Dice City Games is celebrating this special day in Silver Spring, Maryland.

[Update + Event Schedule Post ahead] We want to thank all of our patrons in the D.C. Metro area -- and beyond -- for your incredible interest and support! We just hit 900 page likes, month five of soft open events, and our first Magic: the Gathering expansion Pre-Release Event sold out almost instantly!

Every week we do our best to improve and try to bring something new to the table, ranging from new inventory, new events on the schedule, new fixtures to display our goodies...

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Dice City Games added 2 new photos — with Jesse Crowley and Jimmy Cooney.

We regret that it sold out almost instantly, but Dice City Games is ready to roll for our first pre-release, with at least two prize packs per player for the top 50% of our 36 players, and a booster box of Dominaria to first place!!!

D&D players, EDH players, and board gamers: Please note the store is at capacity today, so we won’t begin free play until after the tournament is done, this evening from around 6-8 PM.

Sunday we have open board games - featuring game of the week “Wanted: Rich or Dead”, D&D adventurer’s league, and casual Magic!

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Mishka Gibb
· December 20, 2017
I initially came to the store when I heard a friend of a friend was opening a business..... thought he was a madman trying to open a brick-and-mortar retail for such a niche market in Wheaton, but I w...anted to pay my respects in terms of a few purchases.

Five weeks later, I find myself checking in his shop at least once a week to see what events are happening, or just to stop and hang out with a new friend I may have met a few weeks prior. In my opinion, Jimmy's vision ranges far beyond a retail operation..... I've experienced Dice City games as an inclusive community center with some of the most pleasant personalities the DMV has to offer (I've seen Jimmy personally speaking to near-every participant in an event, gathering immediate feedback and collecting your availability, so the events you're interested in best cater to your schedule.

All in all, Jimmy presents us with a revolutionary business model for the 21st century, where different generations can relax, community build, and have a great time, and I look forward to enjoying the opportunity Jimmy has created for years to come.
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Anthony Marovelli
· December 8, 2017
If you've ever felt the need to scratch your Gamer Itch, I implore you to start here. Jimmy, Jesse, and Julian are passionate about what they've created and it's quite easy to tell. After not playing ...MTG for years, these guys caught me up to speed and answered every one of my questions. But make no mistake, this is a house of learned veterans with an inordinate amount of amassed knowledge. The crowd is welcoming and happy to have their brains picked. Small town neighborhood vibes with a modern look, Dice City games is my new hometown hub for all things nerddom! See More
Don Mewha
· December 18, 2017
For anyone in the Wheaton area (or beyond really) who's looking for a last minute gift, check these folks out.

It's a new store that's still in the "soft open" phase, but the owner and staff are incr...edibly warm and welcoming. They're interested in what sort of events spark the imaginations of the local community, while offering an clean, open, and accepting atmosphere to play in.

