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“ONLY ONE CAN GO TO THE #KFTOURNEY CHAMPIONSHIP. Time to decide. @DiGiorno or @bdunkelman?”

Could the power of oven-fresh DiGiorno pizza boost moods in the darkest days of Alaska?

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DiGiorno Power of Pizza | It’s All in the Oven
DiGiorno Ultra Thin Pizza
DiGiorno Not Delivery
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Deb Rynearson Munson
· March 16, 2018
I just purchased a new deep dish pizza because you make it look so good on the commercials. It was horrible. Hardly any cheese or toppings. I felt like I was eating a toasted loaf of bread. How ca...n you call this deep dish? Because it's thick crust? Deep dish pizza is full of toppings on a slightly thicker crust. Not 3" bread crust with some cheese and a few pepperoni. Shame on you! I've always been a blew it on this one guys. � � See More
Jeri Kroes
· March 4, 2018
We have bought your Pizza for many years, cause we felt it was the best.Things have turned crummy for a long time though! It's 1" smaller than the box, the cheese is scarce ( I always add more), the... 3 meat is hardly there & all messed up This is a stuffed crust, which is good, It's very disappointing when the local Casey's gas station has fresh pizza & covered with toppings. I hope that you will give me some free coupons to make up for it. Jeri Kroes Thank you :) See More
Gina May
· February 12, 2018
We use to indulge in DiGornio products all the time and really enjoyed them!

It’s been several years since we last purchased the products...and to say we are extremely disappointed with the products, would be an understatement...the pizzas use to fill our pizza pan and now they don’t even come close and don’t rise as they use to...I’m really hoping this isn’t how all the pizza products are now...but am afraid to chance it I will use my $15.xx next time to get a fresh pizza from our local pizzeria. See More
Tamy Martin
· March 16, 2018
Well I am recently been diagnosed gluten free and saw the new Ultra Thin gluten free pizza. I have tried it twice both times baking it less time and less temperature because the settings on the box ar...e just to high. The taste was good but the crust was just a bit to thin. If you can add a bit more crust thickness and workout the kinks with the settings I'd be willing to try it again. We gluten free folks don t get to indulge in the regular yummy pizzas so if a comparable one for us would be nice. Toppings , not just cheese and bigger than a dinner plate. I understand that comes with a higher price, which I would be happy to pay. Love your products for my family. Thanks! See More
Randy Bowen
· March 18, 2018
Like other people I am here because I was stupid enough to fall for the $8 frozen deep dish pizza they are promoting on this page. Top five worst pizzas I have ever ate. No sauce. Little cheese or pep...peroni. Like eating a loaf of plain bread. They messaged me saying they test the pizza out with consumers before releasing it. They need to test the consumers their using because they don't know good pizza if they passed this deep dish. It isn't that I am picky either but rather they let us down with this pizza. My girlfriend who also isn't picky asked me to call the store we got it from and ask for a refund after she tried it. Disappointing isn't even the word. Just plain horrible See More
Yvonne Olson Simpson
· April 5, 2018
When DiGiorno first came out it was so very delicious. And it stayed that way for a while and then it was downhill from there. Yesterday we wanted pizza so we figured we would have some DiGiorno, crust supreme. It was worse yet. In the middle was a big puddle of grease, I took 2 paper towels to soak it all up. There was very small amounts of toppings on it, there was plenty of green pepper and a fair amount of pepperoni. Will not want to buy again. It started out so good and now it is a flop in my book. See More
Jesse Johnson
· April 19, 2018
I had DiGiorno stuff crust tonight and it hit the fcking spot. All you people leavein one Stars I don't know what you're freaking are trying to expect. This is a frozen pizza it may not be 100% the frozen pizza out there but trust me it's very far from the worst. If you don't like it get up on your high horses and get off at Pizza hut or Papa John's. See More
Jan Emmons
· March 5, 2018
DiGiorno has been my favorite and most delicious pizza for many years. You've cheapened it. I get the three meat rising crust pizza every time but I would think these changes are across the board. The... crust is different and the toppings are scarce compared to what I am used to. DiGiorno never thought you would be bland. Please go back to the original. If need be charge more. I will be trying other brands. Why do companies change a good thing. Disappointing. See More
Sam Caniglia Jr
· April 14, 2018
Tried most of the Pizza's.. The garlic bread Pizza was the best! Plenty of sauce, right amount of cheese, better than most pizza shops, Now its gone replaced by the Pan Pizza,,, terrible, no sauce, li...ttle cheese, dry, just terrible, I will be looking elsewhere.... when the garlic bread Pizza was all I and many others ate for years... Pour decision on your part... and a loss for us consumers.... See More
April Albrecht
· April 17, 2018
I actually haven't eaten a pizza by DiGiorno. I have been turned off by the blatant stereotype of pizza delivery people in your commercials. I have spent several years as one of those people you mock.... Do you seriously think that a business would allow any employee to do that to a paying customer? You may think it's funny but a lot if people earn their living by delivering pizza and would never act that way. See More
Jennifer Nash
· February 20, 2018
Omg so normally I love digiorno. It’s my go to for late night door or anything. I was so disgusted tonight after buying a pizza and getting a huge hair embedded in the pizza!! Me and my sister threw u...p after we found it and so I called the 800 number and took pictures of the hair. And the lady on the phone had absolutely no remorse and didn’t even give me the correct phone number to send the pictures too. I’m so disgusted right now. See More
Gary Storts
· March 7, 2018
Congratulations.... you've become part of the divisiveness of this country, rather than bringing people together over a good pizza, perhaps you should think how might you better protect your brand rat...her than becoming a troll on Twitter. I don't understand why companies (DiGirono Pizza) are intentionally divisive and confrontational. I get the who business competitive thing, but you showed the tacky and unprofessional side of your corporate ethos by attacking the NFL and Papa John's separation. Be above the fray! See More
Steven Raikes
· February 18, 2018
The rising crust pepperoni DiGiorno pizza is always my go-to dinner especially for a weekend of Gaming so what did I do to make it even better add a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi and go crazy on the console... LOL PPV is the way to be. See More
Timberlea Annamarie
· March 13, 2018
My family and I typically love digiorno pizza, well until tonight that is. While cutting the pizza I saw a piece of hair, no big deal I shed a lot, well when I removed the piece of hair there was tens...ion so I lifted the pizza up, still tension, the hair was coming OUT of the DOUGH. I threw that slice of pizza out and was planning on eating the rest of the pizza(only because we don't have anything else I could have made for dinner) until I took a bite and found another piece of hair IN the dough, my husband also found a piece. TL;DR 3 pieces of hair in the actual dough of the pizza! ��� See More
Tabi McClain
· March 27, 2018
Bought some new pizzas recently and no matter what I try to do, I follow the instructions and everything the pizza just remains doughy and the cheese won't melt all the way. I know it can't be my ove...n cause all the other frozen pizzas I've bought were perfectly fine. See More
Brian S. Crane
· February 24, 2018
DiGiorno Pizza is much better (tastier) than WoodStone Pizza in Fayetteville, AR. And so much more affordable than WoodStone Pizza’s $50+ pizzas w/toppings on what is merely a large cracker. Dickson S...treet has better places to eat if you’re going to spend the money.

