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So this is what really makes me sad. Why wasn't there anybody around him who was able to help this fabulous DJ and producer?
I was watching his documentary Avicii: True Stories last week and believe it or not, during the last 3 minutes I got this message (...) Goosebumps and disbelieve!!

During the 90's i've suffered from a few of the same problems as Tim did: stress, burn-out, out of bio rhythm, insomnia. For months, maybe years, I had ignored all signals and warnings in m...y body of pain and stress. Because of rejecting, my mind started producing dark thoughts. My dream of becoming a famous DJ and producer slowly distorted into a nightmare. In the end of 1996, during a very hectic period of traveling all around the world, performing and being creative in the studio, my body gave up in a club while DJ-ing. It was finished. Like if something said "If you don't intervene, then I will..". My unconscious showed me incredible powers; me overruling all signals versus my primal brain. In the hospital the doctor told me to take time off, but that was impossible. Booked ahead for one year. So I took two weeks to recover. For me this was a deep letting go. A reset. And because I was deeply intended to change something in my life, synchronicity gave me many opportunities. First of all picking up sports again, to raise my body and mind to a much higher frequency. Thanks to my brother Marcus Roelofs who was a brilliant boxing champ at that time. And a few years later I read an article about two managers doing a six months retreat in a Japanese monastery. I searched for a teacher, found him and learned to control my mind and emotions. being more specific: I've learned to tame the bull inside me which always keeps running unless stopped by his rider.
Now, twenty years later, meditation became a big part of my life. I'm helping myself and others to stop ones in a while, creating balance.

I was lucky not to stop at the club of 27 or 28, and very lucky to have good people around me, such as my brother, my meditation teacher and my girlfriend. Those people showed me, besides enjoy doing that what you like most, the importance of connecting and listening to basic functions. Every ones in a while spending time in nature. Connecting to who you deeply are. Cause if you don't, then nature calls you back; crisis. And that's not necessary.

All the best for his family and friends, and his fans of course! We've lost a true musician, but his music will remember him as a legend ! 🙏🏻

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"Tim was not made for the business machine he found himself in," his family reportedly said in a new statement