playing around with uplighting :)

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Feed Me is with David Linares and 11 others.

Feeling fancy.

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Vela Nova

If you don't go over the top, you won't get to the other side.

Andrew WK


Big bass~

VelaNova Live on stage for Proper's Total Science Rave. We really enjoyed this one! All of the other performers were off the chain!! and the crowd was totally Bananas. Special thanks to Kid Karma for holding it down on the mic with us!
Vela Nova

Big ups to our boy DJ Jonathan Santarelliwho rocked the mic last night with us! Catch him hosting the The Audio Spectrum every sunday at 3pm! and like his dj page while your at it!

Warming up in the lab, for Cranston tonight! Hope to see some of the RI fam!!

Holding it down!

FREE DOWNLOAD!!!! GO AHEAD CLICK IT THE BUTTONS RIGHT THERE!!!! Also dont forget to comment and hit that favorite button. The bass wave punks...

Ohai Producer\Dj Friends Vela Nova and I have some big gigs coming up over the next couple months, if you have some fire tunes you want played out, nows the time to get at me, seeking anything bass HEAVY!!

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Wild Child Duo McFarland and Pecci are at it again, pumped to see what they cooked up!

Deity or Not this is something aspire too!

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Bitty shared Vela Nova's photo.
May 7, 2013

The Light of the Universe Resides Inside Us All~

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Vela Nova

The Light of the Universe Resides Inside Us All~

Vela Nova Rains the bass supreme! Scope it!

Ladies & gentlemen, we are Vela Nova - an explosive squad of bass music aficionados emanating from the constellation Vela. Like our sun, th...


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Boston Magazine

The May cover of Boston magazine, made of shoes worn in The Boston Marathon.

Edit at 2 p.m.: Thank you all for your feedback about our cover. We're humbled by t...he response. To answer a couple of questions, yes, you may use it as your FB cover photo. We are also working on posters with proceeds benefiting The One Fund Boston. For info on the posters and more on how the cover came together, please read this blog post from our editor:

Cover image by Mitch Feinberg

Update 5:20 p.m., Friday: We have received a lot of inquiries about where to pick up a copy of the issue from those who live outside of Boston. Thank you for your interest! Please use this link for more info:

Update, 3:50 p.m., Wednesday: Information on posters is now available. Thank you for your patience while we got the details sorted out. All proceeds benefit the One Fund:

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BITTY CRUNK N' PREVIEW!! Listen over hurrr and GET DOWN~!

This is a little piece of a longer crunk mix i been crafting up! Hope you guys enjoy!


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Artists: Fada & Kult
City: München

love me some XKore~

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HA! Never Drive under the influence of DnB!

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Vela Nova

Vela Nova would like to remind you to be responsible with your Drum and Bass intake!