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Nic Irvine
· November 9, 2016
Great ideas when it came to sprinkler system however have problems ever since and now need to get a plumber in.
Alex Fu
· June 3, 2015
nice pictures,I like these photos!
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At the busiest time of the year, new equipment helps to get the jobs done in a breeze!


Deresch Landscaoing just became a proud supporter of BabyLoss New Zealand!

Please support this small, caring and privately run charity, that helps young parents, who just lost their most loved ones, to grieve and to remember their family member(s)! - It is so important NOT to be alone in these probably hardest moments in life!

Baby Loss NZ is a registered charity (CC32638) set up to support bereaved parents and their families/whanau/aiga

good to know:

Daniel Irving shared a link to the group: LASSU.

FYI - you can contact Auckland Council and ask for your house (rental or owned) to be added to the "no spray list". Yes, it should be 'opt in' rather than 'opt out' - but that's a battle for another day...

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For all who want to get their kids to do something for our beautiful country/neighbourhood these holidays. -…/places-to-go/toyota-k…/take-action/
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Congratulations Birkenhead United AFC for winning the Chatham Cup for the first time!!! - Well done team! -

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straight work - that's what Deresch Landscaping like to offer!

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Beach Haven and Birkenhead - What a great place to be! What a great community to live in!

We like trimming hedges ... but extra tall hedges can be extra fun ... just watch for yourself!

Only when we (human) protect the bees, we will be able to live. When the bees die, we will die!

And it says a ban on its bee-killing pesticides is "disproportionate"?!?
Deresch Landscaping added 6 new photos to the album: Gabion walls.
August 17, 2015

A great alternative for fences and walls to separate gardens and to gain privacy!

Deresch Landscaping was not involved in any of these gardens in design, construction or maintenance. These photos were taken while passing these places. But we are happy to install features like this for you!

Unique Macrocarpa-fence and entrance gate.

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If it's not a danger, it's great value for your property and your life!

Make nature work for you and create a more liveable place by leaving big trees where they are. Work around them and get something unique that lasts not just decades but centuries!
You might live in your house 10, 20 or 30 years. In that time you will do many alternations to it - some smaller, some bigger - but you will spend a lot of money to get something 'perfect' that only last a few years, if you are ...lucky a few decades. And then someone else will change it anyway.
A tree might not be perfect and it's most likely not in the 'perfect' spot, but the older it gets the more character it adds to your home. It is 'live' history!

When you pull your house down to build a new one, it might take a year or so and everything will be as usable as it was before. When you cut a tree down and plant a new one, maybe only your grand-children will experience what you once did. But what about your children? What beautiful and unique experiences could they have had with the old tree?
When you can choose to build a new home on a bare piece of land or with the odd old tree on it - would you choose the bare land? Just because it might be a bit easier to develop it? How long will the development take and how long do you wanna live at that place for? For a bit more effort you will add/keep value to your property that will last for generations by having something unique! Everyone can build 'ready-made' things on a blanc canvas ...

Keep natures history alive to keep its future alive - and yours!

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