That spooked me! My heart! I'm dying of HNNNNNG!
Colopl Rune Story x Hatsune Miku collaboration [Stand Up / Mit...
Violet Evergarden PV

Happy birthday to Kantoku - one of my favorite artists and one of the few persons I know who, amusingly, share my exact same birthday!

I know I haven't been posting regularly lately but I should complete my move very soon and I'll have time again to post about new stuff. I have a lot of new figures to show everyone!

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I have been in radio silence for quite a long time! I still won’t be able to post regularly (still not done moving, ugh!) but, since it is 2/22 also known as #NyanNyanNyanDay or #JapaneseCatDay, I thought I would wake up from the dead and post a #nekomimi girl for a change of pace! 🐱#ニャン

Source: #MercStoria. Chara: #Nono. Art by えみゃコーラ, Pixiv ID 6208670.

#ニャンニャンニャンの日 #猫の日 #猫耳

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