Increase in the Price of Milk by Amul in Delhi & NCR..

On 25th July Govt. anounces that there will be no increase in the prices of Milk & in 10 days the price has been increased by 1-2 rupees...

Remembering The Incredible India Story, today bogged by the not so credible India!

“Buildings age and become dilapidated
Machines wear out
People die
But what live on are the brands”

Someone said, IMAGE is everything. Its true image is what is perceived by those who use or are likely to use your brand and services. It is your ‘personality’ and it can make you stand out from others who are doing or saying similar things in a crowd...ed market place.

The strategic issue destinations face is one of gaining global recognition, breaking parity and standing out from the crowd and accessing and penetrating markets. The answer to this lies in the creation, developments and management of an international brand. The market power of brands can be astonishing. A powerful brand can cut across natural boundaries and cultures with ease. Coca Cola and Pepsi have their presence in virtually every country in the world. In Asia, where food with its subtle spices and sauces is a gourmet delight, families still flock to McDonalds. Brands necessarily have to adapt their products and marketing activities to suit local conditions, cultures and tastes. However, there is an emotional response from every audience introduced to a global brand.

Tourism destinations are today using branding as a means of emphasizing the feel of the place, developing a personality and differentiating the destination. Building a brand in the tourism market place is difficult and presents many barriers and challenges. The key to successful brand building is identifying what the brand stands for and effectively delivering that message. This brand identity is central to the direction, purpose and meaning for the brand. The brand identity “should help establish a relationship between the brand and the customer by generating a value proposition involving functional, emotional or self- expressive benefits. While this is difficult it is not impossible.

In today’s cut throat market place only those destinations which have a clear market position and appealing attractions will remain at the top of consumer minds when they book their holidays. While travel agents continue to provide booking and support services, the choice of destination clearly lies with the consumer. In a highly competitive and dynamic global tourism environment, there is a need to develop a clear identity or brand based on “reality” while also reflecting the core strengths and personality of its product. In the crowded tourism marketplace building and maintaining brand value is the key to a destination success. More often than not it is the brands strategy that will determine who is successful in today’s competitive tourism environment.

(By Amitabh Kant)
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Delhi Events: Jagjit Singh live at Siri Fort Auditorium, August Kranti Marg 7pm on 10th July 2011:

Dance, Theatre, Film ( Movies ), Music, Arts & Exhibitions, Books, Fairs, Yoga & Meditation, Workshops, Kids' Events, Poetry, Talks, Walks, Sales & Shopping, Food, Health, Fashion, Cultural Festivals, Sports & all the positive happenings in Delhi.

Delhi Police Commissioner to women: Don't travel alone at night via @ndtv

The Delhi Police Chief BK Gupta has said that women must not travel alone at night. Speaking at a function in Delhi, he said that women must be accompanied by a male. The comment is bound to anger many.

Would you like to support Anna Hazare, in his fight against corruption?

Delhi gets five new underground water reservoirs....hopefully now problem water scarcity in summers will be lesser a bit

New Delhi Delhi gets five new underground water reservoirs

Shivratri ke is utsav par Bhagwan Shiv aur maa Shakti is kripa aap sab par bane rahe.

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DTC: Delhiwaaloonki Tangentoodo Corporation, innovative full form of DTC......Did you like it Dilli waalo?

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Budget 2011-12 to be presented today

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For anyone in #Delhi: Pl visit the show feat. photos by Raja Deen Dayal from the IGNCA archives. Last day tomo Via twitter @ArvindVJMohan @dbhasin

Outbound Travel Mart-New Dehli

OTM 2011 also known as Outbound Travel Mart-New Dehli, will be held in New Delhi, India on 24-Feb-2011 in Ashok Hotel. The Travel, Tourism, Recreational & Other Hospitality Services Industry Expo. OTM event is organised by Fairfest Media Limited. Find information on OTM, the event profile, trade sho

14 jail inmates land jobs in Tihar’s first placement drive

14 jail inmates land jobs in Tihars first placement drive - The first placement drive of prison inmates in the country was flagged off at Tihar Jail on Friday, with 14 inmates rec

Designer rickshaws a hit at Delhi University

The roads at Delhi University's North Campus bear a different and refreshing look. No the streets aren't any easier to drive on than they were a few days ago. Designer rickshaws are the centre of attraction in the area these days.

Delhi zoo to be shifted soon.....present location posing threat to animals becoz of high levels of sound and air pollution...I hope concerned authorities finish this task soon at priority without delaying much

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Metro IGI line to be opened on Wednesday

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All the best India..............come on beat bangladesh and begin with your victory mission!!

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World Cup begun .........Good Luck India ! Bring cup home this time ....

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