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This really is how I feel most days when developing new processes and strategies. Sometimes I'm more on the "Pinky" side and other times I'm more on the "Brain" side:

one of the best theme songs in the history of cartoons lyrics They're Pinky and The Brain Yes, Pinky and The Brain One is a genius The other's insane. They'r...

anyone who claims to be an SEO professional and hasn't studied the science and math behind Information Retrieval, is wasting their time and their clients' money. It's that simple.

If your brand has a website, more people are likely to come to it from search engines than anyplace else according to Forrester.

I'm not gonna lie.... I really love running reports for clients showing them HUGE amounts of growth in traffic to their websites. It really does make things fun.

Devinion, LLC

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Do any other business owners who run FB pages start getting a little OCD when you're 1 or 2 "likes" away from a milestone number?

I have a client at 498 likes and my work production has plummeted and the refresh button on my browser is working overtime.

What makes Mondays totally worth it? Ending the day by meeting with great clients.

When posting on review sites such as Yelp, do you do it under your name or a pseudonym? Why?

I'm finding that I'm not a fan of writer's block... #bangingmyheadonmydesk

I'm developing a process that is a game changer... and all I can keep asking myself is "why didn't I think of this a year ago?" This is gonna make things really slick.

I love it when inspiration strikes. One problem solved. 999,999 to go...

I'm seeing a frustrating trend where FB filters business pages mentioning and promoting other business pages. Any posts that mention other pages achieve a far less reach than those that contain other content.

At first glance (purely anecdotal so far), I would guess that FB would rather you pay for the promotion instead of you getting help from your social network. #FBfail

To all my friends who run a business' FB page: are you noticing what kind of topics create the most engagement? Is there a way you can work today's news and post content that is relevant to your business?

It's too easy to pile on and say what everyone else is saying. The real gold is to create relevance or create a spin and direct it to what your business does.

AutoNation Honda Renton

All right Renton Honda fans! We are at 259 fans and counting! Let's see how fast we can run up to 1,000! Tell your friends and family to like us...some lucky fan will win an iPad Mini!

This will be my next project...

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Do you think anyone would buy it if I tried to say I was a non essential government employee? I could use the day off...

I just received a text from a business advertising an end of the month special. What are your thoughts on getting texts from businesses?