Still need a few side dish ideas before Thanksgiving? Then I've got you covered! Check out my recipes for delicious baked mac & cheese, lazy cajun dirty rice, AND sauteed garlic butter green beans! What's your favorite side dish? Let me know in the comments!

Check out these 3 dishes in my Thanksgiving side dish round up (with recipes)! Mac & cheese, dirty rice and garlic butter green beans - easy and delicious!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃

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My kind of Saturday night!

I know Thanksgiving is only a few days away, but I also know that many of you are going to getting your holiday shopping done this Friday and Monday! And you know what would make the PERFECT gift for someone on your list? This gorgeous birthstone family tree keychain! Each one is completely unique, made with your choice of birthstones, and handmade by yours truly! 😉

AND I have a coupon code for you! If you use the code HOLIDAY at checkout, you'll receive 20% off your total order when you spend more than $20! The code expires after Monday, so be sure to check out the shop! 👉

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Planning on shopping the sales? Let me know! 👇

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Is anyone else trying to get all of their work done early so they can sit back and relax (or stuff their face in peace) this Thursday? Or is that just me...?

Either way, thank goodness for coffee! Definitely missing that delicious @frenchtruck latte I had last weekend in New Orleans, so it's a good thing we have one here in Baton Rouge too! I'm definitely seeing a little coffee shop visit in my future...

But speaking of Thankgiving....IT'S ONLY A FEW DAYS AWAY!!! Which means... all you people who have been waiting until the verrrrrry last minute to figure out what you're bringing actually need to pick something. *GASP* Which is exactly why I had those 2 recipe posts up last week - one for a delicious dessert and the other for 3 easy sides - they're perfect for all you Thanksgiving procrastinators out there! *links in bio!*

And just a little blog news for any of you still reading - if you remember me mentioning my book + wine club or weekly meal plan sign-up and want to subscribe, links for both are in my bio too!

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Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to Thanksgiving. I know I'm certainly looking forward to stacking my plate high with turkey, mac & cheese, and mashed potatoes! (So healthy, I know!) I'll be taking the week off from posting because of the holiday and to make sure I get caught up with everything work-related before then, but I just wanted to pop in and share some news!!

If you caught my October loves post from a few weeks a...go, then you know I'm starting 2 new/fun things for my subscribers - an monthly book/wine club AND a weekly meal plan, all delivered right to your inbox. SO. If you want to sign up for either, you can do so by clicking the links below!

ALSO - if anyone has any clever Facebook group names, let me know! 😅

Book + Wine Club 📖🍷 👉

Weekly Meal Plan 🍽️ 👉

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Sign up now to receive a monthly book recommendation, wine recommendation, AND exclusive access to the Facebook group!

Think about the things you use each and every day. Do you know just how many things you use are products of the oil and natural gas industry? If you watch TV, make coffee using a coffee maker, or wear yoga pants...guess what? You're using products from the industry! [ad] See just how big of an impact it makes in our daily lives, how I make more time in my day + what I do with my extra time using these products AND how you can do it too! #IC #LookBeyond

That feeling when you're already halfway through your busiest week and have somehow kept on top of everything! Anyone else having a crazy week? Speaking of...#ad when it comes to saving time throughout our day, the things we use play a huge part. And being from Louisiana, I know just how many of those things wouldn't exist without the oil and natural gas industry.

So I have a challenge for you - think about all the things you use each and every day. How many of them make you...r job easier? How many of them save you time? Would you be surprised to find out that most, if not all of them, are products made from the oil and natural gas industry? Your TV, coffee maker, computer and even your favorite pair of yoga pants - all thanks to oil and natural gas!

To see just how big of an impact the industry makes in your life, check out the latest on the blog! See how I make more time in my day + what I do with all of my extra time, how oil/natural gas products help me do both, AND how you can do it too!

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Hate to do a double post, but juuuuust in case you missed it...I have the recipe for this amazing looking sweet potato pie up on the blog! It's super easy, delicious, and would make a PERFECT dessert for Thanksgiving!

