Find out how to "Think Different"
If digital marketing is relevant to your business, our event with Marcus Sheridan on Oct. 27th is for you! Marcus, the author of The Sales Lion, was listed by Forbes as a "Speaker Not to Miss in 2017." Here is a sneak peak of the powerful content he will be sharing. We hope you can attend. Find more info here: Presented by The Growth Plan in partnership with Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Abode Venue!
Introducing Marcus Sheridan

This is a really good overview of how to clean up your FB privacy settings.

Don't consent to Facebook sharing data about you—or your friends—via websites, games, or apps. Here's how to stop it.

Jen and Julie from Depict Media are hosting Duncan Wardle today talking about his upcoming workshop

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Depict Media was live.

Midweek (ish) talk with Duncan Wardle


This is pretty great news. (Get it?)

A big push from Google to support quality journalism

Google today announced a multi-pronged News Initiative, which Chief Business Officer Phillipp Schindler described as a way to tie together all the company’s efforts to work with the journalis…

This is an interesting application of AR tech to everyday apps.

eBay is continuing its augmented reality (AR) embrace with the launch of a new feature for sellers to easily find the right box to fit their products. Available on some Android devices in the U.S. …

“The best Twitter accounts, the ones I see, are the ones that have a personality. Are not just tweeting out, 'We hit a three. We are up by one point.' Answer people! Make some jokes! Have some fun! Twitter is a place where you interact, so have some interaction. People were coming at us jokingly, so I tweeted back at them jokingly. And that’s what got people to notice.”

Snark doesn't hurt, in moderate amounts.

The account exploded during the massive upset by going all-in on fun and fearless.

If you haven’t been to 1 Million Cups Wichita yet, you should check it out. We are excited to be an upcoming presenter in April.

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"Twitter users seem almost to prefer sharing falsehoods. Even when the researchers controlled for every difference between the accounts originating rumors—like whether that person had more followers or was verified—falsehoods were still 70 percent more likely to get retweeted than accurate news."

Falsehoods almost always beat out the truth on Twitter, penetrating further, faster, and deeper into the social network than accurate information.


It only makes sense to be nice on Facebook. Science says.

New research shows how we interact makes a huge difference.

A reminder: for every business, there is a useful social platform.

Being tech-savvy isn't a requirement to being an artist. But knowing your way around Instagram can be an indispensable tool.

Last Call for Early Bird Pricing!

Register for An Innovation Workshop with Duncan Wardle by end of day Feb 28th for just $100! Ticket prices go up to $200 starting on March 1st, so this is a *significant* discount.

PLUS you'll be entered to win a pair of roundtrip Southwest Airlines tickets– because travel is another great way to change your perspective.



The full-day workshop takes place on Thursday, April 19th at Mark Arts and should be a refreshing change from traditional business lectures. Entrepreneurs, marketers, social media folks, designers are all encouraged to attend, as the content will cross many categories– and will hopefully awaken untapped creative energy here in Wichita!

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Have you ever wondered why most of your best ideas come to you in the shower? Pitched a new idea to watch it diluted or killed as it moves through the processes? Ever wanted to know how Walt Disney came up with the idea for Disneyland? Building on some 25 years experience with The Walt Disney Compan...

Admit it… you take pictures of your food before you start to eat these days!

Social media has transformed modern life and the Instagram food movement pushes restaurants and chefs to consider much more than how good their food tastes.
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Seems like this would set a very bad precedent… thoughts?

Rejecting years of settled precedent, a federal court in New York has ruled [PDF] that you could infringe copyright simply by embedding a tweet in a web page. Even worse, the logic of the ruling applies to all in-line linking, not just embedding tweets. If adopted by other courts, this legally and.....

Our friends at ADT are looking for a social media strategist here in Wichita! Stacie and her team are super fun, forward-thinkers in the social sphere, so if you know anybody who is looking for a good spot to learn and grow here in Wichita, tell them to check this opportunity out!

Still looking to fill a role on our ADT Social Media team in Wichita, KS! Please share!

Learn more about applying for Social Media Engagement Strategist at ADT

For the past 30 years, Duncan Wardle worked for the Walt Disney Company. In his time there, he discovered 5 big barriers to being more innovative and more creative at work. Sign up for our early bird pricing and a chance to win 2 FREE Southwest Airline tickets and join us for our Innovation Workshop with Duncan Wardle #DigitalICT and find out how to "Think Different."

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Find out how to "Think Different"
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