Deltek is a Culture of Learning... continuous learning! Congratulations to the recent graduates of Deltek's award-winning LEAP program!

LEAP is a 6-month program designed to develop high-performing leaders who demonstrate the qualities that will drive strategy with internal and external customers, grow the company, and meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Learn more about Deltek's Culture of Learning. Read the LinkedIn Blog:

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Deltek recently switched to LinkedIn Learning. And the difference was profound.
Deltek shared a post.

The Four Oarsmen dug through their GoPro footage and found this gem! If you don't know their story, head on over to their Instagram or Facebook page and learn all about their 3,000 mile adventure rowing the Atlantic Ocean for charity, and where they took this amazing photo of a Minke whale! (Look closely at the Deltek oar dipped in the ocean!)

Instagram Post by 1 Ocean-3,000 Miles-4 Oarsmen • April 4, 2018 at 08:20AM PDT
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