Do you have any go-to Thanksgiving dishes? What's your favorite? Let me know!! 👇

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Everyone, meet our last and oldest pet - Lily! We adopted her at the end of my Freshman year from the shelter and she's been providing us with giant dust bunnies and laughs ever since!

- walks ...
- hogging the bed

- vacuums
- getting up in the morning
- listening to commands (unless treats are visible)

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Still deciding on what to bring or cook for Thanksgiving? then try this classic sweet potato pie recipe! It's super easy, and most importantly - delicious!

With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, you'll need to start planning on what to cook and bring! How about giving this easy sweet potato pie recipe a try?!

If you need me, I'll be in New Orleans! Specifically stuffing my face with beignets at Café du Monde...😅

I managed to get all of my blog posts for next week either drafted or scheduled, which means I can actually enjoy our little trip. Anyone else have fun plans for today? Let me know!! 👇👇👇

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IT'S FRIDAY!! Anyone else PUMPED for the weekend? What do you all have planned?

Personally I'm just excited to not have plumbers and cleanup people in the house! 😂 But I'm even more excited to be going on a little overnight trip to New Orleans Sunday! E and I were supposed to have our engagement photo session at the zoo that afternoon, but something came up and our photographer had to cancel. Unfortunately, our hotel reservation can't be moved or refunded (though we tried), so we figured we would just go anyway and have a nice night to ourselves. And with this crazy week I've had, I definitely need it! Guess who's going to be eating their weight in beignets and cups of café au lait?? This girl!

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Anyone else break out the slow-cooker when that fall weather finally decides to stick around? Because I know I certainly do! So today I have my SUPER EASY slow-cooker beef stew recipe up on the blog, PLUS I throw in my recipe for shepherd's pie, which uses the stew leftovers (if you even have any!)

What are some of your favorite fall recipes? Do you love using a slow cooker? Let me know! 👇👇👇

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I was planning on having a baked chicken recipe up for today, but was craving beef stew for dinner instead! Check out my SUPER easy slow-cooker beef stew recipe PLUS see how you can turn those leftovers into a delicious shepherd's pie!

There's just something about fall that yells "beef stew!" See my easy slow-cooker recipe, plus find out how to make shepherd's pie with those leftovers!

Had an early start this morning so I could look remotely awake by the time the plumber got here, and all I have to say is thank goodness for coffee!! Anyone else feeling a bit sluggish this morning? It's overcast and gray here today, so I'm definitely wishing we had those beautiful blue skies and nice cool weather again!

And I seriously STILL can't get over the fact that it's November now! I'm 100% not ready to start thinking about Thanksgiving and shopping for Christmas pr...esents 🎄🎁 If you're in the same boat but are stressing about making your gift list in the first place, don't worry because I've got you covered!

The latest post is all about my gift-giving tips AND I even have a mini gift guide for you where everything is UNDER $50!! And it's all from one of my favorite online retailers, so you definitely don't want to miss it! Have you started shopping or making lists yet? Where is you favorite place to shop? Let me know! 👇👇👇

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Happy Tuesday!! That means I have a new post up on the blog, and today it's all about the holiday season☃️🎄

I know, I know, Halloween was just last week. But if you're anything like me, you start planning out your lists and picking up a few gifts over the next few weeks. Plus, with lists made this early, you can really take advantage of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! But what if you have no idea what to get someone and need a little help trying to figure it out? T...hen you definitely need to check out the post! I partnered up with @uncommongoods to give you my Southerner's Guide To Gift-Giving (because we're pretty damn good and giving gifts!) PLUS you can get a few gift ideas with my mini gift-guide where everything is under $50!!

And you may have heard, but I have an Etsy shop! You can get one of these beautiful agate slice necklaces and so much more, all of which make wonderful gifts or stocking stuffers, and everything is made by yours truly 😉 And I even gift wrap every box for you (for free!), which means you don't have to even mess with wrapping paper!

Have you started making your gift lists yet?

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It's that time of year again...and if you're like me you've already started making those gift lists and checking them twice! But if you haven't started yet, be sure to check out my gift-giving tips and mini gift-guide before you start shopping!

It's time for gift lists to be made and checked twice, but what if you don't know what to get? I've got you covered with my gift-giving tips and gift guide!