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Deo is feeling crazy.

CrystalFissure's "Let's Play Deo" covers all 24 levels of Deo. Watch and enjoy!

All parts of my non-100% Let's Play of Deo for the PC. Created and developed by Liman 3D.

This is a sample game play in level 4-5 (The Shelter). This is how Deo looks like now. We hope you'll like it

This video is intended to show Deo's new vision. Some of the game assets are still in development, that's why some of them may seem broken.

Deo dev blog 3: Take a look at Deo's new appearance:

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Deo dev blog 2:

Today we finally set up fully the treasure collectable items. The gems have been dropped and replaced with shiny silver and gold coins. These items would be random amount during game play and it will be based on your skills as player. The coins will be usable in the in-game shop where you will be able to purchase goods and upgrade your skills. A new collectable item called "luck" will be introduced. The more luck you get the more treasure you'll be able to col...lect. These days we are going to design its appearance and code it.

We have also made some changes to Deo as character. He is now not purple but blue, wears hat and has new armour. We will later reveal more. I guess as soon as we fine-tune it.

And now some engine-related things to share...For the purpose of the level design we are now coding some new features including new shaders and custom materials. This is needed for the purpose of having multiple texture usage on group of polygons sharing one map channel. Textures will be mixed based on vertex color. That way we will be able to create texture-rich environments with no hard seams between different textures. This new feature will give us more freedom in creating better details in the level environments. This feature is almost done as we have successfully made some testing and we are now polishing and finalizing this feature's code.

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Deo dev blog 1:

As you may already know Deo was recently Greenlit. Since its release on 31th of May 2013 thousands of gamers have already played Deo. They gave us a lot of feedback and we want to express our gratitude to all of them for the honest and very valuable feedback. Most of the words we heard were that the game is very reminiscent to one of the most famous and greatest games made ever for Play Station 1. Based on our experience as gamers(not just developers) and our ...big passion to the good old platform games from the 90's we wanted to create one truly enjoyable and challenging game in a modern 3D cartoon style. We took the decision to rework the game and give it a new spirit. We have already started working on some of the new features.

The next couple of months we are going to rework the levels, the inventory stuff and the game play. Deo as an angel character will have a new vision. We are going to introduce new characteristics to him to make it more attractive and cool. Anyway Deo will still have the ability to glide and run in three different speeds.

The gems will be removed and new collectable items will replace them. You will have the ability to collect random amount of treasure(based on your abilities) and use this treasure to buy weapons, armour, health and other stuff from the in-game shop.

A new game story will be introduced, but the two main characters Deo and Lukas will remain. At all our goal is to make the game have a big replay value. We have already started working on all this.

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After 710 days in Greenligh Deo is finally greenlit. Check this out here:

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

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Deo's original soundtrack made by Lucky Lion Studios is finally live at Soundcloud. Check is out:

Deo's music was made by Andrew Riley from Lucky Lion Studios [] especially for Deo. Each level has its own and unique music, composed according to the level's environment. I hope you'll enjoy listening to this amazing soundtrack which took months to be completed. Enjoy!

Original soundtrack to Liman3D's adventure platformer Deo. Liman3D: ...

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Enjoy this unforgettable 3D adventure game with its 24 levels of forest, snow, aquatic, mountain, lava and desert areas, each having its original music. Collect gems, find secret areas, beat monsters and pass through dangerous obstacles... This is just a part of the over 8 hours of platform gaming to complete the game .

Enjoy and have great holidays!

game, 3d games, development, publishing
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Deo is a 3D adventure-platform game with unique input model. The rich set of actions and game mechanics make Deo a truly challenging game for even the most experienced gamers. The game features large realms with lots of secret and hidden areas, various...

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Must run game "As Administrator" after install. Right click on the game icon, and click "Run As Administrator".Enter the fairy world of the little angel Deo. His magical crown has been stolen by the evil demon Lukas. Now Deo faces a challenge to find the crown before it's too late. To succeed he ...

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Deo is a 3D adventure-platform game with unique input model. The rich set of actions and game mechanics make Deo a truly challenging game for even the…

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Deo is a 3D adventure-platform game with unique input model. The rich set of actions and game mechanics make Deo a truly challenging game for even the…

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