jackalope” painting — he is the next artist to be featured on every bottle for a year! …

Diana Vreeland always speaks the Truth. (shoemaker = Bootmaker)

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Diana Vreeland

"Everyone should have a shoemaker they go to as seriously as a doctor." -Diana Vreeland

Photo: Diana Vreeland by Jonathan Becker for Vanity Fair Magazine, 1979

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THIS makes my heart sing! Look at the detail in this Schiaparelli evening coat...OMG!

For years, Google has been digitising the world’s museums, making cultural artefacts accessible in extraordinary detail to millions of internet users. Now it’s turning to fashion.

Too awesome not to post!

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Nothing beats a new pair of boots 😂
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Might just be the next Marfa...

Take a tour of this tiny Texas town

History of a Nashville and Country Music Temple.

A tribute to 125 years of the Mother Church
“Awesome Viking Wood Carving

Like handcrafted bootwear, I imagine that wood carving like this is a nearly lost art form… but good Lord I hope not! Reminds me of the hand-tooled designs we do on boot shafts. So beautifully amazing!

I'd love to see this kind of renovation and restoration happening al over Texas and the West!

Combine a storied Medina, Texas, ranch in need of serious TLC with A-list Southern architect Michael Imber, and the result is perfect home on the range, right down to the last river rock on the newly constructed facades.

This. (she's carrying an armadillo...) Love.

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The Truth Shall Set You Free... when Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard are the Preachers! #GodBlessMerle #RockOnWillie

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Merle Haggard

If you missed it before, here’s the video for me and Willie Nelson’s “It’s All Going To Pot.”

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