But, what do you want for Free, right? I won a $50 gift card for WoodStone Pizza and (LOL) spent the whole thing on one medium size (cracker) pizza (that they call a large). And brought it home to share with my family. Next time I win a gift card for that place at BINGO I’ll say, “No, thank you. We’ll be getting our pizza from Walmart.”
See More
Renee Mcclain
· February 18, 2018
We live on the DeGiiorno Pizzeria pizza's at our house. It is the absolute BEST store brand of pizza and to be honest even preferred over delivery pizzas. If you haven't tried them you must, they soooo good! Thanks DiGiorno and please never mess with a good thing...they are perfect just the way they are. Big hugs! See More
Danielle Lynn Morton
· March 24, 2018
Tried the deep dish cheese pizza. It was horrible. I tried half a slice and it all went to the garbage. It even smelled weird. Odd how all the regular ones taste good but the deep dish completely miss...ed the mark. See More
Angela Chrispen
· March 6, 2018
just bought 2 rising crust pizzas, pepperoni and the supreme one. the pepperoni isscarce and both have little cheese.good thing I bought extra cheese just in case,but for the price, I shouldn't have t...o put extra anything on it See More
Will Meringola
· February 15, 2018
I love the pan pizza. Please never stop making it. Nothing personal. But I’ve never been a fan of your products. However this pan pizza has made the number one fan. I will never eat another frozen p...izza again unless it’s your Pan Pan Pan. Lol. Thank you See More