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    My real name is Dennis, friends prefer to call me by my short name Deno (others Denoh, Denno, Dennoh, Bonus, Baba Riley, Geek) okay that is enough, the spelling/synonyms really doesn’t matter as long as we all know that you're talking about me.

    I'm really a soft spoken guy, who neither drinks nor smoke or rather inject, inhale or swallow any drugs not prescribe and yes, “There is fun in being sober”. I live everyday content with what I have, I don’t fancy (envy) other people’s lives, I just manage inside my humble shell.

    Well, my love for technology began in the early 2000’s, I was lucky enough to own an old model notebook in the late 2010 from where I enhanced my skills and tech savvy knowledge in learning Website Design & Development and Internet Marketing due to my huge attachment of Advertising & PR. It is because of this, which is why I have worked with major personalities and companies who have always believed in my work & effort to quench their need for business.

    My love for technology led me to study, Computer Engineering & Architecture – Still I’ve not graduated, deferred due to the “Work Time Factor.

    I was lucky enough to have participated in several non-profits which nurtured me more in being responsible, caring and attached to other people’s feelings and circumstances. These core projects included; Voiceless Voices, Jipange Youth Group and Universal Volunteers ( which I founded.

    Other than the professional part of life, I’m a GOD fearing servant and a responsible family person whom is usually woken up by 5 in the morning to play PlayStation. I really work hard to ensure that these ninjas of mine will never lack anything that makes a good humble home, a good home (Insert every powerful-family-word here).

    Dennis writes the way he writes, mostly fueled by coffee and fruits. I play rugby with my eyes, and love moving from restaurant to restaurant reading menus & checking their internet speed.

    Also add me on these other platforms though am not that active

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