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Digital Marketers,

There has been a MAJOR update to Instagram Stories that will create great marketing opportunities for Local Marketers and anyone trying to build an audience on Instagram!

Watch the video and I'll tell you what it's all about!


Wow, seems like they are seeing massive growth in adoption of this model....very cool to see. It seems like this will be another big hit against the future of the traditional music labels.

Thirty-five creators made more than $150,000 on Patreon in 2016, and thousands earn more than $25,000 annually. The platform takes a 5% cut.
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How to Avoid Distraction and 'Shiny Object Syndrome'
How to do Content Marketing without creating your own content!

Every marketer knows they need to be doing Content Marketing, but creating content is hard work!

In this Facebook Live session Mike Cooch from will show you how you can do effective Content Marketing WITHOUT creating your own content!


It's pretty wild to see just how much some of these influencers are making.

While not many people are going to 'make millions' from doing this, there is fantastic opportunity for just about anyone to use influence on Instagram to build a nice business.

You don't need to be a model or celebrity; just share content on topics that are fun and people are passionate about - fashion, travel, hobbies, etc!

See how top Instagram influencers are living large, cashing in on brand sponsorships, paid product placement & more. Meet the new social media millionaires:

A great article on the pros of building a business the way you want to build it, rather than to meet the expectations of investors.

In January 2016 I looked back at the first 16 months of growing BuzzSumo. I thought now, 16 months later, it was probably time to provide a further update on our progress and my reflections on…'s model is using content to build audience and sell. That's the same model just about every business - and every entrepreneur - should be using as well.

We'll see a lot of these types of deals this year as major businesses recognize the value of brands being built on content their audience loves.

Put one in the win column for content + commerce.

'Content Commerce' is already a $44B industry, and set for rapid growth. Here's why:

76% of people believe that ads are “very exaggerated” or “somewhat exaggerated”.

87% think half or more cleaning ads are photoshopped.


96% think half or more weight loss ads are photoshopped.

This is a better model, and it can be used to sell anything.

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Content-driven commerce or commerce-driven content? The definition of content commerce is still unclear.

Local Marketing know that there is nothing more profit and life-sucking than working with a bad client!

Here's a fast but effective way to tell if you working with a client that's a 'keeper', or one you need to fire!


For those of you that saw our 'Prime the Pump Strategy', this will intrigue you:

"Editorial (or content) commerce is just a fancy term for content that helps sell a product. You read an article, click an in-text hyperlink, and then the publishing company gets a fee when you buy.
Sounds simple, but it’s actually a $44B market." - The Hustle


Using native content to sell products and services...that's the model!

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The conventional thinking about profiling online users is that Facebook (in particular) has enormous amounts of profile data about your tastes, while Amazon..

Wow! Those are incredible numbers! Every marketer MUST be producing video to build audiences and sell, or you are in serious danger of getting left behind those who do.

Smart TV sets represent the company's fastest-growing screens, Wojcicki said at Brandcast, with watch-time doubling year-over-year.

Wow, it's going to be very interesting to see where this leads. Is Facebook a major threat to any company that is currently charging for entertainment content, such as Netflix?

Facebook could reveal its first slate of long-form video content in mid-June, according to a report from Business Insider.

This is an excellent resource to study and model!

Our cheapest traffic from Facebook Ads comes when we combine a two-step ad model with content like this (we call it our 'Prime the Pump Strategy').

Why does it work so well?


The headlines draw them in, which gets the click, and they love the content we produce, which helps get our Relevance Score through the roof.

That's a win-win, and we get lower ad costs as a reward!

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While you can’t learn everything about the post from one line, headlines are clearly very important; it will either pull a reader in or keep them scrolling.

Using Instagram to sell to clients is easy if you do it the right using your influence on Instagram to add value first.

Here's how.

Want to learn how to build your influence and sell on Instagram? Get our free six-step training and we'll show you how:


One of the great things about Instagram - from a Marketer's perspective - is that you can easily see and connect with the audiences your competitors have already worked hard to create.

Here's how...

Want to learn how to build your influence and sell on Instagram? Get our free six-step training and we'll show you how:


This is what starts to happen when you build up your influencer presence on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

These are starting to come to us much more frequently - both because our influence is growing, and also because Influencer Marketing is becoming much more established.

DO NOT DELAY - start building your audiences now.

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Ooh-la-la! Facebook is adding some serious data and insights to help marketers make better decisions! VERY happy to see this!

We're adding analytics support for Facebook Pages and offline conversions, leveraging artificial intelligence to automatically surface insights, and making our tool more customizable.