Can't recommend them highly enough.
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Andrew Fernando Espanto Quilpa
· February 23, 2018
My new gaming hangout. Passionate and friendly staff? Check. Good selection of games (RPG, Magic, Board games)? Check. Welcoming, laid-back atmosphere? Check. Location-wise, it's a few feet away from ...a 7-11 if you're in need of snacks between gaming sessions, not to mention other solid takeout eateries. Parking is quite abundant and the area is super-safe. You owe it to yourself to check this place out! See More
Dave Fontaine
· December 9, 2017
DC Games is the best. Radical inclusivity is the top priority at this clean, well lit, well run (by dedicated enthusiastic gamers and social coordinators), socially conscious game/collectibles shop. G...reat parking, great accessibility, and tons of resources within literally steps of the front door. Check it out. Check it out ... NOW. See More
Michael Slonaker
· February 26, 2018
This is the friendliest game store in the area. FNM prizes are usually pack per win. Singles selection is varied and covers just about everything. They are also buying(in store credit) even the most ...recent sets. There seems to always be something going on, so get here early to get a few games in before the official event starts. Parking is a little scarce. See More
Rudy Enrique
· November 10, 2017
This place is run by diehard, true to the core, gaming fans who have poured their souls into this store. You can buy cool, geeky stuff anywhere on the internet but you can’t get that sense of communit...y and compassion from a computer that you can get from genuine guys like Jimmy and Jesse. Highly recommend. See More
Fndsd Fbsfds
· April 17, 2018
Fantastic please to be when playing magic the gathering, and other games related to that. The owners are very helpful and nice. It is a great community to be at daily. could not recommend a better gam...e store than dice city games. See More
Sonny Katz
· January 2, 2018
Great store run by great people! Clean, bright, and welcoming of players of all ages, orientations, and skill levels. The MtG community here is strong and very inviting of new players.
The owners ar...e also very committed to local sourcing of games and products.
I love playing here and you will too!
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Brendan Orsinger
· April 12, 2018
Great shop for Magic The Gathering. The owners of the shop are super friendly and hands on and really committed to making the experience for all players a great one! :)
Tony Vernon
· February 9, 2018
Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. My son is huge into Magic and found them to be both welcoming and setting up a great place for him to learn and play (and of course buy). Nice addition to Wheaton!
Jessica Parsley
· December 3, 2017
The people who run the place are great, they have a lot of great deals and interesting products, and the location is pretty easy to get to. I can't wait to visit, again.
Erica Cunningham Penn
· February 12, 2018
Not a big fan of gaming in general, but Dice City Games converted me! Came here during the Open Board game night with my family and friends and had a blast. Fun, friendly environment and it was a good... experience meeting and playing with new people too. See More
Jimmy Bailey
· March 10, 2018
It’s an awesome place with friendly staff and patrons alike. Very patient and helpful for beginners in Magic: The Gathering, and they offer other tabletop games and retro video games and a few collect...ibles as well. See More
Stephanie Ravenwolves
· April 19, 2018
Small but Mighty!
I love that we have a neighborhood games store!
Everybody I have met in the doors of D.C. Games has been fun, courteous, and interested in geeky stuff! Huzzah! I will be back again a...nd again. � See More
Samuel Horne
· December 11, 2017
A really fantastic store run by dedicated people. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming to everyone, and their commitment to inclusive policies is just one proof of that.
Juan Carlos Marcia
· March 5, 2018
Nice place. Went in on a sunday, walked out with a copy of Star Wars Jedi Outcast for the Nintendo Gamecube. Was told more retro games were on the way, will definitely be coming back.
Nand Tommy
· April 16, 2018
Really nice place to be at, the owners are really nice, and the community is great.
Jason Charter
· January 25, 2018
Friendly staff and reasonable prices. The staff is also amazing at helping you construct decks. I highly recommend this store.
Patricia DiSalvo Viayra
· January 16, 2018
Awesome new game shop! Inclusive and friendly. Owners are cool and players are friendly! Great space!
DCG Gaming!
This week at Dice City Games... Wednesday we have two events from 6-10 PM, with cookies provided whether you come alone or with a sweetheart: Our new weekly Board Game Meet-up is free. Check out our new lounge area... Among other things, local game guru Kimberly is bringing Buffy, Dead of Winter, Mafia, Anomia, and Codenames. Signup at And Legacy is our weekly Legacy Magic Tournament, also from 6:30 to 10. This week, in honor of St. Valentine's Day, any 3-0's get a bonus Geist of St. Traft & his angel Token! And we are hosting free EDH play! Thursday is Modern MtG alongside our EDH meet-up; 6:30 - 10. EDH pod sanctioning with prize support available/encouraged! In honor of Chinese New Year, we will be introducing a foreign binder, with all Chinese cards on sale, and all Chinese Booster packs (I'm looking at you, Apocayplse) will be 20% off! Friday we have a special SUPER DRAFT FNM. Three pods, three choices. At 6:30 we have one pod draft Rivals/Rivals/Ixalan, and another draft Aether/Aether/Kaladesh. At 10:15 we have a Shadows of Innistrad/ Eldritch Moon throwback draft. Saturday is our weekly Dungeons & Dragons Day from 1-5 PM. Multiple DMs. Adventurer's League and novice-friendly! Plus we have new D&D supplies in stock including the Dungeon Tiles and more vintage books and minis! Also Saturday, we have Pauper Magic from 5-8 PM, purrrhaps followed by Pauper Cube! Sunday is our second weekly Boardgame meet-up, from 2-6 PM. Check out "game of the week" - Splendor. A fan favorite and one we stock, this game is every alchemists dream come true. Easy to learn and a blast for group play. RSVP: AND Sunday is our "Standard Showdown" MtG tourney with bonus prizes, from 1-4... Plus, to continue the draft fun, from 4-8 PM we are hosting a Khans of Tarkir block draft! Draft Khans/Fate/Dragons like never before! Call ahead -- 443.42.GAMES or email to register for any event, or to request your box of Masters 25 for just $187.75+tax ($199 total). More details to come...
We got in some new items and customer favorite re-stocks, plus put up some nice pieces of our favorite gaming art and cult movie posters - just in time for this week’s events: Wednesday/Tonight: Legacy MTG at 6:45! Thursday: Modern MTG @ 6:45! Friday: Rivals of Ixalan is here - double FNM with promos! 6:30 Draft and 10:15 Draft! Saturday: “Draft Weekend” - Rivals of Ixalan Drafts at 1 PM + 4:45 PM. (D&D Adventurer’s League will be next week). Sunday: Open Board Game play wth resident Gamemaster Richard Messic from 2-6. Game of the Week: “4 the Birds.” We will provide Games and you are welcome to bring your own for free play. Join the meet-up: AND SUNDAY: Sealed MTG @ 1 PMwith extra prize support! Each player gets 4 boosters of Rivals and 2 boosters of Ixalan to build a 40 card deck. First place gets a T-shirt and deckbox on the house in addition to Booster Pack Prize support!