Patisserie Délices​ since 1922
Patisserie Delices & la Veranda Restaurant - Alexandria, Egypt
Good Morning - Bonjour - Kαλημέρα - صباح الخير :)

Patisserie Délices since 1922

Pastry @[130613263656510:274:Délices] Since 1922
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Good Morning - Bonjour - Kαλημέρα - صباح الخير

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Sara Khachab
· April 16, 2018
I love the atmosphere but the food is not good at all! Every time I eat there I get stomach pain. I already asked the kitchen staff if there is something wrong they said no but it's not possible as I ...get stomach pain right after I eat there. The service is good but slow as I was waiting several times very long to be even seen so that I can make my order. Other than that I really like this place and it's central so you have straight view to the Cornishe (beach). They also have a patisserie for cream cake. They taste very good I love them. So my Tipp is be careful what you eat but not only in this restaurant but general in Egypt � it doesn't mean it's not clean but if your stomach isn't used to it than of course you will have problems. But still, this place is awesome See More
محمد باشا السوالمي
· April 14, 2018
The symptoms of magic and envy and touch the genie_alm in the stomach burning weight heaving back in the knee to the bottom of the foot and the exit of heat from the belly of the foot_tnmil or anesthe...sia during sleep_Shanching in the chest_speed heartbeat_Not feeling death_Nzabip headache_continuing at the bottom of the back_khmul and Hamdan and break the body without the effort of non-Tawfik marriage _ hair loss_Ree in a dream From the place of high - walking in the tombs of sex and intercourse in a dream. A woman shows her husband, her brother, her son, her father, or a stranger, or a relative, and she is in a dream, or feeling pleasure and intercourse, a lot of lust and uterine infections. And blue or brown in the body _ escape from the home_Funnor husband and wife Kalkl_ _ the scarcity of flowers and the concentration of prayer and not counting rak'ahs_
/ Mohammed Al-Saloumi /
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Bassy Mohammed
· February 25, 2018
One of the nicest places I have ever visited either inside Alexandria or outside Egypt the place here is really cozy lovely and nice I really have a lot of memories here love the atmosphere �����
Ahmed Shehta
· April 16, 2018
Guys you are great �
The long history behind and now with new modern design,
The quality still the same, nice people over there, you have the taste of Alexandria
Thank you for the nice moments!
Linda Sawyer
· March 7, 2018
May very well be the best restaurant in all of Egypt. The souzoukakia is outstanding and the dessert selection is amazing and delicious. So good that we returned the next evening for more dessert and ...tea. Very highly reccommend for dinner and/or dessert. I know I will certainly return whenever I'm in Alexandria. Service in incomparable. See More
Nancy Khalifa
· January 31, 2018
If you want to have a bad treatment just go to this place !! what a horrible staff The service is very bad I Will never come back again !!
Marwa Amer
· March 4, 2018
A great place to take you back to days before you were even born to feel the essence of how quality time used to be at the past
Reem A. Mansour
· February 1, 2018
I love it everytime I go there, the food, the desserts are so good and the staff are always friendly � This place is an all-time favourite �
Hend El Araby
· April 12, 2018
My favorite place �� ever � unique and elegant one �
Rowaida Magdy
· April 6, 2018
Gourmet food, excellence in every single detail, friendly staff, Alexandrian atmosphere to the marrow. Chapeaux Delice :)
Walaa Sami
· March 2, 2018
Lovely place,dicent stuff,delicious deserts ...loved it so much and we will be back again soon
Randa El Deeb
· March 14, 2018
Exellent sevice good management and elegant staff thanks
Heba Nasr
· January 30, 2018
One of the best places i had ever
Amazing ����
Elsy Mourice
· April 4, 2018
Excellent service and hospitality
Dessert are tasty
Gaby Beckert
· February 13, 2018
My favourite cafe in Alexandria!
� � � � �
Nermen Elsayed
· March 22, 2018
Really everything is perfect as usual
Thank you DÉLIICE�
Amro M Goba
· March 27, 2018
A place from history
Dimitris Antonopoulos
· March 24, 2018
Professional Crew; Excellent Quality!
Nesma Ashraf Radwan
· March 29, 2018
أحلى breakfast ده و لا إيه���
بجد كل حاجه حلوة المكان و الخدمة والأكل و ال staff.
Omneya Osama
· March 13, 2018
من كام ساعة بس كان عندي شكوى و كتبتها و بصراحة كان فيه اهتمام شديد من عندهم و تواصلوا معايا و فهموا المشكلة و اعتذرولي و حاجة قمة في الذوق و الاحترام. حقيقي موقف جميل بشكركم على اهتمامكم :)