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Fred E Allen
· July 17, 2016
I think this is nothing more than a glorified name for for the next tent city , it's far enough away from downtown where the greedy reside , it's all about bring able to Rollerblade and bike ride and ...walk their dogs without being hit up for a dollar See More
Dignity Field is feeling excited in Dallas, Texas.
May 3, 2016

Hello everyone. Thank you very much for the interest in the concept called "Dignity Field." I'm including a link to the original document on Google. Please feel free to contact me, leave comments here, or share it!…/19XE0CFLvK8ELo_kVV_Yx9a1VjD…/edit…

“Dignity Field” Dallas, Texas May 1, 2016 [PROPOSED, DRAFT] This document is being shared with a select group of individuals with the caveat that it is a proposed plan, and has not undergone material study, or institutional approval. Please send all feedback to or @d...

After toxicity studies are conducted, this could be a game changer for the construction of low cost, high value sleeping quarters.

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This company is rebuilding communities using old plastic.

Dignity Field is feeling determined.

Things like this: can be employed to leverage the innovation happening across the globe. ht/ Lucky

Be here.

Wed 6:00 PM CDTThe Women's MuseumDallas, TX
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Dignity Field is feeling determined in Dallas, Texas.

Solutions are everywhere, we just have to be open to seeing them - and putting them in the context of helping as many people with shelter as *quickly* as possible. #Homeless #DFW

This comes to us via Heather Sitarzewski…/fast-housing-around-the-c…/

Project: AGRIshelter BY: Narges Mofarahian Country: Italy Solution: Temporary Housing Integration Connection Finance & culture to home CONCEPT AGRIshelter is a solution for the shortage of refugee shelters that considers social, urban, environmental and economic…
Dignity Field is feeling determined.

There‘s now a YouTube video of the presentation: You‘ll have to narrate it yourself.

A look at Dignity Field, in Dallas, Texas. A proposed Community First Homeless neighborhood. It's not Housing First, but Community First.
Dignity Field is feeling determined in Dallas, Texas.

The presentation given on July 9, 2016 has been modified and is available for viewing. It should be "kindergarten" easy, and split into consumable timelines. Please post feedback here! Thank you.… Just click the play button and go through it on your own.

Create cinematic presentations, share them with a link, and collaborate with others in real time.
Dignity Field shared Carrie J Mendez's postfeeling determined in Dallas, Texas.

Just finished watching a segment about and passing aling the idea of the working farm. Food for thought

The best reason to live here is the life here.
Dignity Field is feeling determined in Dallas, Texas.

Please watch this movie. It‘s available everywhere: It has many, many, many direct relationships to our current system of homeless care.

Dignity Field empowers its members to participate in their own governance, and creates jobs and housing. We will provide more than services - we‘ll provide a future free of subsidies and handouts.

As excited as we are to get started, we‘re equally looking forward to the day we‘re no longer necessary. Please share.

Fighting poverty is big business. But who profits the most? POVERTY, INC.
Dignity Field is feeling determined in Dallas, Texas.

Thanks everyone that made it to our first public meeting. There were about 15 in attendance, including a judge, individuals from the Commission on Homelessness, several concerned City of Dallas residents, neighborhood representatives, a previous member of the Dallas City Counsel, and more.

The next step is to integrate the feedback and Q&A into the concept materials.

The next public meeting will be in approximately two weeks. We hope to see you there. Thank you!

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Dignity Field could have as much as 350 acres to implement a similar program, and provide jobs to the region's homeless population.

Will Allen is proving that city farms work -- big time. He’s not conjuring up theories; everything that he is teaching in cities across the country he learned over the course of 20 years with his …
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Please show up. Be present. Be mindful, and diligent!

Tue 6:00 PM CDTNorth DallasHigh SchoolDallas, TX
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Dignity Field is feeling determined.
July 4, 2016

Momentum. Now that we've had a month of the Commission on Homelessness, it's clear that another solution is needed. Dignity Field is a great partner to the system installed today. Thanks to David Goins for coming to The cedars on the 4th of July.…/cedars-resident-hopes-digni…/263447374

He calls it ‘dignity field’, a place where the approximate 600 homeless in Dallas could live together with food, medical, transportation and job services available on site.

Don't miss the City of Dallas Commission on Homelessness meeting Tuesday evening, July 5th:

Tue 6:00 PM CDTDallas Public LibraryDallas, TX
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Please join us for the first public information session for Dignity Field, Saturday July 9th, at 11AM!

We'll spend the first 15 minutes describing the concept of Dignity Field, it's genesis, and its future.

Following the presentation, we’ll break down a few of the components of the project. The goal is to better understand the details of bringing these ideas to life, and to help put some budget numbers on paper.


We’d love to have you participate. All of you, whether you’re in favor of the concept or not. Your input is invaluable.

More details to come. Location is the 17th floor of 1910 Pacific Avenue. Please RSVP if you plan on attending! See you Saturday.

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Sat 11:00 AM CDT1910 Pacific Ave, Dallas, TX 75201-4529, United States
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Dignity Field is feeling determined in Dallas, Texas.

Are you ready? Here's some fodder for the coming weeks: one is the Dallas flavor of "Housing First," the other #CommunityFirst. Which is which?

What causes addiction? Easy, right? Drugs cause addiction. But maybe it is not that simple. This video is adapted from Johann Hari's New York Times best-sell...