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How to Escape being a Hostage of Shame

So about 2 weeks ago, I took the huge leap of faith and entered the Samsung South Africa Social Star competition. This required an incredible video (to wow the judges) and rallying up my friends and family to like, comment, share and re-tweet the video.

In my latest video, I give you the 411 on the entire experience + share some really good news. In addition, I say a genuine thank you to everyone for backing me!


In this video, I give you a brief update on my #SocialStar experience, what I've learnt and the TOP 3. Discover. Learn. Grow. Connect with Me: ➪ Facebook: ht...
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Dennis Ngango

So this past Sunday, I decided to take life by the horns and enter the #SocialStar competition. Makes sense cause I've always believed that you have to actively... participate in the manifestation of your dreams. However, this time round was different because I wasn't only depending on myself (and mostly God) but the support and backing of those around me. I was a bit anxious at first but MAN did you guys pull through! Thanks for all the likes, RTs, shares and every single message of encouragement. Regardless of the turnout, THANK YOU.

I believe that I have a special message and contribution that will change the world. How? I'm not entirely sure but I can. I will. I shall.
Thanks for being a part of my journey.

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Wassup Fam!
I've decided to take a huge leap of faith and audition for the Samsung #SocialStar Competition.

What exactly is #SocialStar? It’s a platform that gives social media influencers (SMI’s) or aspirant SMI’s the opportunity to hone their skills and showcase themselves to a wide audience. Celebrity and iconic social media personalities act as mentors and help the finalists to grow and establish themselves


I really need your help making it to the finals in Mauritius.

Please like, comment and share this video
(The more views on all my social platforms better my chances!)

Thank you

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Women are the roots of our world.
In this week's #WednesdayVox, the contributors answer the question
"What do you want young women to know?"

Feel free to contribute to the conversation below / message me if you'd like to contribute to next weeks video.

What do you want young women to know? | The Wednesday Vox
Dennis Ngango is with Samantha B Hardiman and 18 others.
August 2

Ever wondered why your partner seems so distant, even when you think everything's fine?

In this week's #WednesdayVox, the contributors chat about 'Relationship Deal Breakers'.
Feel free to contribute to the conversation below / message me if you'd like to contribute to next weeks video.

Dennis Ngango is feeling thoughtful.
August 1

I'm not gonna lie, Adulting is HARD!

In this new web-series, I will be sharing with you some of the tools, tips and gems I learn on my journey to becoming an established adult. Watch the first video and let me know what you think😊


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Dennis Ngango is feeling excited with Arye Kellman and Rorisang Thandekiso.
July 18

We're not going to sugarcoat it: RELATIONSHIPS are all sorts of tricky. In my latest video, Arye Kellman and Rorisang Thandekiso chat about relationship dos and donts! #YoutubeZA

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The second part of my conversation with Sibu Mpanza is finally on my Youtube Channel! We talk about what makes him different + 3 things he still wants to do this year! Link:

Dennis Ngango is feeling proud with Sibu Mpanza and Dennis Ngango.
June 12

In a two-Part Interview, Sibu Mpanza opens up about Life and his Youtube Journey. Check it out 😆😆😀!!

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Bouwer Bosch
June 6

Today I’m celebrating an unsung but up and coming hero. I see you Dennis Ngango - In a world full of negativity and hatred Dennis' youtube channel is a voice of... inspiration and positivity. I see you Dennis using your voice to tell your story and inspire others that life is tough at times but if you look closely there will always hope . Filled with comedy, honesty, vulnerable moments and great interviews Dennis' youtube channel is very inspiring to me. May we all have a little bit of that Dennis flavour in our lives.
#ISEEYOU #DefiningDennis #Positivity

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Dennis Ngango is feeling positive.
May 21

It's that time of the week! #MotivationMonday TIME!

Sometimes we bottle things in and we don't understand that keeping things in, causes us more pain and suffering. Allow yourself to Feel. Allow yourself to Grow. Allow yourself to Heal. Discover. Lea

Negative things happen to all of us. We can’t get away from them, but don’t let them affect everything about you.

First the Pain, Then the Rising