I haven't addressed my subjects in nearly a month, yet my followers are growing. The Diamond Pony is doing something right.

Anyone badass enough to draw Excalibastard from the stone?


The Diamond Pony has awoke! Who's excited for The PreSequel?!

Still up and murdering bandits, killers? Great. Always good to know even with Jack gone, Hyperion still has something to fear. And there are always bandits getting in your way.

I never realized there was food beyond crumpets...If you had to survive the Crumpocalypse, what would you eat?

So, when you guys aren't playing Borderlands 2, what else are you playing?

I got more likes by saying hello than any other comment, something is wrong with you people.

We've covered the best, so who's the all-time worst Borderlands 1/2 character?

Cannon Butt Stallion. ~Firehawk

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Anyone got a favorite Load-out they'd like to brag about?

Butt Stallion says "Hello"

None of the other Admins seem to be active anymore, not to worry, I will love my subjects enough for all of them!

Well, the fireworks here suck, so I think I'm just gonna get on Borderlands 2 and start tossing Bonus Packages into the air.

Alright, to get this activity ball rollin' again, who's your all-time favorite borderlands 1/2 character? Mine's a tie between Mad Moxxi and Tiny Tina. Alliteration is the best.

We've gotten a few more likes since my last post, Is everyone glad I'm back?

Butt Stallion updated their cover photo.
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I thought this page was about Borderlands 2 dammit! Anyone already playing the new dlc?