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New Release - Patagonia - Discozombie

I held off on releasing this due to heartbreak in early 2017. I went through large changes in my life and direction immediately after creating Patagonia. My inspiration came from a Synchilla - Patagon
Discozombie is feeling happy.

I am inspired and once again working on new music!

Our 10 Selected tracks from the music submissions we received for Groundwerk 014 at The Anza Club in Vancouver, Canada on October 26th, 2015. The next listening party will be held on November 23rd.

Just released // Air Cargo - Discozombie

I debuted this song at Groundwerk back in the spring, I intended to release this as a summer song but felt it more for rainy days and cold nights. Originally inspired by working at the port and my pas

Inspired for the first time in a long time. Expect new music in the near future

I can't get enough of this song! Com Truise you are incredible.
My musical idol.

This track was meant for another use, but I decided to share it!

I give you,

Molecule - Discozombie

I came up with the original concept for this track in early December 2015, shortly after I went to Europe (Estonia). I took what I had with me, and listened to it in a variety of environments (planes,

Molecule - Discozombie // January 31st, 2016.

Album Artwork by Rafael Boo.

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I've added a Teenage Engineering PO-12 RYTHM to my arsenal, lot's of fun (even an 8 year old can use it).

That feeling when you just finish making a song

Update: Lot's of music being worked on...possible LP in the works.
Stay tuned.

It's been just over five years since I started my journey into making electronic music. Here is the original song that introduced me to electronic music when I was 9 years old.

Soundtrack from Airport Tycoon 3, Global Star Software. Great game, great music! Composer: Attila Heger (Special thanks to Craig Sloat on that info) Check ou...
Discozombie updated their cover photo.

Rain Dance - Discozombie

Now released for Free Download (Soundcloud+Bandcamp)

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Hello, My inspiration for this song was the Korg Keytar. I picked one up in the fall of 2014 and couldn't put it down. All of the synth parts were played live / recorded into Ableton Live 9 with t

Rain Dance - Discozombie

Official Release for Free Download 11th July, 2015 (Soundcloud+Bandcamp)

Art by ~

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It's the best feeling when you make something completely weird and new!

Stay tuned to hear what I've been working on.