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Martin Mählmann
· December 8, 2016
Best Tool ever! All possible Connections at one Place, sorry on ALL DEVICES! GREAT
Luc-Caro Nadon
· July 3, 2017
Félicitations et longue vie. Bravo!
Nancy Pelletier
· November 5, 2015
Bravo pour votre très belle implication. merci pour votre hospitalier pour cette innovation de vos nouveau locaux Bravo à toute l équipe. .
Mario Ethier
· October 23, 2015
Bravo les boys ! Pleinement mérité !!!!!
Sylvain Clouette
· October 3, 2014
Félicitation à toute votre équipe !

Say hello to Isabel Desrochers our new Graphic Designer! Get to know her:

Hello everyone! Our tradition of introducing you to a wonderful new team member each Monday continues. This week, the spotlight shines on our talented new Graphic Designer, Isabel Desrochers. In addit...

Don’t you hate it when someone on your team moved your entry without asking? It’s now a thing from the past! Thanks to Remote Desktop Manager’s new feature Move Rights! Get to know it here:

Don’t you hate it when you KNOW that an entry should be in your database, but no matter how hard you search – frantically opening folder after folder, the fear building – it’s nowhere to be found, un...
Devolutions updated their cover photo.
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It’s time for our annual road map! Find out what’s coming next for Devolutions in 2018>>>

Hello everyone, As Joey pointed out in our annual Year in Review (part 1 and part 2) , while we’re always focused on improvements, innovations and the future, we’re also very big on tradition (you sh...

Hackers are also looking for your personal data! Here is different advice to help you protect your information at home:

We all know that protecting data at work is a critical priority, since a breach can lead to customer loss, reputation damage, investigation and remediation costs, and possibly even lawsuits, fines and...

Our team is still growing in 2018! Say hello to Luc Lemieux our new Software Developer!

Hello everyone! One of my favorite things in the world is dogs. Yes, you read that right: I love dogs! And just like the star of today’s new employee spotlight — our new Software Developer, Luc Lemieu...

Would you like to know what sessions and entries were accessed? Good news! It’s now possible with Remote Desktop Manager’s Check out report>>>

As an IT pro, at any moment you or a member of your team — including your boss — may need to know what sessions and entries were accessed, along with when, for how long, and by whom. That’s where RDM...

[JANUARY POLL] Technologies are changing the world we are living in. What technology do you think will transform 2018? Share your opinion and you could win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

As we all know, technology develops over many years and decades. It doesn’t just show up one day in our lives. Yet with this in mind, when we look back at the evolution of a specific technology soluti...

Would you like to visit Quebec in winter? Here’s what awaits you:

Get the hottest information about our products, tips and tricks, case studies, and new release announcements!

It’s now time to find out what happened at Devolutions in the last 6 months! Here’s the second part of Devolutions 2017 year in review:

Yesterday we began our traditional look at the past year here at Devolutions. Today, we continue the journey with a look at the second half of the year: July In July, we wondered if we entered a worm...

We had an amazing year! Here’s Devolutions’ review of 2017:…/devolutions-2017-year-in-rev…

Here at Devolutions, everything that we do stems from three core values: Always aim to deliver the “Wow Factor” for our community of users. Support a positive life experience for our employees and...

[Poll Results] Our community of IT pros has spoken! Here are the personalities of the year>>>

To wrap up the year, we asked you to tell us: who’s the personality of the year? To make things more interesting, we invited you to choose anyone from any industry — not just the IT world. As we had h...

We wish you a joyful holiday season! Thank you to the best community, OUR community of IT pros!!!

From left to right: Maurice (Business Architect), Joey (Marketing Coordinator), Maxime (Marketing Director), Stacy (Graphist), Derick (Marketing Coordinator) and Jenny (Product Marketing Specialist). ...

Our team has been working hard on Wayk Now! Find out more about its news features File Transfer and Remote Execution:

Our development team has been busy with some improvements to Wayk Now, our instant remote support and remote desktop tool. Here’s an update on two of my favorite new features: File Transfer The new...

U&S Services uses Remote Desktop Manager to face their IT challenges like security risks, managing many tools as well as keeping login information up-to-date! Find out more here:

“Remote Desktop Manager’s single pane to connect to almost anything over IP – without bouncing around – has saved me countless hours.” Client Snapshot: U&S Services, Inc. U&S Services is a l...

Hackers are looking forward to the holidays! Learn why and how to protect your data from them>>>

The holidays are here, which means it’s the ideal time to spend time with friends and loved ones, eat way too much food, and of course: shop online in search of great deals. Sadly, however, we aren’t ...